Duane S Hall

Crossdressing, comedy and the experience of being transgender

I have written about crossdressers so far because although I empathize with transgendered individuals and their experiences, I am not transgendered and I feel that any attempt to write from that perspective runs the risk of being patronizing and false. I'm certainly willing and able to write from a perspective other than my own but for some reason I see certain points of view as being difficult or impossible to approach.

A Hard Sell

Tim tolerates his job as a car salesman to support his girlfriend Anne in her career ambitions but at some point things must change for both of them.

(Originally posted to Fictionmania on 11/05/2014, I decided to bring it over here with some minor edits. It could benefit from a rewrite but at some point stories have to be allowed to stand as they are.)

I'm glad to be here

I see that my approach to storytelling is welcome here and for that I'm glad. I prefer a lighthearted approach to issues related to gender identity and sexuality but by no means do I think they are frivolous. Sometimes a series of light touches is the best way to explore difficult subjects. On top of that I do enjoy making people smile once in a while.

In Moderation

Today at CosmiCon Justin will have the chance to fulfill his fantasy of cosplaying Duchess Immensia of 'Tachyon Dynasty' fame with his wife Sarah accompanying him as her loyal sidekick Nanoboy. How will the daring duo fare against the convention crowds?

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