Unlikely Quarterback – 16 Good and Bad Days

Unlikely Quarterback – 16
Good and Bad Days

By Jessica C

Bryce Royce was eleven before learning he’s androgynous…
Being Elaine not a boy named Bryce, should be okay,

Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals 18

Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals: Book Three.
Or, "Aspie Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

Note: I do not own this. J. K. Rowling does. This is just fan fiction. No money is being made.

Note 2: There may be a few bits and pieces lifted word-for-word from the canon material. I tried to do that as little as possible, though.

Chapter 3: Trouble Smith


This story was originally published on 2/27/2004 on Classic Big Closet.


By Tyrone Slothrop

Chapter 1: Breathlessly, She Awaited Her Lover

I watched as Raoul's shadow darkened the moonlit wall of my boudoir. I could smell the scent of the man, his primal essence entering my spirit as I hoped he would stay long enough to enter me for real.

Left at Eden - Chapter 13

Left at Eden

“So come on,” Candy giggled. “How was Wendy your best friend, but you never knew she was so smart?”

“We didn’t hang out at school.” Hailey said as they climbed the large rocks. “It’s complicated. Um... Do you have transgender people on Furra Prime?”

Masks 11: Part 27

Part Twenty-Seven

There was a bit of disturbance in the hallway outside the room. Brade went to the door to see Paul standing there, trying to get in.

"It's okay," she told the guards. "He's with the Assembly."

"Hello," said Paul, gently, looking around at the injured supers. "I'm glad to see so many of you still alive."

Masks 11: Part 26

Masks 11: Part Twenty-Six


Rodford Edmiston

The team's vehicle had been remodeled by a gadgeteer with suggestions from other, more experienced gadgeteers. Rotary and the others used the oil slick dispenser, the caltrop dispenser, the strobes, the smoke screen, the nitrous injection and several other measures. None of which did more than inconvenience their pursuers. Even when it seemed they had lost their pursuers, the vehicles somehow relocated them.

"Do they know what we have or are they just well prepared?" said Doro, wondering.

And The Bass Player Gets The Girl


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Sometimes being a musician is not enough
and one must rise up to the challenge to play to a different tune.

And The Bass Player
Gets The Girl

By TGJaime

Copyright© 2007 TGJaime
All Rights Reserved.

This is a reworked version of the story I posted earlier.
So much better that I decided to remove the original.
Angela Rasch helped me immensley in editing, I owe her tons of thanks!
Thank you Angela!

Masks 11: Part 25

Masks XI: Part Twenty-Five


Rodford Edmiston

Ray was at his job the next day when his cell rang again. He wasn't particularly busy at the moment so he checked, saw it was Rotary, sighed, and answered.

"Hotfoot and Buster are dead," said the leader of the Irregulars, without preamble. His voice was flat, exhausted.

"What happened?!"

Love and Zombies

Life is short, sometimes. Does true love ever die? This story is very dark, it came to me in a dream that should have been a nightmare if it wasn’t for the strange look of peace on the heroine’s face…
Sorry this is a little rough but this is the only day it makes sense to post this here. It's the first time I've been brave enough to post anything, enough of the waffle, on with the story...


Left at Eden - Chapter 12

Left at Eden

Wendy ended up becoming a Stardust blue Furren as well. The changes happened just as fast as they did with Hailey because of the ocean water. And unlike Hailey, it was a well documented fact that Wendy was absolutely, completely, and 100% boy crazy.

The funny thing about that though, is she found herself attracted to Brie, big time.

Masks 11: Part 23

Masks Eleven: Part Twenty-Three


Rodford Edmiston

Paul found himself on the vague, hazy plane - or perhaps state - he had encountered a few times before. He was standing naked on a flat, grey, featureless landscape which stretched to infinity in all directions. Just as he had when Atana spoke with him. The meeting room in the Sanctum was hazily visible, filled with frozen figures. However, the figure which he saw here, now, was definitely not Atana.

"Artemis?" he said, startled.

A Halloween Engagement – 3 Sameo, Not the Same

Our Halloween Engagement began last Halloween... We're scheduled to be married this coming spring... If we can get through this Halloween.

Reading Halloween Engagement would truly be helpful.

The Wardrobe

When Mark Walker accidentally discovers a door at the rear of his wardrobe, he finds an Edwardian scene frozen in time. But the four female mannequins are not just a display; Mark discovers they have an ulterior purpose - and a history.

Author's note: This story is different from my more conventional Big Busts stories, but I hope you will enjoy this Halloween special.

Masks 11: Part 22

Masks Eleven: Part Twenty-Two


Rodford Edmiston

"She's dying!" cried Susan. "Isn't there anything we can do?"

"Turn off the base lights!" Paul said over the coms.

That took a few seconds. As if by a miracle, when the lights went off the throbbing and flashing stopped.

"They must have been heterodyning somehow with the old, high-voltage fluorescents!" said Adams, looking up at the now-off lights.

"She's still out. Paul, she's very weak."

"Okay," said Paul, thinking fast. "We carry her back to the main room."

Masks 11: Part 21

Masks Eleven: Part Twenty-One


Rodford Edmiston

Beat Red finished his briefing of Template on things political, then started in on more productive matters. Much of this was to catch her up on things which had been delayed because of the hectic few weeks following the attack on the President's conference at the mountain lodge. When he got to how Brade had uncovered the location of the lair Energex had been using to store his stolen items, Template gaped.

Masks 11: Part 20

Masks 11: Part Twenty


Rodford Edmiston

Paul was giving the new arrival a tour of the place. He was also making a point of telling Brade what they didn't know.

"Hell. We still don't know how this place got here. How it was built or by whom. We don't know where most of the stuff in the cases came from. We don't even know how Energex located it."

Left at Eden - Chapter 11

Left at Eden

“Someone call for me?” Hailey heard Tricia’s voice over the radio.

“Hi Tricia,” Hailey said, still giggling. “Guess where we are?”

“The bottom of the ocean?” Tricia laughed.

Masks 11: Part 19

Part Nineteen

"You're going to be all right," said Dr. Thurber. "We got the chelation started in time. However, some of the dioxin has soaked into various tissues where it cannot be easily dislodged. It's a relatively tiny amount, but even that could - Only potentially! - cause trouble."

At least this time she was sitting in an office, and had a robe on over the hospital gown. Unfortunately, neither of those factors were making the news any more palatable.

"So... what does that mean?"

Unlikely Quarterback – 15 What a Mom Won’t Do

Unlikely Quarterback – 15
What a Mom Won’t Do

By Jessica C

Bryce Royce was eleven before learning he’s androgynous…
Being Elaine not a boy named Bryce, should be okay,

Masks 11: Part 18

Masks 11: Part Eighteen


Rodford Edmiston

Rotary came charging out of the van in an obviously unnecessary hurry, to find Ray and Doro standing there, arms across their chests, glaring at him. He slid to a stop.

"Gee," he quipped, clumsily, after taking a moment to recover. "Thanks for waiting for us!"

"Don't you give me that!" snapped Doro, advancing on the gadgeteer in a menacing fashion. "I hurt all over! From the fight you missed!"

"Well, you should have..."

"Not one more word," said Doro, jabbing a finger in his face.

Masks 11: Part 16

Masks 11: Part Sixteen


Rodford Edmiston

Inside the odd aircraft the hastily assembled team was sitting tensely. They dealt with their tension in different ways.

"What is this thing, anyway?" said Blackjack, looking around uneasily.

"A Coandă Effect airship," said Helen Frye. "As maneuverable as a helicopter, but much quieter and as fast as a business jet."

"Why aren't we there, yet?!" said Die-Ox, sounding much less like a petulant child than a neurotic monster.

Helen leaned closer to Blackjack.

Masks 11: Part 15

Masks 11: Part 14


Rodford Edmiston

Naturally, the red alert came when it was least expected: In the middle of the afternoon.

"Why couldn't they come at Midnight!" raged Template, trying desperately to clean the residual milk from her breasts and put what she had managed to extract in the cooler while simultaneously pulling her costume into place. "Or Dawn! At some reasonable hour! Have they no respect for motherhood?! Damn! I bet I leak through..."

Masks 11: Part 14

Masks 11: Part Fourteen


Rodford Edmiston

As TAL and Tiger were in their guest cottage, packing to leave via the subtrain the next morning, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. They found one of the school security guards there, looking distracted.

"Excuse me," he said, hand to his ear as a message continued. "Principal Hind has asked if you could delay your trip and meet her for lunch, to discus something important."

The two supernaturals looked at each other for a moment. Then both grinned.

Vindex Spei


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Vindex Spei

Erlan, one of the few remaining immortal leaders of the Hegemon, has abandoned his post. He’s departed into the Fringe and worked to to build up the lost and abandoned colonies into a power of their own, the Kormault League. This has drawn ire from secret factions within the Hegemon who have decided the League should be put down and taken back. Erlan and those he's gathered fight against the Hegemon to preserve their freedom. Some of these individuals will do anything for the cause. One will use their special power to do the unusual and unorthodox to win.

Masks 11: Part 13

Masks 11: Part Thirteen


Rodford Smith

The government issue helicopter landed near the two other aircraft. The clearing was getting a bit crowded; fortunately the pilot was very good. As the rotors slowed Brade stepped out. She definitely crouched well down to avoid the blades.

The Bittersweet Gift

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry


A story of shared pain, bittersweet gifts, and of communal love.

This is a tribute to all first responders that have died in the line of duty. May their ultimate gift and sacrifice never be forgotten.


The Bittersweet Gift

By Shauna

Copyright© 2016 Shauna
All Rights Reserved.

Masks 11: Part 12

Masks 11: Part Twelve


Rodford Edmiston

"Local sheriff's office has a deputy on the way," said Blue Impact, putting her cell back in its hidden pocket. "State Police are also responding but will be a while."

"The Assembly is sending some of their security people in a hopper," said Energia, likewise stowing her phone.

They turned to Gadgetive, who was still holding her cell phone to her left ear, looking perplexed.

"I'm not sure I've got the right number. I keep getting one of those automated call handling systems."

Masks 11: Part 11

Part Eleven

They took a security flitter to the Pioneers' reserve base, landing in the hangar where indicated by a staff member. A team security guard met them and escorted them to where the techs inside a circle of stand lights were working frantically on a very strange looking vehicle.

"That's one of the old Bluegar combat transports," said Blue Impact, alarmed. "You need special dispensation just to start the engines! Because they're nuclear!"

My First Time

This story began 54 years ago, when my sisters, who were 13 and 16, began dressing their 3 year old brother in girls clothes. At first, I believe they probably viewed it as harmless fun, as merely a diversion. But their brother, who had no one else to play with, loved the attention, and it grew to be a frequent event. When they came home from school, there was their little brother to dress up like a doll.

Left at Eden - Chapter 9

Left at Eden
Hailey and Candy were waiting at the big stone building that was called the Labs, in the clinic section for a checkup. Lynn wanted to make sure they were done before sending them out on any exploration missions. Hailey was itching to get out and explore the planet and Candy just wanted to spend time with Hailey and her new friends.

Art Project – 13 Andrea/Andrew Being One

Andrew’s attention deficit and getting away with things finally caught up with him… Designing a gown instead of a suit Andrew had the responsibility to model it… Andrea is now the one most visible; Andrew is set on being himself or Andrea as he chooses…

Masks 11: Part 9

Masks 11: Part Nine


Rodford Edmiston

Doro very enthusiastically piled out the rear door, with Freep close behind her. Thunderer - physically a normal human - was taking longer to recover from Mr. Rotary's Wild Ride. Rotary tried to exit through the driver's door, but found it and the front passenger door blocked by shrubbery, so he had to also come out the back. Which meant he was trapped behind the slower-moving Thunderer. Fortunately, his dramatic entrance with the Van had given them plenty of time for a less-dramatic exit from it.

Masks 11: Part 7

Masks: Part Seven


Rodford Edmiston

"Okay," said Beat Red. "That's new. What the Hell was it?"

"An area-effect burst neutralizer," said Brade. "I bet there's one in every room in this building."

"Wait... Why aren't we affected?"

Brade angrily shushed him, then looked over at a super in a full-face prankster's mask and a costume of hideously clashing primary colors.

"Emp? Time to shut things down."

The Wedding

The Wedding

Nikkie Silk

Part One

Trust me when I tell you I don't normally check the wedding announcements. I hate weddings. Ever since I was a page boy at my Aunt’s wedding, when my mother made me wear a pale blue tuxedo. I was only six, for God’s sake. She said I looked so cute.

The Heir--Or, The Unusual Path to CEO... Junior Year ~ Part 15

Quite honestly, the rest of the school-year is anti-climactic. Yes, we DO go to State as a cheer squad. No, we don’t win—we don’t even come close at third place. BUT WE WENT! And we will go next year, too—at least if I have anything to say about it.

Felicia slowly comes out of her shell. Emily and I spend a fair amount of time with her. They both come over to the house about once a week and we spend a lot of girl time—especially after I don’t have to go to cheer practice.

Left at Eden - Chapter 8

Left at Eden
The girls had walked home that night from the tavern; they had had a lot of fun. Hailey was changing. She wasn’t forgetting her friends, but was making new ones, since she knew there was nothing she could do about her situation. Besides, the call to explore was strong. She had already learned in her short time here, that in 60 years, they had only really thoroughly explored a dozen or so islands.

Masks 11: Part 6

Part Six

The only official function that evening was a soirée which started with supper and lasted through cocktails and a nightcap. Brade was surprised that all the invited guests had arrived in time for this. She was even more surprised to realize just how much real socializing was going on, late into the night. There was still much unease and even suspicion on all sides, but those in each faction were making an effort to give the other the benefit of the doubt.

Unlikely Quarterback – 13 In My Own Shoes

Unlikely Quarterback – 13
In My Own Shoes

By Jessica C

Bryce Royce was eleven before learning he’s androgynous…
Being Elaine not a boy named Bryce, should be okay,


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