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Brianna and Jayden, Episode 2 a TG Dress Shop Story

Read my previous short solo “Brianna and Jayden - A TG Dress Shop Story” from 2015 for the back story. Reviewers asked for a continuation, but my mind has been away from fiction writing. In the last two years society has changed and Jayden has learned a great deal about herself. She is excited to talk again with Brianna. Let's listen in as they come to closure.

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Daddy Will Be Here Soon

A gender-questioning child is apprehensive about meeting with Father after a long separation. The last time they saw each other it was as troubled father and closeted preteen son. How will they relate now?

Devon and Cathy Growing Up, A TG Dress Shop Story

Devon is jealous when his childhood friend, Cathy, leaves him behind with her activities and starts developing physically. He begins to explore on the internet. A shopping invitation leads him to Brianna Mitchell at the Teen Girl Dress shop who is experienced both selling trendy clothes for girls and helping confused boys like Devon.
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Brianna and Jayden - A TG Dress Shop Story


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Brianna and Jayden
A TG Dress Shop Story
By Torrey Grover

Copyright© 2015 Torrey Grover

Brianna, who works in her mother's dress shop, is a confidant, cheerleader,
and mentor to boys with special interests. Jayden was encouraged to meet her,
and now they are having a deep conversation about Jayden's identity crisis.

Fairyland Trail, Part 12

Community Acceptance

McKenzie finally understands Aunt Karen's motivations. Ms. Byland organizes an event that shows McKenzie some wonderful things about her hometown. This episode concludes a story that began long ago with a hike on the Fairyland Trail.
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Fairyland Trail, Part 11

Community Reactions

McKenzie is now openly presenting herself as a girl around Santa Carla. Will she be accepted in her new identity? Now that the divorce is final Father wants to come to the house to remove his personal stuff. Mrs. Russica publishes a tirade in the local newspaper.
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Fairyland Trail, Part 10

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Coming Out In Public

The custody decree is final and Mom no longer has to worry about interference from McKenzie’s father. Aunt Karen suggests they use the afternoon mall visit as a coming-out experience, and this causes a range of reactions from the small-town community.

Fairyland Trail, Part 9

Crisis Time
McKenzie has a double crisis. Harassment at summer cheer camp has left McKenzie injured and on the way to the hospital. There will be no way to avoid a full physical examination by the family doctor, who is also a brother of the Family Court judge who is scheduled to make a final divorce and custody ruling in a few weeks.

Fairyland Trail, Part 8

McKenzie has declared that he does not want to grow up to be a man. Signs of puberty appear and McKenzie begs Mom to schedule a visit to the clinic Jessica recommended. Will McKenzie get past the gatekeepers? Kaylie's remarks and McKenzie's increasing femininity lead to harassment incidents at school.

Fairyland Trail, Part 7

McKenzie continues waiting for the custody issue is settled and Father is removed from control over medical care decisions. The teacher who was at Bryce Canyon now wants to talk to McKenzie's mother. McKenzie sees the first signs of puberty begin to emerge and becomes desperate.


Fairyland Trail, Part 6

Revisiting Bryce Canyon and Meeting Aunt Jessica:
The families have arranged a spring break vacation that will give McKenzie a chance to meet StacyLyn's 'Aunt Jessica.' How will the conversations on this repeat visit to Bryce Canyon affect McKenzie's future? What will be the consequences of McKenzie not bringing an emergency set of boy clothes?

Fairyland Trail, Part 5

Facing Puberty and Seeking Help

McKenzie continues to be closeted at home while puberty approaches and Mom remains concerned about anything that will interfere with the custody hearing. Depressed over the discussion of puberty in health class McKenzie turns to StacyLyn for help. She has a suggestion, but acting on it means sharing family secrets.

Fairyland Trail, Part 4

McKenzie and Mom return home from the 'all-girls' vacation at Bryce Canyon. Mom expresses serious concern that McKenzie's dress-up activities will interfere with the custody hearings. Aunt Karen continues to be enthusiastic about McKenzie's changes, but what is her agenda? McKenzie has conflicted feelings, but keeps communicating with StacyLyn.

Fairyland Trail, Part 3

Before leaving home McKenzie was told by Aunt Karen that going on a vacation as a girl was just a game to cheer Mom up, but now events seem to be going unpredictable directions. StacyLyn invites McKenzie's family to join them for their last day at Bryce Canyon. A fun mother-daughter day of sightseeing is followed by a picnic. StacyLyn leads McKenzie away from the campfire and reveals a secret.

Fairyland Trail, Part 1

A sensitive boy is gently asked to crossdress to allow his mom to go on an 'all-girls' minivacation to a National Park. Soon after arriving at the hotel McKenzie is read by a girl who gives him a mixed message. The park is a big place and he hopes he can avoid her for the rest of the trip. Will McKenzie be able to pass as a girl when out hiking?

Healing Both Mind and Body

Healing Both Mind and Body

by Torrey Grover

Our heroine tells a story of violent abuse, recovery, and reconciliation, and finally looks forward to her future. This story combines real events, ideas, and people (names altered) with imagination to create a work of transgender fiction. If the abuse seems unrealistic to you, google 'John Daniel Kingston' plus beating, and read the newspaper accounts.

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