Lainie Lee

Drabble Saga 7: Need to No

Ruby and Beth took Davey into the back. "So the mens can't see," the big woman explained.

They had him undress down to his underpants and squeezed him into a corset Ruby had brought with her, tightening the strings until he couldn't even gasp. Finally, she backed it off enough that he could breathe -- a little.

Drabble Saga 3: Those Lovely Bones

They took him to a hair salon in the hotel across the street.

"Give her the works," said Larry to Beth, the hairdresser.

"I'm not a ..." Davey began.

Cissy -1- My So-Called Life -- and Death


You can never pay back what you owe to all the people who care for you--you have to pay it foward.


A Soul Survivor Tale

Taylor Maid -2- Double-D Marks the Spot


Why did I go anywhere with two alien parasites that sometimes looked like big tits stuck to my chest? Okay, I'm dumb, but I think I had help.

Robin Goodgirl

SRU: A Higher Power


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Stan Lee wrote, "With great power, comes great responsibility."
Lainie Lee wrote, "I may be in the service of a higher power...."


A Higher Power

by Lainie Lee


A continuing series of stories based on characters and situations created by Bill Hart

SRU: A Higher Power -5- The Pardon

Hal needed something from the wizard, even though he didn't know exactly what it was...

The Pardon

SRU: A Higher Power -5- The Pardon

by Lainie Lee


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