Merry Christmas to US!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Presents are here!

Well let me clarify, our 4 new servers are here!

I will be dragging a friend with me to do heavy lifting, but the servers are headed to the Datacenter in Bridgewater, NJ tomorrow.

Over the next several days I will work on imaging them and spinning up a database backup, and then transferring load to the new MySQL Cluster. After that I will work on building the new front-end cluster and move that live, and in the process I will be re-configuring the existing servers for Tertiary services.

The good news is, while there could be as much as 2-4 hours downtime while I transfer the database from the live server to the new cluster, downtime will actually be quite minimal. Once the database is done (and we should see great strides in site performance once that happens) downtime will be basically non-existent as I will basically be building on-top of the infrastructure we already have, and then taking off-line servers from the current infrastructure once their replacements are in place.

Thank you all for bearing with us, and we hope this server upgrade will last us for a while without any MAJOR system upgrades.