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Alexa B-Side: #7 - Jenny & Debbie

“Jenny, come in please.” Dr. Debbie Burke said as she entered the waiting area for the office of the Program for Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota. The person she just asked to come back is not a patient, but the partner of one. Dr. Burke had tumbled into one of the most unique situations ever presented to the Program. A young man had begun to question his gender. That was not unusual. The unusual part was that at the same time, he and the girl entering the counselor’s office had begun a relationship.

Ideas come from Everywhere!

I have just posted a new Alexa B-Side story today. I had stated when I posted the Dick at the Bar B-Side last night that I had a second story related to chapter 11 of Alexa in the works. This is not that story, I am still working on that story. This story comes directly from a recommendation from a comment posted on Dick at the Bar. I thought it was an excellent idea and ran with it this morning.

Alexa B-Side: #6 - Charlotte's Dilema

Charlotte transferred the wet towels from the washer to the dryer. “What a wonderful Christmas present” she thought, and then kicked the new machine. What was he thinking? He is such an asshole! Leave it to a Neanderthal like Dick to think a washer and dryer were a good Christmas gift. These were the kind of things you went out on Saturdays and bought. But we could never do that she thought. Couldn’t interfere with the killing of defenseless animals!

Alexa Chapter 11: The Change Begins

“Merry Christmas babe”

I was unable to speak as I laid there and stared at the beautiful blonde woman before me. Even though it looked like she had been though a war she was still the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I felt tears begin to form in my eyes as I tried to convince myself it was all real. A second later I realized it was all true as Jenny left the chair and wrapped her arms around me and placed a huge kiss on my lips. Slowly she broke the kiss and just looked deep into my eyes. “I love you Alexa”

Alexa B-Side: #4 - 22 Hours of Hell

Alexa B-Side: 22 Hours of Hell

Katie finally answered her phone “Jenny? Thank God.” She said

“Kate what’s wrong? Did something happen to Lex? Is she OK?” I asked my roommate.

“Oh god Jen. Have you talked to her yet?”

“Alexa, no. What happened” I ask, fearing the worst.

“When we got home from dropping you off at the airport, Dick was here.” Katie said. That was all she had to say. I instantly began screaming at the top of my lungs.

“OK, I’m on my way. I’ll keep trying to call her. Where is she now?” I ask.

Alexa B-Side: #3 - The Holiday Party

This is the first of two Alexa B-Side stories that are from Alexa Chapter 10; Merry Christmas Babe. Both of these stories feature Jenny as the main Character.


Alexa B-Side: The Holiday Party

I will have to admit, as much as I love Alexa, I really did not want to go to the coffee shop’s Holiday Party. First off, any place that has a “Holiday” Party rather than a “Christmas” Party is a little too precious for me. I guess I am just an old-fashioned girl and believes they should be called Christmas Parties.

Alexa Chapter 10: Merry Christmas Babe

Following the events of Thanksgiving, the drive to live my life as Alexa became stronger. The need to be Alexa had almost completely taken over. The only thing that was holding me back was Jenny. As often as she told me it didn’t matter to her, some part of me felt like it did. I felt like if I was Alexa, I was not giving her everything she deserved as a companion. I spoke with Dr. Burke about this at every session we had. She would always tell me that I needed to believe Jenny and what she was saying. She did understand my concerns, but said that I had to live my life for myself and the other things would work out.

Alexa B-Side: #2 - Halloween

This was originally posted as a blog entry, but I have since decided to put the B-Side stories into a book. This was supposed to be part of Chapter 9 but I didn't think it fit. So enjoy, I know it is a little past Halloween, but I still thought it was a good scene and wanted to share.


Alexa B-Side: Halloween


When I wrote my first blog entry, I went into it with the thought I would speak about three things. As time has gone on, I realized I haven’t done any of it. The first thing I was going to do was talk about my stories. For some reason my ego stops me from doing that. I don’t want to sound like I am bragging about my story,so I kind of shelved that idea. I will answer any questions that people have, but I don’t want to blow my own horn. The closest I have come to this is the mini story I added the other day as a companion piece to Alexa.

Alexa Chapter 6: Revelations

Alexa Chapter 6: Revelations

“Help me”

I have never felt so helpless in my whole life. Here I am, a guy, asking my best friend to help me as I sit on the bathroom floor tears running down my face. Those tears causing the mascara I had put on a few minutes prior to run like the Mississippi. I sit on the floor wearing a dress and women’s underwear asking a girl to help me, but with what?

“Oh my god! Alex!” Katie screams as she moves quickly to my side. I bury my head in Katie’s chest, not out of lust or anything, but out of general shame.

Alexa Chapter 5: The Saturday Night Confession

Alexa Chapter 5: The Saturday Night Confession

I don’t know what was worse, the sudden blast of sunlight that seemed to hit me or Katie’s saccharine voice telling me to get up. “Leave me alone Katie.” I can’t believe how bad I feel. My head is pounding from the worst hangover I have ever had in my entire life. I’m blaming Jenny for the condition I find myself in. I’m sure I had no hand in how bad I feel.

Alexa Chapter 3: Let’s Do This

Alexa Chapter 3: Let’s Do This

I could hear the sound of an alarm in the background. I try to open my eyes but all I see is a mass of hair in front of them. It’s brown in color so it has me monetarily confused. Then the throbbing begins. Why did we drink so much last night? Why am I in bed with Katie and why is there a cat laying on my head? All questions my hungover brain does not want to answer. Next to me I hear a load groan as the alarm is shut off. Well at least Katie is in bad shape too.


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