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girlery (ger'|luh|ree) noun - 1. place where people, presumably boys or men, are girled. 2. the practice of girling. 3. a sequential display of images of the victims of girling. From girl+gallery.

A Girlery of Gals
Where Image is Substance and Virtue is Illusion

Robin Goodgirl

Cat and Mouse


First episode of a comic book without pictures. Cat is a woman possessed by a rather nasty demon, while Mouse is a very small detective whose clients suspect him of being a cross-dresser. Believe it or not, they're going to become a superhero team. Warning: extreme violence.

Genomorph Part 3


Synopsis: A Navy SEAL is transformed into a sexy female super soldier by an alien machine. After escaping from a secret lab, she sets out to learn who she is. Now back in LA, Brandi finds trouble, friendship and just maybe something more…. Part 3 of 5.

Strange Wine


Kent is in the city to pull off the biggest job of his life, but when his girlfriend, Rose, sends him a strange bottle of green wine, he's in for a big shock. Now the stakes are much higher. Kent isn't out just for the money, he needs his life back.

Making up the Numbers


Even in a mysterious machine-run city in the far future getting a table at a good restaurant is still difficult. We need you to make up the numbers. Please don't come as you are! It would be a real social faux-pas as we don't want to end up with three guys and one girl. Nobody can leave the city anyway so we might as well have some fun. I heard people are dying outside but it's only a rumour ...

The Bequest Ch 2


Carlton's Uncle always liked him although he lived on the fringe of his extended family. It was at the reading of his Uncle's will that Carlton found out just how much his Uncle cared for him. Carlton begins his transition into Carly.

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend -3-

Cigarettes Are A Girl's Best Friend

by slimv

Part 3

His mother was true to her word. As Jimmy's chest recovered from Dr. Brown's scalpel, Carol made some calls. The lawyer referred to her by Dr. Doyle created a new identity for Katie. He even helped Carol forge school transcripts so Katie could start high school at Gilmore in the fall.

Hunted Haunts: St. Blisque Manor

Hunted Haunts: St. Blisque Manor
By Wendy Long
Edited by SteveZ

Dr. Leo Pratt was the best in his field, and the only thing that now
stood in his way from being the best in the region was the St. Blisque

Calendar Girls - Part 13 Finale

Big finish! All right girls, everyone take a bow!

Calendar Girls
Part 13 -Finale-

OCTOBER - Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun

by Tammy Fairbanks
Copyright  © 2003 Tammy Fairbanks
All Rights Reserved.


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