Merlin Silverwind

The Boy Inside Part 2

After the day when Seth shared the true him with will they didn't have time to talk much about what was shared. With exams on the way and state finals close at hand their time was spent apart. They would see each other passing in the hallway but their mind was always somewhere else.
When exams and state finals were over with though, things went on as if nothing happened. One day Will decided to bring the shocking statement back up to Seth.

The Boy Inside

Seth grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t help that he found other guys attractive. Seth is a 5’4” tall, 112 lbs. adolescent guy and the leader of the football team. But none of that mattered to him if he couldn’t be true to himself. He hated to hide that he found guys attractive, but he knew what would happen. A kid in the freshmen class the year before came out and that kid was harassed to no end. It got to the point where the boy was singled out in everything he did. At the home coming dance the entire school voted him homecoming queen and laughed at him.

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