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What's normal?

So here I am, ten days after my world was turned inside out.

I'm still getting infuriated by my leg, still getting weepy for no apparent reason, still.......Yes, things are getting better, tomorrow should sort out most of the financial stuff and then its just getting through Thursday. I'm expecting to be a mess on Thursday in front of the relatives but sod 'em, we need to move on and if that means a good blub so be it.

The Gothic life of Trixiebell Heartswoon


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*The Gothic life of Trixiebell Heartswoon*

Welcome to the amazing world of Trixiebell Heartswoon!

Inspired by the Whitby Gothic Festival the story evolves around Zak Askwith and how he becomes Trixie not just for an expected weekend but as an ongoing thing - not exactly what he had expected when he met Rory at the pub.

Gothic Girlfriend

Gothic Sister_1.jpg
*Gothic Girlfriend*

I watched the countryside passing the other side of the glass, the glass of a bus window. My ‘boyfriend’ has revealed himself to be a grade one tight wad, first it was the flask on the train up to York then this.
"What?” I almost snapped.
"Er nice view,” Rory suggested.

Gothic Sister

Gothic Sister_1.jpg
*Gothic Sister*

"So let me get this straight, you want me to be your girlfriend?”
"Just for the weekend,” Rory reaffirmed.
"And just why do you think I'd want to do that, beyond the obvious?”
"You get to go to the Festival for free?”


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