It's the same old story, boy looses parents, becomes mutant, discovers shapechanging powers, Runs away, becomes girl, gets tied up with witches and saves the day.

All old hat right.

NOTICE: this is under deep revision after a dispute with the Whateley Canon group. I am still writing, but have started revising things to removing references to their world. This is not done out of bitterness on my part as I still love Whateley and the present cast of characters. I'm doing it so if they have any negative feelings toward me or my work they need not worry about me stepping on their toes.

it will still be the same story for the most part and I'm still going to take it in the same direction. but for now know that what you are seeing is version 1. when Version 2 comes out this will no longer have anything to do with Whateley.

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