Becoming Christine -6-

Author Note: Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I came home safely from being over-sea's and have been going thru a divorce for the last 2 years.

Becoming Christine
Part 6

by Chrissyfire

Becoming Christine -4-

Authors Note: Sorry for taking so long but real life issues took over there for a bit, however I am happy to report work is becoming less hectic no more 7-days straight and surgery in August went great. I have started part 5 but it is slow goings as I’m working 6 days 12 hours with 2 hours drive time. This limits my writing to my one day off in-between house work. So enjoy and I’ll get back at it. Sincerely, Chrissyfire

Becoming Christine
Part 4

by Chrissyfire

Becoming Christine -1-

Note from Author: This Chapter is more of an introduction of the Character and her background. I hope this gives a small insite to the mind and conflict grown inside this poor girl.

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