The Supermen?

The Supermen?
by Polyrobotics1

Chapter One

"Just great, look at us."

"Do you think Lois Luthor will be mad with us?"

"Yes I do. I mean we don't even look like ourselves. The crate is broken. The machine inside freakasened."


"Private SNAFU."

"Okay point taken. What do we do?"

"Follow Me. Sshh."

To Sasha Zarya Nexus and her fans

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I must apologize. Today I have started to read most of the Topshelf Summer Romance 2008 stories. I did not realize that I might have crossed some boundry by one of my characters name. So I must once again apologize to the Lady Nexus and her fans.

Newe Gyrlgyden Chapter 41

I will get the rest of the story up, but only after the contest closes, sorry. but RL interferance.

This is another story in my FEMELLA AILUROS ARMATURA universe, which includes my better written work of My Name is UGLY. I will just say that this story line is the most complete out of any of my previous works. I truly hope you will vote for NEWE GYRLGYDEN by me, POLYROBOTICS1. This chapter helps cement the other parts around it by providing the light for the story. Thank You.


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I am wondering what you all thought of this particular episode of Oprah, and how it treated both the subject of Gender Dysphoria and the Pregnancy of a Thomas? I ask these questions both for myself and others who may come to this site. I for one am a nontransgender person. But I enjoy my pitiful writing, both in content and technique. And the comment made by Thomas, about how the community has over all treated him. Please Respond. I ask that you do put it in the main area below, But I understand if you can only do it privately. Thanks.


Femella Ailuros Armatura


Chapter Six

"Listen up, people. First the spinal cord, will be replace with a reinforced version. We will be doing a full internal replacement at the same time. What I mean; heart, lungs, both kidneys, liver, intestines, and spleen. Yes this is the works. Ribcage will be replace, same as before."

"Sir, will we be able to implement the my personal project?"

"Yes, you will. What is it?"

"Why all of these body hardening bones?"

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