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Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 21

Drew & the Half Term Break
A Gabyverse fanfiction
by Sharp

Chapter 21 Loads of Sea Sprites

Gaby, “Ariel, Lorelei & Robyn. “Will look after you & take you to see Helen & Daisy although they will be very busy. You will have to obey those three as if they where your real mothers.” Helen & Daisy kissed their daughter good-by as they left with the Simone's.

Gaby Book 12 Chapter *5* Fondue


*Chapter 5*

“Don’t be daft, she’s got a right rack.” Claire announced.

I pulled my sweatshirt tight, even with my tight sports bra there could be no mistaking my girls pushing out the material.

“But, when we’re riding?”

“I wear a size bigger jersey than I need.” I offered as I rearranged my top, “People see what they want to see.”

Never My Love 1 - 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Never My Love

Chapter 1 - 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'

A Gaby FanFic
by PB

(based on the 'Notes of a Journey' trilogy)

The honeymoon begins...

Gaby Book 12 Chapter *3* Flat Out


*Chapter 3*

Flat Out
By the time Dad and Mike got to me I’d got the back wheel out and was waiting impatiently.

“Early doors.” Mike mentioned as he slotted in the replacement.

“Yeah.” I sighed.

I quickly mounted up and with a shove from Mike was back on the road.

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Gaby and the rest of the Bond clan had just finished up their dessert and were heading out the door when she heard a taunting voice behind her.

“Well, look who’s here … it’s the girly boy. I thought you were in the hospital?”

Gaby Book 12 Chapter *2* And They’re Off!


*Chapter 2*

And They’re Off!
“Er…” I offered.

“Ach sorry, Innerthausen, Paul Innerthausen.”

“Tali was um, telling me you were riding.” How much of a doofus does that make me sound?

“Mark, everyone calls me Cav though.” Mr C offered his hand. “I think we crossed wheels in Poland last spring.”

“Of course, you are the sprinter no?”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

*Ding Dong*

The door to the Walters home opened and there was Donald standing in the doorway.

“Come in ladies, come in.”

“Thank you Donald. However, I wish we were here under better circumstances.”

“Jocelyn said this was an official visit. I think we both knew that sooner or later it would come to this. Brit just doesn’t seem to get it and just won’t stop playing these pranks on people.

Anyways, we can discuss this all over dinner. Come into the kitchen and sit down, dinner is almost ready.”

Gaby Book 12 Chapter *1* Bad Reception


*Chapter 1*

Bad Reception
“Drew? A word?” Caro requested as I waited to board the bus to go to the reception.

Josh said he wouldn’t tell anyone.

“Don’t tell anyone, please?” I begged.

“Wotcha take me fer like? Ah was just saying like.”

“Thanks Josh.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

It's not easy love, but you've got friends you can trust,
Friends will be friends,
When you're in need of love they give you care and attention,
Friends will be friends,
When you're through with life and all hope is lost,
Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end

Friends Will Be Friends – Queen

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“But I ended up in hospital, mum! And…and Dr. Maggie had to bring in a nut doctor to see me! Dr. Karen is real nice, though” Drew mused.

“You and dad had to fly all the way over here to get me. I’m so happy you came, but if I hadn’t messed up, you wouldn’t have to be here. I feel really bad about making you have to fly mum.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“……….I’m not totally sure. In many ways I comfortable as both. Although I do seem to get on better as Gaby, I have to admit. Except for cycling, sport isn’t really my thing, and I seem to be able to relate to the girls better than I do the boys.”

“*Sigh* and if I’m really honest, I have more friends as Gaby. And I find it easier to talk to people.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Maggie turned to Karen. “Would you like to wait until Drew wakes up and talk to him a bit this evening, or would you like to wait until tomorrow? I'm going to go in and sit with him until he wakes – he's met me before, and I already knew his secret, so he should feel safe with me.”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“My Drewbie is in a hospital bed because of me! If I hadn't made him be ‘Gaby' so often, this never would have happened!”

“Well Maddy” said Maggie, “Could you tell about the first time you got Drew to dress up for you, and why you asked him to?”

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Dr. Maggie sat at her desk massaging her temples. It had been a very long day, but at least she was coming up on the last of the interviews of those that were here in Grottoes. She had saved Maddy's interview until last. It had become apparent through all of the other interviews that everyone had their own agenda for making Drew over into Gaby, and all of them in her mind were simply a load of meadow muffins. And in her discussion with Jocelyn, the suggestion of those involved being made to do the same thing as a punishment had come up. Maggie was of two minds about that. While it would be an appropriate punishment, at least certainly in the case of Brit and Deb, she was not confident that it could be done without incurring psychological damage in those being punished.

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Mrs. W had headed back out to the waiting room, and she was not a happy woman. Her daughters, with the apparent complicity of a lot of people including Drew's chaperones, had deliberately hid the fact that Drew was a boy. And now, because of it, Drew was in a hospital bed, virtually catatonic. She was absolutely incensed that the chaperones would go along with this charade, and put a child in harms’ way for their own personal agendas. As for her daughters, well, they would be lucky if she didn't ship them off to private school for now and VMI (Virginia Military Institute) when they were old enough. They were certainly going to be grounded and broke for the foreseeable future.

Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 1


This is a Gaby Fanfic. It takes place during Gaby's Trip to America. It's an alternative look at what might have happened.

So far there are 15 chapters that I will be posting over the next week or 10 days. I finally have it worked out how I'm going to complete the story, so the remaining chapters should start showing up in just a few weeks.

You Saved Me! part 2 of 2

You saved me!

(a Gaby fanfic)
part 2 of 2
by Jennifer Sue

Based on the story Gaby, Book # 4 - Once Upon A Time In America By Maddy Bell
With some bits borrowed from Rhod’s Trip to America by Joni W. and Drew’s Meltdown by Kate Hart
Some Characters portrayed in the story are copywrited to Maddy Bell for her Gaby series found at

You Saved Me! (part 1 of 2)

You saved me!
(a Gaby fanfic)
part 1 of 2
by Jennifer Sue

Based on the story Gaby, Book # 4 - Once Upon A Time In America By Maddy Bell
With some bits borrowed from Rhod’s Trip to America by Joni W. and Drew’s Meltdown by Kate Hart
Some Characters portrayed in the story are copywrited to Maddy Bell for her Gaby series found at

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *40* Alpine Maid

Chapter 40*

Alpine Maid
“Drew! Über hier!” Ron yelled out.

“Not exactly shrinking violets.” I mentioned to Mand.

“Wish I was right now.” She whispered.

We crossed to where Claire, Gret, Ron and Tali occupied a table.

“Guys, this is Mand, Mand meet Roni, Talia and Greta.”

“Nice to meet you.” Mand offered.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *39* Hairy Fit

Chapter 39*

Hairy Fit
I mentioned before that everything looked different from Lake Como; well the air even tastes different! Once we'd got our bearings with the tourist map it only took five minutes to reach the old town which today was buzzing with tourists from around the globe.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *38* Vierwaldstattersee

Chapter 38*


“Nite Dad, nite everyone.”

“G'nite Drew, Amanda.” Dave replied.

“Don't be late in the morning.” Caro added.

“We won't.” Drew chirped before following Manda inside.

“Someone's happy.” Chris suggested.

“Indeed,” Dave agreed thoughtfully, ‘indeed.'

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *37* Mixed Feelings


Chapter *37*

Mixed Feelings

I cautiously made my way outside, good the others have gone. Dad and the coaching team were another matter, I have to go right past where they're sat talking to get to the beach path. Hmm, what to do? Disguise, that's what I need. I glanced around reception for looking for inspiration, my reflection caught my attention then it struck me – hair.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *36* Pasta Master


Chapter *36*

Pasta Master

“Hmm, that thigh's a bit weepy.” Jemma noted.

“But it's scabbing up.”

“It needs a bit of air to dry it up.”

“I am not wearing a skirt again!”

“Whoa, calm down, I wasn't even going to suggest that, just go commando in bed tonight?”

“Er sure.” I sighed.

“Let's get some antiseptic on there for now.”

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *35* Costone


Chapter *35*


I waited patiently for my turn, Dad having instructed Mike and Darren to set us off at two-minute intervals before whizzing off with Caro.

“Ready , Drew?” Darren asked.

“Oh yeah!” I enthused.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *33* La Romantica Como


Chapter *33*

La Romantica Como

“You do make a cute girl Drew.”

“So I'm told.” I allowed with a sigh.

“So do you do it often, dress up that is?”

Of course, at home I've got a full girly wardrobe, I even go to school as a girl.

“I got tricked for the dance right, lost a bet, I don't do it for fun.”

Nope just to survive day to day.

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *32* An Understanding


Chapter *32*

An Understanding

Well it was never going to be ignored was it? Stunned already by the team captain announcement we both remained mute.

“I'll not beat around the bush, I understand Laura that you are now au fait with Drew's position?”


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