Wanda Cunningham

The Fairy King -7- Circumstantial Evidence

Mom discusses how to discourage a groper -- and Tintabelle delivers a verdict. Nightgowns and muskrats, it's a weird episode.

Part 7 - Circumstantial Evidence

by Wanda Cunningham

The Fairy King -3- If Wishes Were Horses

"If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride
And look down their noses from chargers astride.
If hope granted wings then lovers would fly
Away above clouds to castles in the sky."

Part 3 - If Wishes Were Horses...

by Wanda Cunningham

The Fairy King

What if magic and fairies were real?
What if you met the Queen of the Fairies?
And she gave you the power to grant wishes?
Whether you wanted to or not!


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