The Day We Became Girls 4

The Day We Became Girls 4
by LostNeo
Chapter four

After having an okay Day at School all I wanted to do on my March break was sit around and play my X-Box.I opened the door and went inside and looked around then blinked. My Sister Tammy was on the couch wearing a Leo cuddling with my Mom.

“Hi Nick how was School?” My Mom asked looking over at me.

The Day We Became Girls 3

The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter Three

I woke up early Alison was still holding me close I watched her sleep for a bit then kissed her softly. She woke up and smiled at me.

“Morning Nicole did you have a good sleep?” she asked me smiling at me

“Yes I did cuddling with you all night. I think the pill’s effect wore off” I said still unsure if I wanted to be Nicole again.

“Thank you I loved having a girl friend I’ll put some leos and pills in your back pack just in case you want to be Nicole again okay?” Alison said cuddling me.

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