Cheryl Bishop

Masculine/feminine balance

I believe gender shouldn't be an either or choice. In my just completed story "Old friend,New love" I tried to present two people trying to find a new balance in their gender expression. In the process they find someone that loves both sides.

Not many percieved it that way. But I would like some feedback. How would describe the characters Kevin/Kate and Chris/Chrissie on a masculine/feminine scale. For example Kevin/Kate 10%M/80%F (yes it doesn't need to add up to 100% if you feel some uncertanty).

A Night at the Theater

A Night at the Theater

by Cheryl Bishop

As the curtain for the first act began to close, a group of about 25 dressed in fashionable dresses and high heels were first to the lobby. When the other theater goers came out they found them in a long line going into the room labeled “MEN”.

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