Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 21

Robin learns how her name is actually spelled... after having to deal with internet trolls. Also, Eli, Kara, Cory, & Vivian discover a club that may just be a potential solution to their friend's growing need to get some new digital friends.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 20

Eli goes to help his sister Mallory with her recovery after the Day LaMode fight. However the shame of Robert having to sacrifice who he is in order to be rescued seems to cut a deeper wound than the mannequin monster did.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 9

Eli leaned forward and turned his head. Cory's phone had good speakers, but he really wanted to be sure he was hearing everything he could. "HDM Girl?" Eli froze.

"Did he just say 'HDM Girl?'" Cory asked in amazement.

Eli gulped. "Yes. He did."

Both glued their eyes to Cory's computer and waited for the video to catch up. The yellow haze of light faded, and a familiar bluenette smiled at Robert.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 7

Eli bounced up and down in the passenger seat while Cory navigated the dirt road as quickly as he could with his car lights off. "You sure you can drive safely on this dirt road in the dark?"

Cory responded with a tone far more confident than his words. "Almost sure. I mean, I’ve seen it before."

Eli groaned and steadied Cory’s laptop as he swayed side-to-side. "I really don’t know if I would have committed to this part of the plan if I had known that.'

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 6

Robert sighed as he trudged through the campus grounds and kicked himself for blowing two easy quiz questions in his Calculus class. Had he just paid closer attention he would have seen his mistakes. Robert’s mind was just elsewhere; he kept on thinking about tonight’s plan. He thought it was a good plan, but when the people you were trying to fool were superhuman cheerleaders, it was hard to be confident.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 5

Robert laughed as he admired the picture of the blue-haired girl on Eli's phone. "You have to be kidding me? She's friends with your sister?"

Eli nodded with a wide grin. "Yeah, her and that Vivian chick are both friends with Kara."

Cory shook his head and snatched the phone from Robert's hand. "This doesn't bode well for us."

"This doesn't bode well for us? You have to be kidding me! I just found the girl I've been crushing on all summer."

"I know."

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 4

Eli trudged up the hill, grimly examining his paycheck. It wasn't big enough. It was bigger than he expected thanks to the hazard pay he got for handling the monster attack "well" but not big enough. With the arcade closed the next month for repairs, he needed to make this paycheck stretch out for about six weeks until the next paycheck came in.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 3

Robert reached into his back pocket and pulled out a map of campus. He rubbed his eyes and studied the map. Despite not sleeping well, he couldn't help but smile. The early morning crowd of students, bustling about to classes made him feel energetic. No more high school drama and worrying about who is dating who and what people did in their spare time. He could just be one of twenty thousand students and no one would give him a second look. He was truly free.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 2

Cory shook his head. "You're incredible. I know I won't be playing video games for a little while."

Robert snorted as he sat at his desk. "I'm not playing. I just missed my guild's PvP night. I'm one of the better players. I can't just ditch without an explanation."

"Kind of missing my point."

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 1

The air was heavy with... Robert wasn't exactly sure. But something definitely felt odd about the air that day. The smell of freshly cut grass tickled at Robert's nose, but that wasn't it. He bit on the inside of his lip, attempting to discern the sensation he felt. He was knocked out of his thinking by the sound of Cory panting up the hill. He chuckled "C'mon Cory. You can't be this out of shape. Eli's been making this walk every day the past few days. I can't imagine he's in any better shape than you are."

Mother Raven


Lowrie knocks a raven's nest out of a tree as a youth crushing young eggs- now in college, he finds out that the mother of those young ravens still holds her grudge...

Thanks to Pip for the awesome artwork!

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