A Touch of Magic Part 12- Finale

They know their enemies and prepare to counter them. How will they fare once the final battle with Lugar and his minions takes place? What will happen to the trio?

Heading East- Toro Family Part 6 Finale

Sunday morning Juan called to inform them about finding Miguel a condo that he might be interested in buying. One of the former Red Sox players was putting his up for sale and it was a very good price. It was off Boston Common and had a permanent parking space for Miguel's car as well as a guest's car. Lupe told him if it fit his criteria then they should snap it up. He called back later and told her it's a done deal, they had a showing later on in the day.

Heading East- Toro Family Part 5

Reyna was up early and stared out the window at the vast city and county below. She never liked LA, it held too many bad memories. Her dad and Abuela were buried here but it never felt like home. Looking at the emails and instant messages sent to her from Jaimie, Rebecca, Jessie, and the others she had hopes that Winnisimmet would become her true home. They wanted to be friends with her and she desperately wanted to be liked by them.

Heading East- Toro Family Part 4

Miguel picked up his car and waited as Beverly picked up her rental car. Beverly refused to allow Miguel to pay for it, citing it as a business expense, which it actually was. Reyna had to step in and tell him "uncle she won't listen, just do what she says."

Heading East- Toro Family Part 3

Miguel didn't bat an eye as he saw Reyna wearing makeup again. He asked her "did they teach you what is appropriate and when?" She shook her head, but Lupe told him "I'll talk to her about that, it's something mothers and daughters need to talk about anyway. It's a rite of passage for us."

Heading East- Toro Family Part 2

Downstairs while the girls were talking, Miguel was telling John and Valerie about the contract negotiations. He trusted them enough to tell them his intent regarding the deal. What surprised him was Valerie's reaction to his agent.

Heading East- Toro Family Part 1

Miguel Toro is a star pitcher and uncle. His niece learned about Jaimie Finn and started on her transition soon after. But in the time since things haven't gone well for her. Now on the verge of a new contract Miguel feels maybe it is time to make a drastic change in their lives. Maybe it's time to move east.

Heading East- Mark Part 5 Finale

Kennedy's face dropped as Michael Jones asked her for the whole story. She sighed and told him "you look like him, your name matched the last name of the man Valerie told me about as being his biological father, and being from this area it was a bit too much of a coincidence. I wanted to confirm with Valerie before I asked you directly."

Heading East- Mark Part 3

Kennedy, William, John, Valerie, and Anne left leaving Mark with Miles, Christina, Michael, Paige, Jaimie, and the twins. Jaimie asked that Cat come inside for a second, telling Mark "now would be a good time to win her over." He understood what she was trying to do and had to think of a way of fixing the problem.

Heading East- Mark Part 1

Mark Sylvester was crying his heart out. His office phone sat off the hook beside him, the person on the other end having just given him the news he dreaded hearing. One of his cases came to a sad end, the poor girl he had been fighting hard to get free of her abusive situation settled matters her own way to make the pain go away- she killed herself.

Jaimie's Day

A look into the mind of Jaimie Finn as she tackles school, family, and friends during a single day. The first time we see what Jaimie is truly like outside of one of the family's recurring dramas.

Righting Wrongs Part 13- Finale

The teens go shopping but one finds trouble. Kennedy meets with the lawyer and gets a huge shock. The funeral turns interesting. Reed and Kylie break out of their shells.

Righting Wrongs Part 12

Friendships among the kids and teens are solidified. Michael gets put in his place as the true damage done by his teasing is revealed. Kennedy and William testify while Mr. Hogan and Ms. Mead have their day in court. Kennedy suffers a loss while the Penas see the family truly at work.

Righting Wrongs Part 11

Fractures start to appear in the family as moving day doesn't go well for all. Reed and Kylie stop trying to be like others and be their own people. Kennedy and Willie experience more aspects of parenthood to the enjoyment of the kids.

Righting Wrongs Part 10

Kylie has to talk for the first time about Hogan's abuse. William opens up to Kennedy as Kylie makes another friend. Stag and Hen parties lead to guy's night in and Kylie's first slumber party. The wedding day arrives but exactly who is getting married?

Righting Wrongs Part 8

The rest learn the big news. School dance leads to a bad night for Reed. Dan hits a new low with the family. Kylie shines among people who knew her past. And new neighbors for the group?

A Touch of Magic Part 10

Chapter 11
The twins kept their distance from us but always watched us. In class they didn’t engage us, instead trying hard not to work alongside us. Ms. Kimball kept trying to get the five of us to work together but they were only doing enough to keep her at bay.

Righting Wrongs Part 6

Anne finds another victim then lays down the law. Reed gets stuck going to a guy's night out leading to revelations that changes the group dynamic. A date turns into a typical Finn disaster.

Righting Wrongs Part 5


Chapter 10
While Reed was learning to defend himself Anne Connors was working hard on Reed and Kylie’s case. She had been in contact with State Police investigators about abuse allegations against Kylie’s former teacher and added her thoughts on what Kylie had said. She had secretly been in contact with the school’s current principal to keep him under surveillance and obtain the old footage from the days Kylie was in school.

Righting Wrongs Part 4


Chapter 8
Olivia’s talk with Valerie didn’t go unnoticed and Reed felt extremely embarrassed over it. He just wanted John to speak with Mr. Sky, he didn’t want to start a war with him. Mr. Sky was a bit of a jerk but Reed respected him for trying to keep the class in order. This was going to be a big problem when he got back to school.

Righting Wrongs Part 3


Chapter 6
Kylie was entertaining the girls as Reed and Jaimie walked downstairs. She was acting like a whole new person ever since Kennedy and Willie talked with them earlier. Instead of the quiet, scared 8 year old brother he saw a happy, fun 8 year old sister.

Righting Wrongs Part 2


Chapter 4
Both boys screamed at hearing that name. Nichole. They knew that name, they feared it. She was the innocent girl their father almost killed trying to get at Jaimie. Kevin begged them not to do that to them. Anne had to assure them she wouldn’t do that, they would find someone else to help them.

Book 08: Righting Wrongs

Reed and Kevin are the two youngest members of the most hated family in Winnisimmet, Massachusetts. Their family is notorious for their hatred of another family, the Finns. But are they like their relatives? Can they escape their relatives' reputations and histories? Can they find family who accepts them for who they are and see that what they were isn't who they are or what they will always be?

Book 8 in the Winnisimmet Tales Universe

The events of "Heading East- Toro Family" take place before, during, and after this series.

Dorothy Vega- A Life

Thanks to T.J. for suggesting the idea for this story.

This story takes place across several decades and references events in "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" "New Beginnings" and "Making of A Family"

Right Place, Right Time Part 12- Finale


Chapter 25
Richard visited Jaimie after Dr. Eliza left and took over watching her from Miles. He knew exactly what Nichole had done and what happened to her and knew Jaimie needed him. John and Valerie were waiting for his turn watching over Jaimie and gave him instructions on what she could and couldn’t do yet knowing he would follow them to the letter. Jaimie held him tight as she sat up in the bed, needing his closeness more than anything else at that moment.

A Touch of Magic Part 9

Chapter 10
Mom got Zoe to calm down which caused the orb to dissipate. We looked at one another in disbelief with Sela asking the obvious “do you have to be born to magic to have magical abilities?”

Mom wanted to faint at the realization. She quietly uttered “power of three” over and over again. Dad sat her down while Sela and Zoe ran to get her some tea to calm her nerves. I waited until they returned and asked her softly “what is the power of three?”

Right Place, Right Time Part 11


Chapter 23
The next morning Hannah was unusually quiet and was clearly troubled. Nigel and Karen had to sit her down and talk with her about the night before, Bryan and Nichole kept away so they could talk in private.

Right Place, Right Time Part 8


Chapter 17
The sun set over the water and the group started to disperse. Plans were made to return during the next weekend with a smaller group expected. Nichole and Daisy hugged deeply as Daisy, Lilly, and Claire left. Karen whispered to Daisy “we owe you a lot.” Daisy nodded and added “mommy said to be good to her and I like her, she is different than the older ones.”

Right Place, Right Time Part 6


Special thanks to Eric, SamanthanMD, Rhona McCloud, Julia Phillips, and Sophie Jones for the suggestions on sites to visit!
Chapter 13
Nigel picked up Nichole and held her close, whispering into her ear “we appreciated our time together; it’s sometimes how people who care a lot about one another express their feelings. I like Karen as a person and she liked me and on the spur of the moment we felt close enough to express that feeling to one another by a kiss.”

Right Place, Right Time Part 5


Chapter 11
Breakfast was a hearty meal as they expected to be out for several hours. John suggested they order “full English” breakfasts so they could say they tried it at least once. The food scared the teens but after some goading and prodding among one another they all tried the black pudding and mixed veggies. They weren’t big fans of the mushrooms but that was universal for them, they never at them at home either.

Right Place, Right Time Part 4


Chapter 9
The next morning Nichole was feeling terrible. The activities of that evening took a lot out of her emotionally and she was drained. Karen had to coax her to change from her pajamas and eat breakfast. The twins kept close to her, not wanting to let her out of their sight nor let anyone get close to her.

Right Place, Right Time Part 3


Chapter 7
John was excited about the day despite the rocky start. They were visiting the Tower of London! It is one of the most famous sites in the entire world and one that he personally could not visit the UK without having seen in person. He was willing to visit it alone if he had to, but thankfully all the others wanted to see it as well.

Right Place, Right Time Part 2


Chapter 5
Nichole slept soundly that night. Karen checked on her a couple of times before falling asleep but Nichole didn’t make a sound. The next morning the four went down to breakfast and endured constant questions about Nichole’s night. Karen tried to keep quiet about it, not wanting to upset Nichole but relaying to Olivia and Valerie that they definitely needed to go shopping for her if only to get her some decent clothing and pajamas.

Book 07: Right Place, Right Time


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Nigel and Nichole were minding their own business when they were brutally attacked by four men as the exited a Tube station. The duo happened to be observed by a group of people, saving them from the assault and changing their lives forever. They happened to be in the right place at the right time to be helped by the right people, the Finn Family.

Book 7 in the "Winnisimmet Tales" Saga

Right Place, Right Time Part 1


Nigel Smith is a hardworking single dad. He is also a highly trained nurse who over the years has earned a reputation for his fairness and compassion. Sadly in the eyes of his employers he doesn’t work long or hard enough and often has to correct his needed time off to avoid needed to hire a sitter for his daughter.

A New Finn Part 11 Finale


Chapter 28
Sunday morning John drove over to the Nashua Street Jail, the current home of Roland Finn. With him was Anne Connors and Kennedy Pena. Kennedy was orchestrating the meeting’s fallout and eventual investigation, Anne was there to get the dirt on social services, while John was there to get Roland to speak.

A Touch of Magic Part 8

Chapter 9
In the morning we got dressed and showered as fast as possible, hoping to get to school early. Mom tried to calm us down but it didn’t work. Zoe was anxious and wanted to be in class before the others, I didn’t want to leave her alone so I had to go along with her.


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