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Gaby Book 5 - Bits

Gaby Book 5 - Bits
by Maddy Bell
Book 5 in the Gaby series sees the action move to Germany where life for Drew can only get better - or can it? Join Drew in his new life in Germany and his new set of conspirators as they travel on a roller coaster of new friends, locations, and action. The Purchasable forms of this book includes material never before available in any format!

Available in both Paperback
and Hardback - Over 290
illustrated pages of
Gaby pleasure!
Single File
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Nena -Book 1- Hostess With The Mostest


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Chris is a tour host with Global, a job he does well. However his mates Julie and Mandy think he gets a raw deal from the passengers so they hatch a plan to sort things out!

Hostess With The Mostest

by Maddy Bell

Gaby Book 5 Chapter *36* Miss You - Obits

Reposted with revisions at Maddy's request. See if you prefer this one? Angharad.

Gaby_book_5_teaser_title.jpgGaby Book 5 - Bits
Chapter *36* Miss You - Obits
by Maddy Bell

Gaby Book 5 Chapter *21* Das Mädchen

This is an absolute first - This chapter is getting posted here first! Don't get in too much of a tiz - Angharad threw down the gauntlet last night so I had to reply in like!. This will be going up on my site with 179 next week so for now consider yourselves spoilt!

Gaby_book_5_teaser_title.jpgGaby Book 5 - Bits
Chapter *21* Das Má¤dchen
by Maddy Bell


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Some two or three weeks ago I came across Gaby/Drew.

Every night since then I have spent hours trying to read everything I can find.
What a story.
Every chapter brings tears. Sometimes of sorrow, sometimes of joy.

It's too late for me but one hopes that many young people today will not have to suffer.

Nena and the Chris-less Markets Or The Search For Santa


The first part - possibly, of a new Nena story!
When the company have a crisis Chris steps into the breach but it couldn't be a simple job could it?


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