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Footprints In The Sea 3 and 4

Footprints In The Sea – Chapters 3 & 4

By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright © Frances Penwiddy 2015

Footprints in the sea is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental.

This novel is not considered suitable material for minors and is rated X

Footprints In The Sea 1 and 2

Shipwrecked on an island in the South Pacific and more than one thousand miles from the nearest habited land and located between New Zealand and South America, Charlie Broughton explores what he thinks is a deserted ship to find that there is one other survivor, Will Devonshire.
They work together to secure the ship and plan their rescue but things begin to happen to Charlie, things that frighten him and he begins to question who he is…

The Governess

In a world run by dominatrices, someone has to be in charge...

The Governess

A Cresswell Industries Story.

After her husband's transformation had been completed Lady Melissa Cresswell had decided that his wife should be given what she deserves.
She had spent many years in her domineering husband's shadow and now with her own transformation complete, Lorna Trewick was going to play an important role in Her Ladyship's plan for a world where women were to become the more dominant species of the human race.

Bridges 49


I do gush about Cass though and the call that lasted all night and the morning little stuff that she said and how that feels and I don’t hide the fact that I’m trans or that Cass and I are wife and wife and Tina’s good with it.

Actually she says that she hopes her daughter Nadine actually finds a nice girl sometime and I get this rant about how much she hates her daughter’s teenaged girlfriends and the super fourteen year old lesbian hormones and just how everything is just sooo dramatic and screaming when she’s not trying to keep each other out of their pants.

It’s funny and it’s not even with gay and lesbian and bi kids underage sex is still pretty serious stuff.

I grab my things and head back to triage and I look at the chart and then at the inpatient sheet for the next patient and I double check and then slip out to see if it’s true.

Oh damn, My Ex is there in the waiting room for outpatients waiting to be seen.

*And Now…

Covered Bridges-11.


“Okay and Haley?”
“Thanks for doing this. It’s really cool.”
“Well Frank’s a really nice guy and this is a lot more fun than spending the evenings watching cable in my hotel room.”
I slip through the doors and I go back to cooking.
I can feel Robyn watching my sway.

Truth's Purity: Chapter 5-6

Truth's Purity

Synopsis: A young man awakens in a strange room, in the body of a younger girl. He finds out why he's there, but refuses to accept his feelings

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Chapter 5

I jolted awake from a tangled mass of fuzzy dreams and stared around at the unfamiliar bedroom around me. Where was I? What…this place was…oh god…

Truth's Purity: Chapter 4

Truth's Purity

Synopsis: A young man awakens in a strange room, in the body of a younger girl. He is scared and confused, and slowly learns why he is there and what plans lay in store for him. He meets a young woman who

Chapter 4

‘Hey, stop spacing out.’ Tegan said and I realised she’d gone over to the other desk and placed the tray there. ‘Time to eat!’

I hurried over and she pulled the seat out for me to sit on, and then pushed it back in once I was on. ‘Oh, you don’t have to do that.’

Truth's Purity: Chapters 1-3

Truth's Purity

Synopsis: A young man awakens in a strange room, in the body of a younger girl. He is scared and confused, and slowly learns why he is there and what plans lay in store for him

Chapter 1

I was floating in oily darkness, feeling it swirl thickly around me as if it were trying to drag me away with it. A strange warmth was embracing me, so hot that it felt like it was burning me away, but it felt nice somehow, as if I was just slipping into a warm bath.

Cresswell Industries -48-49-50-51-

Charlie had dreams...

Cresswell Industries

48 - Fulfilled
49 - Just Rewards
50 - Winter Blues
51 - Girls' Meeting

by Keshara

Chapter Forty Eight


Charlie Saddler had always considered himself intelligent even if those around him did not. He thought his life was his own and that every decision he made would bring him closer to his dream of being a rich man with girls surrounding him wherever he went.

Cresswell Industries -44-45-46-47-

Cresswell Industries III

How The Mighty Fall

Chapters 44-47

by Keshara


Bernard Falconer ran his hand over his bald-head, he had decided to look more in with it than he usually did, for his greying hair, what he had of it, was showing his age. He had outlived many of his adversaries and now that they had been replaced with younger and fitter ones, he knew that staying as fit and young as possible was just as important.

Cresswell Industries -40-41-42-43-

Cresswell Industries:
40 - The New Year's Ball
41 - Night's End
42 - Future Females
43 - New Year's Day

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara
Chapter Forty

The New Year's Ball

Annabelle reveled in her newfound freedom, especially when she had been so desperate to be treated as girl for so long. Wendy had taken her to the mall to fill her wardrobes and draws with all the female items she had once thought she would never ever get to touch let alone wear.

Cresswell Industries -36-37-38-39-

Cresswell Industries:
36 - Autumn Winds
37 - Half-Term
38 - Three Girls and a Boy
39 - Christmas Presence

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara

Chapter Thirty Six

Autumn Winds
Wendy sat in the 4x4 waiting for Michelle to hurry up, before when Michelle was Michael she would have been at her tether and would have been yelling at him to get ready, but not today.

Michelle was excited and had got up early to get dressed, despite last night's lack of sleep through excitement.

Cresswell Industries -32-33-34-35-

Cresswell Industries
32 - Envy
33 - A Change of Mind
34 - New Awakenings
35 - Summer's End

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara

Chapter Thirty Two


Monday morning brought more frustration for Allan, his chores were endless and now that he was even having to wash Michelle's underwear, dresses and tops and it was beginning to show on his face.

"I know washing and ironing is tiresome Allan, but believe me you will thank me one day for letting you do the job," Wendy noticed her son's change of mood.

Darrin is Bewitched - Conclusion

Darrin is Bewitched - Conclusion

Samantha had been censured by the Witches Council and ordered to make things right Task is in compliance with current policies and guidance ‘or else.’ Or else’s were never good in the world of witchcraft.

Vindex Spei


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Vindex Spei

Erlan, one of the few remaining immortal leaders of the Hegemon, has abandoned his post. He’s departed into the Fringe and worked to to build up the lost and abandoned colonies into a power of their own, the Kormault League. This has drawn ire from secret factions within the Hegemon who have decided the League should be put down and taken back. Erlan and those he's gathered fight against the Hegemon to preserve their freedom. Some of these individuals will do anything for the cause. One will use their special power to do the unusual and unorthodox to win.

The Patriot Act Part Two

James Winrox had a secret. Yes, he preached against men turning themselves into women, but secretly he wanted just that. You might have called him a hypocrite, but he felt it was part of his dual nature as a Christian. Now, he shivered in his slinky pink jumpsuit that really were just pink pajamas. He wasn't even angry at his government as he took in his surroundings. He was afraid that he was going to enjoy this, even now he was getting hard in the regulation pink panties they had put him in.

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-37


“Probably, you’ll have to at least come to Santiago with me at some point.”
“You live in Chile?”
“No, not really but it’s where we bring in new bloods.”
“New bloods?”
“People like you. A lot of our people went out of the colonies to live in the wider world some have had kids we try and bring them home if they call for it or like you turn out to be Shuan or Tuan and their powers start.”
I head to Jax’s car after I eat my burgers and take my pop and Cheyenne joins me and he’s there with some girl and they’re listening to tunes and have the AC blasting away and I slip into the back seats laying down and reach out taking shy’s hand while I’m doing so and she joins me laying in the cool of the car.
We both let out an out of the heat and pleasantly full sigh and she wraps her arms around my waist and wriggles to get comfortable saying, “In the tradition of my peoples I recommend a siesta.”
Jax is like. “Agreed…Amy?”
She takes his jacket and wads it up like a pillow and shoots me a look and a little smile as she uses him as a pillow. “Definitely.”
I snuggle back against Cheyenne and whisper. “Tell me about Chile?”
She hugs me a little tighter and whispers in my ear. “I first went there when I was six….”
*And Now…


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