A funny thing happened on the way home...

My brother and I had just finished watching Interview with a vampire. We were staying with our grandmother for the night. As usual my brother was playing the part of the evil vampire and I was the damsel in distress. As the younger brother I was never allowed to be the vampire.

He was chasing me around and around the living room when Grandma walked in.

"What are you boys doing?"

"Playing Vampire and maiden. I'm the Vampire I vant to suck your blood." I squealed and ran to grandma.

"Boys sit down. I am going to tell you a story my mother told me when I was your age."


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I want to work on chapter 4 of mistaken girl.....after I finish writing this little story for someone else.

Also want to get out to wally world during the day for some catfood and another can of paint. Maybe some makeup ill see. That is gonna take a huge effort though as Im scared.


The little girl with the auburn pigtails moved silently down the passage in the dark tower keep. She was noticably small.

Actually she is full grown its just that she is a gnome. She is dress all in dark leather that is well oiled. Her intent is simple she is hungry and she knows that the mage of this tower has some food. Not that conjured food like her sister makes. Its ok has no taste and you get hungry again after awhile. No real food like fresh sweetened goats milk, or Roasted talibuk. The thoughts of such foods made her almost drool.

My rules to writing. updated

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There are no rules

I forget where I either read or watched that. Its a memorably quote though.

Do I have a plot...eeeehhh kinda I know what the ending is sorta. Usually very vaguely.

Where do I get my ideas from. The spark for a story comes from anything. Another story, stubbing a toe, cussing at the stupid cat. I do say spark because thats just what it is *What if...* is pretty much the spark. From there I have a picture in my head then it starts moving with a life all its own.

The writer me just uses words to try to describe what I see think and feel in my head.


I know I know is she ever gonna finish one story ...Its not my fault every time I sleep a new story comes and this gosh forsaken muse will not let me alone till I doth write it.

Quit that!

Child prodigy. Simple words and when one is found you hear that they are usually sent or trained and then are in papers and such. But what of the ones that are not discovered.

Good question isn't it? I should know it turns out I am one such. My name is Dane Thomas. I do not have a middle name. However many of you may know me by a much different name. Sailor D. Yes I am she from that rock group. It all started about a year ago...

Made of Mist


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Ive updated this story yet again. For some reason I keep writing on this one. Its kinda disturbing.

Tell me what you guys think so far I am trying to present the story from the former boys point of view. In case your wondering he has experienced a involuntary natures way of srs. A huge stick shoved up there pinning everything in place with obviously torn and bleeding skin and then healing around the stick before it comes out like a splinter would. Yes there was infections and what not but the boy hasn't been told of that yet.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 5

Dear Ladies maid Francine and Dear ladies maid Evelynn.

It would seem you young maidens forget the punishment after you were both caught by me when you taunted those poor girls to tears for wearing the training corsets.

I have been given to understand that my grandsons are now my granddaughters and have not been told of such by my own offspring.

I unable to learn more of what is happening from here in Prussia. Since I am also trying to take care of a misunderstanding of magical nature here I do not need anymore from either of you.

Movie Magik

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Darnit another nap and tada another story unfolds....

It was every boys dream to be in a pirate movie. Ok well not really but to me it certianly was. To get to visit the Pirates of the Carrabian movie shooting set of port royal was so great. I saved for months to go down there. I watched every movie of it like so many times I had gone through 3 dvd players and a dozen copies of dvds.

But here I was finally. I was soo excited and today on the tour it was announced that for a fee we could get dressed in period clothing and go around in it. I was in heaven!

gosh blast it all.

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I hate muses. Can someone PLEASE tell this muse to leave me in peace. I cannot seem to be able to read more than a paragraph of any story. No this this thing insists I continue to write. I can't play my games, nor watch a movie, nor even sleep. Tis not fair!

Gosh blast it to the depths of heck twill nay let me even swear as I must be a *LADY*

Signed a damsel in distress Oh come on already!

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 4 the replies

Lord Everett Carl Stewart Envoy of his majesty King George.

Dear Evert,

I see know why his majesty placed this great responsibility in your hands, If anyone was born to be a diplomat it was you.

I have acted a fool. That it was in defense of my handsome son, now by stunning daughter is but part of the explanation, not an excuse. That I drank more than was prudent is also to my shame.

tada another nap with a dream..

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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I've always loved the gowns worn at the end of that movie, its always been my favorite movie. However I may be guilty of reading too much stuff on this website....

Bob Wallace and Phil Davis are trying to get the girls to leave. Saying they will cover their escape. Betty questions what they are going to do and they respond with their half baked plan to imitate the hanes sisters act. The girls stop saying they do not want to be made a mockery of. The scene blacks out as Betty says "these dresses actually have a bit of stretch to them."

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 4 - updated

Dearest Brother

Have you lost your mind? Yea Gods, you and your infernal temper have made another fine mess. Will you never learn. If our beloved mother hears of this I dare say your ears will never recover.

You may be my half brother but this this.. You will come to my house and we will discuss your many short comings in this regard at your earliest convenience.

It is not enough that I have to deal with the colonies as envoy to the king, No you have to create a mess at home as well.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 3 the replies

Dear Colleen,

First I must express my deep shame at being unable to prevent father from sending off that unseemly note to your mother. I should have been able to intercept that foul missive. Mother had warned the household staff to intercept all correspondence until father's anger had subsided but not all of the family servants are loyal to mother and I. Father is an imposing figure of a man and wields strong influence over many in our house. As Lord he was within his rights. But no man is without faults and we failed him in this time of difficulties.

another soak in tub another story inspired.

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Dearest Marcie

If my calculations are correct you should recieve this letter shorty after witnessing the mustang being hit by lightning.

Rest assured I am happily living here as the wife to a blacksmith in 1885.

I found that I could not repair the X Flux capacitor with available materials. Included is a schematic for my 1955 counterpart to enable you to return to your previous life.

Do NOT under any circumstances are you to come and get me.

All my Love Evelyn Brown.

Thought of this in while soaking in my tub.

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"Yes Rudolf"

"Don't you think you should change to something more appropriate."

"Why do you think this outfit makes me look fat."

"No no of course not the dress is very fine and all."

"Thank you dear."

"Its just that the kids have expectations and I wouldn't want to see that outfit destroyed by the chimneys."

"Oh dear you are right ill change into that old outfit."

"And the beard and pillow."

" Yes dear I know. We do this every year."

"Don't forget to remove your makeup this time. The stories still tell about your blush on cheeks."

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 3

Dearest Cousin Francis

The dressmaker and your maid are blind! My mother can assure you I am not graceful. Nor am I beautiful, although I do appreciate the compliment. Mother is forever on about a lady carries herself like so, eat smaller bites, put your hands in your lap. It is never ending. All the things I am to learn to be a proper lady and do, in truth, long quite painfully for our old days. I am jealous of your womanly curves, although I am not quite sure why.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 2 the replies

Dearest Cousin Colleen.

I take no pleasure in your predicament. As a man, and I say this with all honest as you were one, I had every confidence you would become a credit to your family title and an asset to the crown when duty called. I regret the loss of your name but as I have had time to reflect I believe Colleen will suit you well. My maid and the dressmaker both spoke enthusiastically of your beauty and grace. Do not look upon your transformation as a burden but as an opportunity.

Darn Muses

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Want to sell: One very annoying Muse.

What do you mean I can't sell you?

I don't care for this "stuck for life" thing I wanna see the contract.

Well leave my stuff alone. I really did NOT like my wrenches being turned into spoons.

Stop laughing! It was so Not funny.

What do you mean I have to write a third chapter to mistaken girl?

I wanna play warcraft.

Later no way right now.

Hmmmm. I know

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 1 the replies

The Lady Coleen Stewart formerly known as Lord Carl Steward III.

After much thought and consideration I must respectfully request you not make any further attempts to correspond with or contact your cousin, my son, the former Lord Francis Lane-Steward III.

The aftermath of THAT incident in London of several weeks past brought shame and misfortune upon my family. My son has been greatly inconvenienced by the *incident* as has the family. We have been forced to name our youngest child Robert as the rightful heir to the title as Francis is no longer fit to...

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 2

Mr. Francis Lane-Steward II

I cannot in good conscience give you the former title of Lord after your previous letter to my daughter. Rest assured my husband is being notified of your blatant attack on our family and I believe will have words with you on the matter upon his return from the colonies.

I can scarcely believe you would blame this unfortunate accident on my son, who from the manservant, I'm assured was not the one to blame. It is my understanding, that if anything, it is young Francis who is to blame with his rather widely known shameful display upon the women.

Emmett/Elizabeth part 2...maybe

In another part of the kingdom a woman gets up from a deep sleep. She moves to her writing table, sits down and using the sharp tip of the quill blade pokes her thumb. She then allows 5 drops of her blood to mix with the ink pad which she then grinds for some ink for the quill. Choosing a suitible square cut vellum she draws intricate circles and lines which magically disappear into the vellum. Next she carefully puts runes and letters all over which also disappear into the vellum. Putting aside that vellum she chooses a new vellum and writes a series of letters. When done the extra ink is washed away and the two parchments are rolled one over the other. She then moves to the door and opens it a few inches to hand out the parchment to an asleep page who takes the parchment and moves on his way. Thus done the woman returns to her bed unaware of what just happened.

For all this was done without both the woman, who is actually a priestess, and the page ever opening their eyes once.

Just another christmas story part duex

Hey bat fans....oh wait wrong one.. In the last episode of days of ... oh darn wrong one again ...where was that ...

Various sounds of searching continue.

Hmm is this it? Nope oh hey Ive been looking for that! What was I looking for again Oh yea...

In our last episode Janice and Samantha come face to face and accuse the other of being the brother while in thier fancy dress finery.

Just another christmas story

Janice woke up yawning as she usually did, with a stretch and grin she hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom where she sat and did her business making sure to wipe afterwards. Next she took off her pjs and put them in the hamper and started her bath with a little bit of bubbly that smelled so nice. Today was christmas eve and she was to help mommy do the baking! She was so excited.

just a christmas story

I don’t know if there is a contest for this or not. It just came to me while I was about to lay down for a nap. May need a bit of editing, and maybe a bit more added, but this is most of the story.

It was late, very late. He parked his old car for the night. Although it was a silver car, you couldn’t tell as it was mostly orange with rust. You could hear the tinkle of the engine cooling, as he fiddled with the plug for the car. If it wasn’t plugged in all the time, it would not start.


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