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Thanks so much - so many friends

Thanks everybody for the thumbs up and the comments, both private and public. I really consider everything you say in terms of both my writing and my life. It's wonderful to know that there are so many interested and supportive friends out there. Please stay in touch.

My First Time

This story began 54 years ago, when my sisters, who were 13 and 16, began dressing their 3 year old brother in girls clothes. At first, I believe they probably viewed it as harmless fun, as merely a diversion. But their brother, who had no one else to play with, loved the attention, and it grew to be a frequent event. When they came home from school, there was their little brother to dress up like a doll.

Daniel Becomes Dana - Part 2

When Daniel awoke, he looked down. "Argh. Why am I wearing this thing?" He immediately tried unbuttoning the frilly pink nightgown, to no avail, before realizing that it had no buttons. "Why am I wearing this thing?" he muttered.

Finally, he realized that he had to pull the gown over his head, hurling it across the room. Then he looked down. "Oh my God," he screamed, seeing the pretty pink bra and panties.

Daniel Becomes Dana - Part 1

For Daniel, his twelfth birthday was starting out like every other one. Here was home, with his two sisters and his parents, and a lame cake and no friends. Instead, he had to spend the day faking happiness for his family.

Daniel remembered his birthdays when he was younger, and they were so different. But then, only his sisters knew about the special birthdays, or so he thought. The earliest birthday he recalled was when he was six. His parents were out of town on a cruise — it seemed like they went away every year on his birthday — and he was alone with two older girls. Yuck!

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