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Great Idea For Angrarad's Bonzi

Great Idea For Angrarad's Bonzi
By Stanman63

May Your Light Forever Shine

Uncle Hank and the Cold Potato Part 2

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Daddy's brother, Uncle Virgil, dropped in on the New Years party that had turned into an Arkansawyer wake for Hank Williams. Naturally, the story had to be retold about the time he had shown up at Ma Dale's and eaten two whole fried chickens all by himself, with biscuits and corn on the cob and buttermilk to drink. Uncle Virgil stood five-foot-five and weighed about 120 pounds but he was a legendary eater.

Uncle Hank and the Cold Potato Part 1

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Mom taught me my letters and how to sound-spell and I would puzzle out some of the shorter words, getting good enough that with my supply of imagination, a lot of people thought I could read. By the middle of the following summer, before my fifth birthday, I really could though I still needed help with some of the harder words.

Little Golden Memories in a Little Red House

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little red house 2.jpg

I’m not sure how long we stayed with Ma and Pa that time, not more than a few months I’m sure. We moved into a house in town that wasn’t much more than a shed for a short time and then into a place I called The Little Red House. It had asphalt siding made to look like red bricks and it sat between the schoolhouse and The Big Red House where another bunch of cousins lived.

Ham Biscuit on a Green Glass Plate

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We moved back to Senath, Missouri, midway down the western edge of the Bootheel sometime in 1952. Both sets of grandparents lived there and aunts, uncles and cousins; too many to shake a stick at, as the saying goes.

The Left-Handed Cantaloupe

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Mom took an immediate job in one of the agricultural sheds since Aunt Opal would stay at home to take care of me and John. Dad soon joined Mom, sorting fruit and vegetables for shipment. I seem to remember this as being cantaloupes, but that doesn't seem right since we arrived in fall after most of the melons would have already been harvested.

Painting the Chinaberry Trees

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Chinaberry tree

Near the end of the three weeks, Aunt Grace got a phone call from Aunt Opal, the oldest of the sisters. Aunt Opal lived in Brawley, California a town almost as much like Casa Grande as Cleveland is like Chicago, which is to say, quite a lot and not at all.

He speaks of floppy discs

Dear wife cleaned out the room her mother lived in till she died in October 2010. While doing so she found a plug in floppy disc drive. I had a laptop over a decade ago without a floppy drive and I used the contraption. Until Sunday I thought the thing had been thrown out but it wasn't. Now I'll throw it out.

The other hidden treasure Dear Wife found was almost twenty three dollars in small change.

The Madonna Of The Future: 15. M&M&M's

When I walked home, I was in a total daze. My mind was still in a whirl from the stake out last night and the chase,
and I hadn't gotten much sleep. Because of all that, and after hearing about Blair, I was so caught up
that I forgot something very important. Luckily, that something — I mean that someone — hadn't forgotten me.

The Madonna Of The Future: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

The Madonna Of The Future: 14. Hit In The Brains

Theresa gave a laughing groan. "Clark, you're not going to impress these girls with that corn."

"And what about you?" he asked Theresa in a suggestive tone. "Are you impressed by my corn?"

The Madonna Of The Future: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

The Madonna Of The Future: 13. What About Mallory?

Susan's face went white. "Marcie, you do realize that we're just a couple of teenage girls, right?
This woman Lee has been scamming people for a long time. Maisie's father couldn't outwit her,
but you think we can?"

"I don't know," I said. "But Jordan doesn't have anyone else to ask."

The Madonna Of The Future: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Started with a Prom Dress - 2 - The Date N More

Started with a Prom Dress? — 2 — The Date N More

I started to putting on the skirt and now had a complication.
“Too bad Jeff’s not here to help you,” Dawn said with a smile...
“Young woman I am more than happy to be here for you and share,
but I think you need to be honest with me and yourself...
You may not have planned to kiss, but I do think you meant it.”

The Madonna Of The Future: 12. Time To Find Out

He put his hand over the mouthpiece and said to me,
"My client says, you help him find Lee Sheppard and then he'll talk."

"No," I said. "First he has to release the hostage. In the meantime, he can talk to himself if he wants to talk."

The Madonna Of The Future: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Thanks Dad for Being There - 1

Thanks Dad for Being There

By Jessica C

Daughter finds the secret side of her dad, thought to be an 'Average Joe'
Her interest to play a guitar and form a girl band, begins the unfolding of her dad's past.
Joe had been very good guitar player but there was more.
Jenn's make-up kit had fallen out of her purse, while in dad's car...

Six Forty-Five, part 3

Six Forty-Five, Part 3.

Author's caution. There is an assault alluded to in this part. Please read with care.

I crossed the street, my new heels clicking. I was a little scared, but in this outfit, I felt much more like a grown-up, and with that extra confidence, I was able to go inside my old elementary.

The door was unlocked, so I let myself in.

“Now where?”

Six Forty-Five, Part 2

Six Forty-Five, Part 2:

The day everything went crazy started off seeming no different than the day before.

I woke at six forty-five, got out of bed, and got dressed, socks, underwear, pants, and then shirt, just like every day. I did my teeth and ate my breakfast and walked to school in the morning twilight. I didnt see the janitor, but I tried the door, and it opened.

The Ram 32

Christmas has arrived, the anniversary of briony and Daphne's first meeting. Just a brief chapter describing some items of progress in their lives and a brief cameo of Daphne's family history.

The Welsh Mountain Ram 32.

Briony... Betrayed wife and mother.
Sion... Her eight-year-old son.
Ellairy... Her nine-month--old daughter.
Arfon... Brionys’ abusive and unfaithful husband.
Dave Cadwalloder... Welsh bachelor hill-farmer.
Jenny and Lassie... Daves’ sheepdog bitches.
Laddie... Daves’ sheepdog.
Jessica and Pansy... Daves’ sows.

The Madonna Of The Future: 10. Pure Sherlock

"Oh my God!" Mallory said, and began wringing her hands in desperation.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Why are you so upset?"

"Because," Mallory said, sniffing, "when Miss Overmore hears about this, I will be expelled."
She looked as if she was about to cry. "They won't let me come back. No one will laugh about this,
and no one will forgive me. My parents will KILL me. This school is supposed to be my last chance.
I don't know where I can go if I get kicked out of here."

The Madonna Of The Future: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Blog 5: Gay bars, Invisible Folders and Short Skirts


If you have read my stories you will notice that I have a wee bit of an obsession for short skirts and socks (otherwise school uniform). I stumbled upon this pic whilst browsing the web and i thought it was really cute so i thought i'd share it with all of you! :)

I can safely say that last night was filled with experiences! Haha. Thursday nights are college nights in Ireland so we all went out on the town to get highly intoxicated (as you do).

Wild Magic 24

Mostly just a filler today.

I awoke this morning, and I felt very good. I became concerned that whoever had been playing with my emotions was at it again. Grandma said no, the amulet was working well. By that time, my good mood was ruined. I have to check with my grandmother to see if I’m happy?

Someone is seriously going to pay.

I walked into the kitchen, and I was almost immediately pounced on by my mother. As she did her best to smother me in a hug, my bad mood disappeared.

Reckoning -1- Awakenings 1 and 2

The Earth has reached a crossroad. Destruction could be immanent. Can a Rookie band of newly created heroes stave off Doomsday? Chapter 1 of a collaborative effort by several Top Shelf writers will begin to explore this dilemma. Introduction of the heroes and their powers will be the first couple of chapters. Writers are: Catherine Linda Michel, Grover, Ariel Strickland, Erin Halfelven, Maggie Finson and Scotty, "Voice Of Reason" Bishop.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part IV


For a moment, nothing happened and the full feeling was freed from her mind. She thought she had beaten The Emerald Curse. Suddenly, the amulet chain tightened and began to squeeze tightly on her throat. She tried to pull it off as it dug into her skin but it was much too strong. She trashed about the place, gasping for air, wrenching and choking.

"The old man must DIE!’’ screamed Alys.

"Arrrrrgh!’’ croaked Heather, pleading for Alys to stop.

The Club

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There are a lot of clubs in the world. There are dance clubs, and country clubs, athletic clubs and book clubs. And then there is this club. Some famous people are members. Oprah is, for example. Its not exclusive, but it sure can cost to be a member. But once you're in, you belong for life. There isn't a secret handshake, but some members say they can recognize a fellow member without them saying a word.

What is this club?

The sexually abused.

One club nobody ever wants to join, but estimates say 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will become members.

Xander the Vampire Slayer.

Xander the Vampire Slayer

This is fan-fiction. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all characters therein belong to Joss Whedon.

"In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the demons, vampires and forces of darkness... she is the Slayer."

“I see more than anybody else does, because nobody’s watching me.” - Xander Harris.

Xander Harris shook his head, trying to clear it. Then he remembered. He had been knocked out, right into a thorn bush, trying to help his best friend defend herself against a monster.

4. The Madonna Of The Future


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Marcie struggles with her role of "action hero" — should she give it up and just be an ordinary girl? Is that even possible?

The Madonna Of The Future

copyright © 2011, 2012 Kaleigh Way — All Rights Reserved

hockey coach pleads guilty to abuse

Well, I just heard that Graham James, a former hockey coach, has plead guilty to abusing players in his care, including former NHLer Theo Fleury. I hope they throw the book at him, but I'm not counting on it - he had already been convicted of abuse in other cases, served a couple of years, and was even pardoned. Sigh.

Kevin's Dream

Kevin’s Dream

I had the dream again last night.

It used to be a once-in-a-while thing, now it seems like its happening every night, and I think I might be going crazy because of it.

I mean, I’m a typical high-school boy, so why would I dream of being a girl?

It always starts out the same - I go over to my girlfriend Tammy’s house, and I change into her clothes. She doesnt seem to be freaked out by this, in fact in the dream she has a blast helping me strip the boy off of me, and reveal a girl inside.

My small contribution

I read Dorothy Colleen's entry called "A Tapestry of Stars" earlier today and I felt compelled to share something with you all. Before I do, I need to explain something. Every star on the tapestry mentioned in that story represent all of the TG men and women who have been murdered for being who they really are in the area the story takes place in.

The Dead Kid Returns - Chapter 1, Beth's Story

Author's note: Consider this a teaser. No idea when more might come.

The Dead Kid Returns

Part One: Beth’s story

The dead kid didn’t show up for class again today, and nobody knew what that meant.

When the dead kid first missed a day, the debate went up and down the schoolyard as to what might have happened to it. But as days went by, and still no sign of it, people started to forget that the dead kid had ever been there.

Except one girl..

Notification Service

Notification Service

In every age, in every war, there have been casualties. And along with casualties, there are the loved ones left behind. In recent times, there has been a recognition that those families need help when the news is brought to them of the loss of the one they loved, and so each conflict had its own way to give the sad news, and help the families pick up the pieces afterwards, and have made a service to meet that need.

And now, with a new war waging, that service is needed again. The fact that the war is secret, that neither side is an official combatant, and that the casualties are mostly civilians is not a concern to that service. They are needed, and so they are on duty, for as long as the war lasts.....

Just a quick visit

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Hi Y'all!

Just have a little while, but wanted to let everyone know I'm alive, and I'll try to show up every once in a while. No idea when I can be on reliably again, Docs say it might not be til Christmas. I'm working on the third chapter of Transformation Blues, and some other stuff (tease!) and I hope to have it for you soon. I love you all!


A Letter to My Step-Father

A letter to my step father

Dear Ken,

I had the urge to write to you, to finally end the hold you have on my soul. You caused me a lot of pain, back in the day, and its long past time for me to deal with it. In some ways, you had the odds stacked against you from the day you came into our lives. You were being asked to replace my fallen father, and instead of a couple of normal kids, you were saddled with one mentally wounded boy, and me - a broken human being stuck between genders.



Kayla dropped her school bag and immediately flicked on her computer. She was eager to see if Tony was online. She had met Tony by accident three months earlier, when she’d mistyped a friends IM address, but she’s glad she did. Tony had become one of her best friends, and she was always excited when he was online.

Soon, her computer emitted it’s usual welcome chime and Yahoo Messenger loaded. Kayla’s excited mood was deflated when she saw that he was offline. Kayla sighed, and started on her trig homework.


A family struggling to survive after the end welcomes a stranger to their home...


by Geode

There was a car coming up the road.

There hadn’t been a car coming down 47 in eight months. There hadn’t been a car coming up 47 in three years.

My son Jim, my youngest, came running at the sound. “Jim,” I told him, “get me the shotgun.” He scurried off into the house. He was just returning as the battered old Nissan pulled over at the side of the road, right in front of the house.


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