Tara G

The Importance of Wings

When Andrew Cawood's life begins to unravel an unlikely angel offers him a choice.

In life choices are never as easy as we would like them to be.

Part 1 of 2

Spring Surprise

A week or so ago I posted a short atmospheric piece triggered by an experience on the river bank. This is for those who found it too dark: it is, if you like, an antidote to Elegy. You inspired it, thank you.

Turnabout Time

When Kate and Rob wake up in each others bodies they have no idea why, how, or even who they are now. To make matters worse they have very little time to sort it all out.

Join them for a roller coaster ride around the seedier parts of London, and a visit to the Home of English Rugby, and pray that Kate does not have to play rugby, because that would be a disaster.

With thanks to Hope and BOUSER for the editing.

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