A TG Technology Giant Remembered


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One of the leaders memorialized in the Wired Enterprise article 11 Who Died in 2011 (And Were Not Named Steve) is Ashawna Hailey, who first shook Silicon Valley as a microprocessor architect who led AMD's development of the Am9080, AMD's clone of the 8080, then went on to co-develop HSPICE, back when she was known as Shawn.

One Good Turn

If you're browsing here, you're familiar with all the body-swap story mechanisms, and then what's interesting is how people deal with the result. This has a familiar theme if you've read 'Sometimes Justice Just Works', but I was pleased with the variation and where it went, and finally decided to let it out into the world anyway.

Messages In A Bottle Of Estrojen

The future in the mirror is closer than it appears. If, thanks to new technology, you had to become a girl for a year in the middle of high school, what would you do? Start a blog, of course.

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