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The Wish

The genie said he’d be granted a wish.

Instantly he knew what it would be.

Smiling happily for the first time he could remember, with a voice hushed and breathless, he asked.

"I'd like to know what it's like being a girl."

The genie laughed and vanished.

FML Demitri

“Damn” I say aloud. “Damn”. Its another hot summer night. I spend it with my buddy Mike’s hard lemonade. Cranberry. Its not exactly hard liquor but lets face it, I ain’t got the cash and Mike makes a damn good drink. The Sour Patch Kids are over and if they could talk they would say “Hey fucker, get off that couch and go to that new gay bar downtown. C’mon fatty. Put the sugar down and back away slowly.” It’s a good thing the fuckers can’t talk.

Starting College My Way

Starting College My Way. A story of fiction by Symphony Simms.

It’s is time for Leslie to go off to college. Leslie is a closet crossdresser. His sisters used
to dress him as a girl when he was young and he loved it, but as he got older his parents
made them stop. He loves wearing dresses, but now has to do it in secret. He hopes that
being away from home he will find opportunities to dress as a girl, but by a strange set of
mistakes and coincidences, he finds himself wearing dresses far more than he expected.

A personal history of Mutation, or How I spent my teen years.

This is a sandbox I've wanted to play in for quite awhile...but never has a story burned me so badly before; So, without further ado, my first story post anywhere.
Please be gentle, and forgive me if I screw something up somehow.
Anyway prologue first, and we will see how any reviews, formatting, or toe stepping goes.



by Red MacDonald
Copyright © 2013 MacDonald Reid
All Rights Reserved.

The Faithful of Islam from North African and the Middle East are plotting to seize the oil resources of the Middle East. By controlling the earth's oil and its major trade routes, they plan to bring the world to its knees. Then, when the entire world is kneeling, the Faithful of Allah will read to them from the Koran, preaching the message of Islam, the True Faith. The Faithful will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But how far will they go? And how many lives will it cost?

Recalling a Certain Story as well


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Does anyone recall a story about a couple that on their moving day the wife decides to transform her husband into a female 'best friend'? ...She had boxed up all of his male clothing and actually had professionals come to their home to do his nails, hair, and makeup after she had waxed and plucked him.
Then they move to a motel and she surprises him with separate but adjoining rooms and he starts dating men, eventually becoming a secretary? Thanks!

The Boy Inside

Seth grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t help that he found other guys attractive. Seth is a 5’4” tall, 112 lbs. adolescent guy and the leader of the football team. But none of that mattered to him if he couldn’t be true to himself. He hated to hide that he found guys attractive, but he knew what would happen. A kid in the freshmen class the year before came out and that kid was harassed to no end. It got to the point where the boy was singled out in everything he did. At the home coming dance the entire school voted him homecoming queen and laughed at him.

The Center: Looking Back Chapter 1: How I Arrived

My name is Emile and here I am reminiscing about a pointless fight what should have only ended one way and that is not in my favour. This happened when life was normal but now that normality has ended just like my life and everything I knew has changed.

Illusion shattered....

How strange. I had no desire to dress up in drag today when I saw the dresses. Come to think of it, a few weeks back, I found my stash of jewelry: the peridot flower dangly earrings and matching necklace, the faux ruby earrings and bracelet, my "goth girl" accoutrements. BUT I didn't find the urge to dress.

I felt curious and like a kid poking the bruise to see how much it hurt, I conjured up images of my past...

Auntie owned a Dress-shop

NOTE - The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and, when they are comfortable with the concept, to release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement.

Several of the stories in the group involve overlapping characters.

Daniel Becomes Dana - Part 2

When Daniel awoke, he looked down. "Argh. Why am I wearing this thing?" He immediately tried unbuttoning the frilly pink nightgown, to no avail, before realizing that it had no buttons. "Why am I wearing this thing?" he muttered.

Finally, he realized that he had to pull the gown over his head, hurling it across the room. Then he looked down. "Oh my God," he screamed, seeing the pretty pink bra and panties.

Daniel Becomes Dana - Part 1

For Daniel, his twelfth birthday was starting out like every other one. Here was home, with his two sisters and his parents, and a lame cake and no friends. Instead, he had to spend the day faking happiness for his family.

Daniel remembered his birthdays when he was younger, and they were so different. But then, only his sisters knew about the special birthdays, or so he thought. The earliest birthday he recalled was when he was six. His parents were out of town on a cruise — it seemed like they went away every year on his birthday — and he was alone with two older girls. Yuck!

Conan and the Blade of Costa, Part 1



A youthful Conan, having just won his freedom from his eastern masters, has traveled to the wild coast port city of Costa. Conan has settled into Costa and is using his skill as a thief and a warrior to survive. The sorcerer/merchant Captain Zula commissioned Conan the thief, to retrieve a pair of spell books from his mother’s (the infamous Sea Witch) island. During the raid Conan and Infidia the ‘Blade of Costa’ fall victim to the Sea Witch’s magic. Now they must use wits and blade if they are to survive and return to Costa!

TG Visual Novel Indiegogo Campaign - Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

I don't post here often, but I thought I'd share a link to a new indiegogo campaign I'm running to create a new TG game. It's basically an illustrated story but with choices, backgrounds, characters and music, so I figured it'd be of interest to people on this site. Here's a link to the project:

So yeah, check it out :D

Wishes Come True

It's funny how wishes can turn out. Before it happened, I would never have wished it to happen. I wished for things like saving up enough money to start a business back home, or getting a green card. It's funny how life turns out - I also dreamed of fucking blond American girls, not that they paid much attention to me.

The Transmigration Of Richard Brookbank Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Touch the Light

Southern England, the late 1970s...

When my vision clears I’m alone.

And very much alive!

But my euphoria is throttled in its cradle. Something is wrong...

Looking for a story

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I'm trying to find a story I read a while back, maybe 2-4 months ago. It's Sci-Fi, about a General returning to Earth to be court martialed for losing a battle to take a planet. The one who organized the defeat was a former academy friend that saved him some 30? years before and was left behind with some other wounded. He was changed by one of his captors into a daughter. They were called elves, and were one of the oldest races in the universe.

This former friend was 'caught' and is travelling with him on a shuttle to Earth. She tells him her story on the way.

The Christmas Ivy Bloomed, Part 1


The Christmas Ivy Bloomed,
by Rachel Newstead


Young Joey has a girl hidden within him, of whom even he is only barely aware.
But one unusual Christmas, she would be hidden no longer.


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