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Melody Blossoms

Melody Blossoms
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Harriet and her friends are at that age when girls blossom into young ladies. Except for Clarence. Clarence still needs a lot of help to reach his potential. Only Harriet understands his secret — deep down, he’s a girl named Melody. Gradually, Harriet and the girls coax their new friend out of his shell. Can they help Melody to blossom?

Melody Blossoms

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It's a comedy about a crossdressing boy and his adventures with his friends in a small town. It's not meant to be realistic or to deal with transgender issues, it's just a zany little romp with lots of off-the-wall costumes and predicaments.

The Book

As the awesome Klontarfian Empire prepares to conquer Earth, their terrifyingly new techo-weapon slips into the hands of a six year old girl who simply wants to turn her brothers into fairy tale heroines ...

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