Sudden Losses Part 13- Finale

Donald and Francesca grow closer. Al makes an appearance in school and has her own discovery. Christmas comes and families have their own surprises for one another.

Sudden Losses Part 12

Valerie takes no prisoners. Francesca finds someone who appreciates her for herself. Raul pays a hefty price for having Avery and her friends as friends. Al finally says goodbye to Mattapan.

Sudden Losses Part 11

Raul sets his friends straight at a heavy price. Al opens up more about personal things with Stephanie. Thomas makes the expected request. Francesca and her friends have a scary situation.

Sudden Losses Part 10

Sudden Losses Part 9

Al gets further along her path to womanhood and meets Stephanie. Al's first day of school goes from good to bad to worse for her but she sees something that nobody wants to see- an angry Finn.

Sudden Losses Part 8

The funeral arrives and is a day of ups and downs for all members of the family. The dirty dozen strike but a counterattack leaves the traitor caught red handed. Shock ripples through the family as they rally around another of their own in a time of need.

Sudden Losses Part 7

Al's visit with Rebecca and Jessie is more fruitful than expected leading to more personal revelations and acceptance. Al's release from the hospital leads to a new crisis as she reveals the final pieces that may put an end to the danger to her.

Sudden Losses Part 6

The investigation into the accident starts to get more complex. Francesca finally breaks down then has to make a tough choice- keep Al's confidence or indulge her friends' curiosity. Pushing Francesca to the limit brings out the angry dad in Ben.

Sudden Losses Part 5

Al learns more about the family. Dr. Eliza get Al to talk about herself leading to tough questions. Francesca tags along to meet Al leading the two to having a needed heart to heart.

Sudden Losses Part 4

Al starts to open up after accepting the reality of the situation. Francesca grows closer to the Hermans. Tough questions about Al lead to tougher realizations as Al's family is brought up.

Sudden Losses Part 3

Francesca takes a stand and lets her feelings known. And corruption meets the incorruptible as a simple visit to obtain clothes for Al turns into a battle of wits between criminals and the family.

Book 10: Sudden Losses


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Francesca loses her parents. Al loses her parents and something more important. When tragedy strikes one of their own the family swings into action to help.

Events take place between "Across the Pond" and "Lost and Found"

Book 10 in the Winnisimmet Tales Universe

Sudden Losses Part 2

The reality of the accident sets in as Olivia and Richard are introduced to Al. Francesca packs up her belongings and says goodbye to her old life. Young Al may have seen something that she hadn't experienced before and she likes it.

Winnisimmet Tales stories


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Shorter stories set in the Winnisimmet Tales universe. These differ from the main series in that they focus on shorter periods of time, weeks instead of months, and do not feature chapters. Refer to the character index or the top of the story for the exact place on the universe's timeline.

Across the Pond Part 13- Finale

Things calm down for Ethan, or as close as you can get with such oddball relatives. Ethan uncovers why Kylie has been snippy towards everyone and takes corrective action. Ethan finally meets his new brother and future brother-in-law and endures the family tradition of meeting Jorge and Victoria.

Across the Pond Part 12

The custody hearing occurs but things are far from easy for Karen and Nigel. The fight is on leading to an exciting outcome that we were all expecting. One thing still holds true, never underestimate any member of the Finn Family and if you are going to commit a major crime be sure to know exactly who you are committing it against!

Across the Pond Part 10

Ethan's first day was going well until he learned that some things about school are universal. Ethan meets the rest of the family but gets unwanted attention. A quiet cookout leads to lots of fun while plans are in the works involving Ethan, but it isn't only he who is benefiting.

Across the Pond Part 9

Ethan meets the rest of his cousins as well as his aunts and uncles but not all goes well. Ethan's control breaks down as he becomes more and more emotional as others talk around him and about him. School starts and Ethan might have found the place where he belongs, with people he likes, and under the guidance of someone who cares.

Across the Pond Part 8

Sammi's suffering ends but Ethan's continues. Ethan leaves England in classic Finn style but may have bitten off more than he could chew with his new family...

Across the Pond Part 7

Sit back and grab your popcorn as the inevitable happens. The Smiths know that sometimes the best revenge are the ones where you don't have to do a thing, the person does it all themselves. If you weren't convinced that they were changed people this edition will change your mind. And despite hearing so many stories about their exploits the Smiths learn for themselves why you don't mess with the Finns.

Across the Pond Part 6

Ethan gets a crash course in extended family and how they should act as he learns more about his aunt's family from their new guests. Harry is in for a shock as the investigation gets into full gear and the true extent of what happened is revealed to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith awakens to the reality of Karen's family being different yet also just like any other.

Across the Pond Part 5

After being cooped up in the estate the four finally hit the city and enjoy it as only Finns can. Mr. Smith has some important meetings cementing his position regarding Nigel, Nichole, and the new family members. Ethan gets a taste of the downside of siblings and the Smiths finally see the man they have heard so much about.

Across the Pond Part 4

The dinner party goes off as expected but the "why" is a surprise. Mr. Smith lets the world know where he really stands regarding his son and new family.

Across the Pond Part 3

Sometimes the truth is hard to accept but the Smiths are slowly seeing that they have made several major mistakes. Ethan experiences what it is truly like to have family, not just people you happen to be related to. Mrs. Smith is more astute than anyone realizes and has her own plans in the works which involves her new daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Across the Pond Part 2

The truth is tough to accept but what really happened four years before to drive Nigel and Nichole away is revealed by Nichole. Hannah wastes no time in pushing things to the limit with surprising results from the Smiths. Things will never be the same in the Smith household.

Across the Pond Part 1

A year after their marriage Nigel and Karen Smith take their son, daughters, and future daughter-in-law on a trip to England to visit Nigel's parents. Unbeknownst to them their nephew is awaiting the chance to meet them, hoping to reconnect to the only other family he knew. The truth behind Nigel and Nichole's ouster from the family is starting to be revealed after four years of heartache and tears.

Book 09: Across the Pond


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Ethan Smith was the young son of a noble without a title, without a future, and without ethics. When his formerly disgraced Uncle Nigel takes his family to visit Nigel's parents the Smith family's world is forever changed.

This story takes place after the events of the three "Heading East" stories and "Outside Looking In" and takes place before the events of "Sudden Losses"

This is the 9th Winnisimmet Tales series.

Heading East- Jones Family Part 6 Finale

While the kids were out in Boston enjoying their time riding on the old trains Michael had his long awaited interview for a possible promotion. Leslie, Iris, and Rachel drove in with him as both were going to the federal building for appointments. Luckily for Leslie, hers was before his so he was able to be there for her as backup if need be.

Heading East- Jones Family Part 5

The next morning Miles was up before Neil and managed to sneak out away from him without him knowing. He was met by the sounds of several people being sick, which was followed by more people groaning at being sick. His brother was the worst complainer, followed by his dad.

Heading East- Jones Family Part 4

After another three hours, John finally called to tell them the four were returning him shortly. The cleanup would take a while but the regular police had been held over relieving the out of city officers. A half hour later he returned with a few bruises but otherwise OK.

Heading East- Jones Family Part 3

After a round of showers to clean off the salt water and sand the boys spent the rest of the afternoon in the yard. The girls went to visit Kylie and baby Willie Jr. with Faith being dragged along. The parents set up the amusement park visit while they were with the Penas, coordinating schedules. After a half hour, Rachel Douglas suggested the girls have a sleepover to make things easier on them all.

Heading East- Jones Family Part 2

Downstairs Michael and Sarah suspected something was amiss with Neil. Valerie shook her head and asked, "has he ever talked about what goes on in school?" Both weren't aware of talk about anything regarding the school that wasn't parent-teacher conference related to which Valerie asked: "has he mentioned how the kids act?"

Heading East- Jones Family Part 1

Newhall, Missouri was a changed place. In the past two and a half months every town agency had been completely torn apart by the state and federal corruption probes. There was rampant nepotism, greed, extortion, conflicts of interest, fraud, and embezzlement throughout the town brought to light by the investigators. It went further to include the County of Hadley which Newhall residents completely controlled.

Outside Looking In Part 6- Finale

Sunday was quiet as word spread that the girls had settled their differences and Rachel was left to calm herself before the storm on Monday. Leslie brought the girls next door for a Sunday dinner with John, Valerie, and the five kids. She informed them it wasn't a request, it was a demand from Valerie.

Outside Looking In Part 5

Rachel was lucky, she obtained an appointment with Dr. Dane that afternoon. Dr. Dane was doing the evaluation as a favor to Dr. Samuels and hearing her story he gave her additional time to talk. Her name had come up before with Reed Pena and Scott Nelson so he knew Rachel was going to be a tough case but she was worth taking a chance on if she indeed was just a victim of her parents' abuse.

Outside Looking In Part 4

Monday was Iris' big day, she was returning to school. She would be among her friends and classmates again. She would also be among the gossips and worse, in the presence of Rachel Murphy.

As soon as she saw Iris arrive Rachel made her way over to her. The first thing out of her mouth was "enjoy your little vacation? I heard you and Sam had a big argument and you couldn't face being dumped by her."

Outside Looking In Part 3

It was after lunch so the group headed to the Finn home to eat. Leslie hadn't said a word since getting in the car at the campus. The shock of having Iris as her daughter was starting to hit and it was taking its toll on her.

She walked into the house and went up to her room to lay down. Valerie met the others at the door and hugged Iris, not even bothering to ask how things went. Iris hugged her and announced "it's over" then burst into a deep cry.

Outside Looking In Part 2

In the morning Iris was jostled awake by Leslie. The two ate another quiet meal before Iris went downstairs to Jorge and Victoria's apartment so Leslie could attend class. The two were quiet and calm around her, in contrast to their usual fussy nature around the teens and young kids. Victoria told her to check her email and work on her schoolwork until lunch, she was out recovering but she wasn't excused from all work.

Outside Looking In Part 1

It was early May in Winnisimmet and the signs of summer were arriving earlier than normal. The budding relationships were in full bloom as Sam York and her girlfriend Iris Donaldson were walking with their friends Reed Pena and his girlfriend Jessie Lawrence. The three girls talked openly about their plans for the summer now that they were on the final approach to their 8th-grade graduation.

Will and the Pills

A man gets revenge on his friend through his friend's own narcissism and arrogance

The very first story ever written by Efindumb found after nearly 12 years

A Touch of Magic Part 12- Finale

They know their enemies and prepare to counter them. How will they fare once the final battle with Lugar and his minions takes place? What will happen to the trio?

Heading East- Toro Family Part 6 Finale

Sunday morning Juan called to inform them about finding Miguel a condo that he might be interested in buying. One of the former Red Sox players was putting his up for sale and it was a very good price. It was off Boston Common and had a permanent parking space for Miguel's car as well as a guest's car. Lupe told him if it fit his criteria then they should snap it up. He called back later and told her it's a done deal, they had a showing later on in the day.

Heading East- Toro Family Part 5

Reyna was up early and stared out the window at the vast city and county below. She never liked LA, it held too many bad memories. Her dad and Abuela were buried here but it never felt like home. Looking at the emails and instant messages sent to her from Jaimie, Rebecca, Jessie, and the others she had hopes that Winnisimmet would become her true home. They wanted to be friends with her and she desperately wanted to be liked by them.

Heading East- Toro Family Part 4

Miguel picked up his car and waited as Beverly picked up her rental car. Beverly refused to allow Miguel to pay for it, citing it as a business expense, which it actually was. Reyna had to step in and tell him "uncle she won't listen, just do what she says."

Heading East- Toro Family Part 3

Miguel didn't bat an eye as he saw Reyna wearing makeup again. He asked her "did they teach you what is appropriate and when?" She shook her head, but Lupe told him "I'll talk to her about that, it's something mothers and daughters need to talk about anyway. It's a rite of passage for us."


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