This is a different tale that sprang up while I was cooking dinner. It is a single short story. This story may hurt you. Reader beware.

Michelle was confused. People kept asking or calling for someone named Mikey. She would sit day after day in the living room playing with her older sister and her barbies or tea.

Dottie's Session ( A Jaci and Dottie story)

Dottie’s session (A Jaci and Dottie story)

Dr. Adam Saintclair sat the young girl down and once again winced at the fact she flinched when he came too close.

Jaci and Dottie - an introduction

Dorothy is rather insistent that I publish this part right now even though WE, yes you too Dottie, are still working on the whole story and it will not be ready for quite some time.

My wedding with my Daddy.

Like all my girlfriends I had dreamed of my perfect wedding for years. I had envisioned every detail down to the way I wanted the rice done on platters.

There was the adult luncheon with the real antique white china. The full utensils for a 7 course meal even though my future husband and I could only afford soup salad and regular meal, fancy yes but not that expensive. I wore the cutest satin skirt suit that showed off all my curves to the best detail. It was in white of course.

Schoolgirl Mixup - Amber

"Look I am not writing another part to this story. I got enough stories to write more chapters on."

"That's not my fault your the dam muse!"

"Let's see when we last left Ariel ..."

Schoolgirl Mixup - Mom

I should note I didn't really want to post another chapter and may or may not continue this story as I really want to work on my other stories. However my muse seems to have other ideas.

Then again so do some people reading this story.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 9

The night air was humid but still much cooler than it had been during the day. For the team of men this was best. They were all dressed in black from head to toe including their faces which had the coal black matte finish of a professional.

They enclosed on the location of their target with stealth. This was not easy as the target in question lived in a townhouse apartment surrounded by many other townhouse apartments all of which belonged to people who lived in the lower end of income. These people usually were up and about at all times of day or night.

Schoolgirl Mixup

"Where do you think you’re going dressed like that young lady?" My grandmother asked me. I was poised outside of her house door dressed like most boys my age for school at the Smithsonian Private School. White short-sleeve dress shirt, school tie, blue pants that matched the darker blue blazer, dark socks in black dress shoes. I was caught poised with one foot in the air. I didn't have my new pink schoolbag either with the Hello Kitty on it.

The appointment at the Doctor's

The best stories start at the beginning so I guess that is where I have to start.

When I was little I knew something was wrong from an early age. Things didn't make sense but since I have that thing, that outie, that pe... I can't even spell it. Well you get the general idea. It's between my legs and has two bumps on either side. Anyways because of that I was supposed to be a boy. At least that was what I was told from an early age.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 8

Martin was pissed off. Ontop of everything else that had happened lately. Rachel missing probably due to his insanity and interference, being soaked to the bone the other day and getting a nasty cold, the part he got didn't fit. After all that time in the dirty smelly scrapyard getting one it was the wrong one. Heck it took him part of the day to even find the one on his own "new" truck.

Last few days there has been some nutjob phoneing him "unknown name unknown number" who leaves silence for messages. This didn't help him at all. His world is falling apart and now this...

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 7

She pressed the off button on the phone, and then pulled a number out of her phone book. She began to dial, saying to herself, “Well, this is an emergency ....”

“I hope this works.”

"Well that's uh.. How am I suppose... Is that girl insane!"

Tanya was sitting at her computer reading the post online from Rachel. The first post in almost a week. The shock of the post boggled her mind. Was this a cry for help? If it was how the heck was she supposed to contact Rachel two provinces away?

interesting day

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well my day started last night really. To get a better Idea though I'll give a bit of back history.

A friend has asked me to fix his car. It's a 1966 Chrysler, nice car but the old rubber needs replacing. Since there is very few people that can do the job correctly I get to do it.

In exchange for the work I am getting a 1991 Power Ram. Its a 4 x 4 that also needs some work. However in the meantime it is still his truck. So he uses it and while driving the exhaust breaks he keeps driving it breaks more and he runs over the exhaust pipe and breaks some stuff.

Eastside Stories - Rebecca

"Ah Becky Smith. How lovely you look always so prettily dressed while in class"

I have a bit of a crush on Becky Smith. While her sisters are cute they are either too young or too old to be in my class. Becky is in my regular classes in Southside Middle School. In just one week I will be able to gaze upon her beauty once again.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 6

It had taken me most of the day to pack up all my girl stuff. There was alot more than I thought there would be. Most of the time was spent reminiscing. Got that dress there or that skirt there.. Come to think of it I don't really have that many pants period.

Oh well whatever but those 2 dress slacks and 1 dress shirt look bare in my closet. The ladies skirt suits for work I'll just return.

Panties I chose the most plain white ones I had. Just can't wear those baggy useless things men wear. Correction Tanya we guys wear. Oh shit did it again. Martin think Martin..

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 5

The door to the house slammed against the door stop as a very dirty and sweat soaked I entered my house. It had been a long day. I had dirt under my grub tshirt and even into my sport bra. Working on old cars, doing minor repairs to major restoration work was not the cleanest job. It was a part time job that paid much needed cash. My nails were always ruined and the few small nicks in my skin here and there didn't exactly give a flawless skin complexion.

The Pink ops 2

Look I have no interest in this type of story

Of course I have a choice..

Oh you think so do you..

Let that go! That's mine you can't....

Okay fine! But I am doing this under protest!

I was huddled in the corner of the room as usual. I heard the door open and someone entered.

"Jessie?" I know that voice.

"James?" hope beyond hope.

"Yes Jessie its me."came the gentle reply of my former dormmate.

I got up and looked for him. There was James Patterson just in the entrance of my prison cell. I ran to him and clutched him like a liferaft of hope.


Names John Owenhimmer Johnathon Ernie Owenhimmer.

What not impressed? Oh good phew I though you would assume that .. well never mind. Anyways I am to my shame a crossdresser. Not a transvestite and certainly not a transexual.

How did I start? Now there is a good question. I was like maybe 8 when I put my dirty clothes in the clothes hamper at home. For some reason I got a small shock when I put them in. I touched something soft and smooth. Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled out mom's satin blouse. It started from there, just that one thing.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 4

A lone figure approaches the door to her house.

Jingle jingle...clash..jingle and the door to the house opens. Immediatly the kitty cat who had been waiting patiently for her Mommy to come home starts in on her. Mew mew mew mew mew.

"Sorry sweetie mummy just got home." A few pets and little Pepper purrs in contentment all is well and Mommy is well trained.

Tanya thinks her cat is a little too overbearing as she removes the cat treat from the fridge and puts Pepper's preferred amount into a clean bowl. Cats are not picky no way!

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 3

Tonya fumbled open the door to her house. It may not be a big or fancy house being a 2 bedroom home. But it was hers err his. Mostly hers...his and the rest the banks.

The keys were still in the door lock as Tonya dropped everything, the take home file from work, her err his briefcase which was really a large purse, used, with the long strap removed and dyed black with a shoe marker. The other hand help 3 coat hangers with plastic covering what one would assume was dry cleaning. It wasn't it was the 'New" uniforms for work.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line. Part 2

"Gaaa what is with that girl!" Tanya was frustrated again.

She does this to me everytime we talk! It's not fair! Rachel is so much a girl it's not even funny but she believes that just because she 'fathered' a child that makes her a man. Yeah right mother is more like it. She is all depressed because it was mother's day and nobody called her mother. I can see how it is killing her inside. I even insisted multiple times she was a mother but she just argues.

Then she starts on this 'The only one that thinks your a boy is you everyone else shes a girly girl trying to be a tomboy"

The Purge

The small plastic yellow container with its childproof white top sailed through the air. It was a pill bottle and if you looked hard enough you could make out premarin 1.25mg with the dosage label stating take one pill 3 times daily.

The pill bottle hit the lilac colored wall of the kitchen followed soon after by two more small bottles in a wide pattern no where near the trash container. The person that threw them having never been a athletic person had a really bad aim.

The lesson

I was reading another story of "petticoat punishment in girls school" When my muse decided that this should be part of the story. Oh well what can you do?

The young girl stomped down the hallway her black Mary Janes making an unusual clacking sound as she was visiably upset. She turned eventually into a dorm room and closed the door making sure it was as secured as possible via a screw trick she had learned in another life.


Although everyone calls me that now Hailey is not really my name. I was born Hal Markes a normal boy and I was till about the age of 8. That's when everything changed.

I didn't think anything of it at the time but it started with my parents fighting, a usual occurrence in those days. It seemed like all they had done was fight since as long as I could remember. They got marriage counseling even but it didn't really seem to help all that much. They would just fight in even tones which was worse than the yelling. Alot worse as we kids were walking on eggshells the whole time.

Bad mood

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I find myself in a VERY bad mood. So much so that I am actively angry but have no cause for it or direction. I am trying hard to not lash out at anything and I am on the edge of screaming should someone provoke me.

I hate these moods as they come on for no reason except that it is also carrying a definate element of fear.

Since I automatically disassociate and reassociate things the cause could have started very early in the day and only hit me now.

I am contiplating putting on some leather gloves and actually breaking things. Old tvs, some walls in house, fence outside.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 11

Lady Margrette Ansbach-Stewart,

from your devoted niece Francis.

I need assistance at once from whatever quarter you can raise it. Please pass this onto my father. I have paid the messenger well and he is instructed to carry any note from you or this letter to him at your request.

Colleen is injured. From her moments of consciousness I believe she is trapped within some packing case, one loaded most violently into a ship's hold, canal barge or even a freight wagon. It is nighttime so I cannot tell.

Don't call me that!

"Sir there has been an incident in d185 section 4 of a class 3 infringement."

"So someone jumped ship eh? Isn't it a little early for that sector to start blending?"

"Yes sir."

"I see. And the nature of the infringement is..?"

"Oh sorry sir. Lets see a girl hopped into this dimension here. But has not hopped anyone back."

"Balance must be maintained. Very well, influence someone from her home dimension to'retrieve' her."

"Yes sir!."

It went unnoticed that there was two souls on that planet that were virtually identical. Well the soul was anyways...

Missed-comunication finale

I had just finished asking the class of girls to tell me the importance of Stephanie Louise Kwolek in today's women's history class when I looked up and notice that Janice was once again looking outside.

I couldn't help to think back to the time not that long ago when she broke down crying to me when we were both going to the public school. Me as the teacher and her as a boy by the name of Jason.


Dear diary

Today is the day! I'm wearing my normal clothes and I'm going to prove to Mom and Dad that they made a mistake. I am not a boy but their daughter.

I'm wearing my favorite pleated skirt, black tights, white blouse with the peter pan collar just like I see those girls wear to that school I so want to attend. But I cannot because Mommy and Daddy keep trying to make me a boy.

It hurts so much when they call me a boy! Even that name Dalan hurts it's not my real name. I don't know what my real name is as I haven't let myself think that way for some time.

Reluctantly Marcie - Part 3

Finnaly! Wow is reloaded and I can play again!

What do you mean I can't?

Common get real! I fed you yesterday.

I am NOT, I repeat NOT responisble for paying off your poker bets.

Whatever I am going to play...


This is a work of Fiction. No transpeople were harmed during the making of this story. Muses on the other hand are about to lose some limbs...

Reluctantly Marcie - Part 2

I was playing that!

Do you understand what a solo story means?

You do realize that the term new chapter also means it goes on further than a sequal.

Fine let me know I'm going back to playing wow... Where the flagnar is my icon?


This is the work of fiction. No transpeople were harmed in the making of this story. Muses on the other hand....

Reluctantly Marcie.

Let me go back to sleep.

What do you mean you have something new to write?

How can a muse play strip poker?

Oh you didn't! I am so gonna get in trouble for this. Wonder if I can write up a muse police squad thing.

Ok that is just not fair at all!

This is a work of fiction. No transgender people were harmed in the making of this story. Animals and bigots I'm not so sure about.

"No! N.O. End of discussion! I'm Not gonna even think about it!" I slammed my bedroom door on Gwen.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 10

From the diary of Lady Francis.

Lady Margrette,

Forgive my breach of etiquette at the crudeness of this message but time is precious. Colleen has escaped as you must now know.

Once darkness fell it was as I feared and she did slip out as if a shadow.

Do not blame your servants. I kept vigil as well yet to no avail.

In her delusional mind she somehow tapped into the magical either and became all but invisible. I know not how I know this but is truth I swear.

Understanding Rachel- The other end of the line.

The rain droned on endlessly outside. The darkened basement broken by flashes of lightning.

"Blasted stupid internet provider they cannot get anything fixed properly, I told them like 8 times already that it wasn't working whenever it rained."

The now dead line to Rachel was no use listening too. The phone click signaled the hang up, unlike the old days of rotary phones with the handset today it was just a simple click of a button and you were done. The conversation replayed out in her head.

"Why does Rachel Insist I am a girl?" was said outloud.

The Change-room.

What do you mean I can't write another chapter of The missing manhoods?

But that has nothing to do with missing...

Hey I paid good money for those pots PUT THEM DOWN!

Ok fine but you had better let me get to work on missing manhoods soon..

Gosh im tired!

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Long day today cut down and tree at a friends place. Piled the logs and cut up all the brush.. by myself. Then took a number of parts off some cars.

Tommorow is a rest day for me so I can kick back relax and maybe get that darn chapter of The mysterious case out and maybe another chapter of some other stories im working on.

School dictionary

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One thing I have a bit of trouble with is understanding some of the school references.

There seems to be a large difference in terms and some are very confusing.

I will list off the ones for canada that I know(although there is some new ones being used which are mostly slang type in cities)

age 4 - preschool/daycare - for children of age 4 or younger stay most of the day and not much is really taught to children.

age 5 - kindergarden - children are in school for half a day. Learn to write names mostly.

Tell me why!

I ran into my room very upset after today's events.

Dear Diary

Why does everyone think that not only am I a girl but that I need to be one?

All my friends are now calling me Deedee its so not fair! I didn't do anything to make them think that I'm a girl!

It started a week or two, no more like a month, or was it last year sometime? God this is so confusing!

I thought I was just a regular boy, I mean I have that thing pointing down between my legs and that makes me a boy, doesn't it?

A Titanic Dilemma

On April 14th 1912 one of the most luxurious passenger cruise ships ever built struck an iceburg. Many people lost their lives that night. Even more people's lives ended with the sinking of that ship. But there was one who's life really began with that ship's sinking...

There something about Maury - the date

What do you mean I HAVE to post more to this?

Ok fine but I better have a break from writing my fingers are getting sore.

I can't believe I am about to do this. Here I am a 22 year old male dressed up in a little black dress that shows off plenty of cleavage and is a touch too short. I am about to go out on a dinner date with a doctor no less, who cannot seem to understand what the word no means at all.

Just another christmas story part trois

Hey boys and girls its howdy... oh wait thats wrong.. In our last episode our heros battle the mighty... nope that one either.. lets see.. darn muses always moving my stuff around... Donatello does machines, Michelangelo is a party dude tutoo... ok thats definatly not it..

Janice and Samantha have helped their mother bake cookies and have been introduced to their aunt and uncle.

Bill leans over to Harold and in a low voice asks.

"Which one is which?"

"Don't ask just drive."


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