Unlikely Quarterback – 20 Elaine to Get on with Her Life

Unlikely Quarterback – 20
Elaine to Get on with Her Life

Bryce Royce learning he’s androgynous, says I’m Elaine…
Being Elaine not the boy Bryce, should be okay,
Except Bryce is Mr. Royce’s boy and a football player!
…Bryce/Elaine became an unlikely Quarterback;
…now insists she’s Elaine.

Roomies - Part 3

I always gave all the credit to Tina. It was her world, her story and her imagination. I just put a tiny little Prince-like glyph which was a convoluted graphic jumble of my last name. I remained blissfully anonymous, but eventually Tina mentioned to some fan that she didn't do the art.

The buzz over the 'mystery artist' snowballed the more I tried to protect my privacy. I enjoyed being an enigma. Who I was in people's imaginations seemed much more interesting than my rather mundane real life.

Secondhand Life - Part 48

Michael and I were just unpacking when my phone rang.

I was not surprised that it was Dennis. “Katherine needs a favor.”

“So what else is new?” I laughed. “Does it involve being auctioned off? Parading half naked in front of an auditorium full of people – and network TV cameras? Recording an album under her name?” I was joking, but Dennis' demeanor became even more shy and uncertain.

“Uh. This is kind of a lot more.”

The Black Ring II

Jack has dual multiple personality disorder where he hears and sees his feminine alter ego, Jill. The two generally work well together but soon have differing romantic priorities in college. Jack wants to date fellow classmate, Maria while Jill wants to cross dress as a woman in public. Their two interests collide resulting in a fight for mental dominance over their gender and romantic partner.

Secondhand Life - Part 47

I saw Matt again the next morning as he and Nancy saw us all off at the plane. We kept it light and civil. We had already had our private moment. This was just the public scene we both had to play, and we got through it.

Nancy however was a different story.

Keep the Dreams Alive

All that we see or seem/ is but a dream within a dream...

WINTER comes in upstate New York whether you like it or not. It does not discriminate. It buries the rich and poor and middle-class folks like us in snow like you would not believe. It drives many out of town quickly. Those who stay are True Believers in the power of the area.

My parents were True Believers, unfortunately. Good people, simple people. Their ancestors had settled upstate and never really left.

Roomies - Part 2

We quickly settled into our new routine. Tina had classes and study groups and hanging with her friends and working at the coffee shop. I had my two jobs and otherwise raced home to get back into Chloe mode. I had hoped to find the time to get back to my artistic ambitions, but household chores seemed to take more time than I expected. It's not as if my housemates didn't share the workload. Well, at least Tina did. And even Zoe was a substantial improvement over Colin and Dale.

Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals 19

Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals: Book Three.
Or, "Aspie Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

Note: I do not own this. J. K. Rowling does. This is just fan fiction. No money is being made.

Note 2: There may be a few bits and pieces lifted word-for-word from the canon material. I tried to do that as little as possible, though.

Chapter 4: Shadows

Masks 12: Part 19

Masks Twelve: Part Nineteen


Rodford Edmiston

"Status," said Helvec, as he strode into the ship's command center. He'd had time to calm himself and think while composing the message to his commander, and moreso during the walk to the bridge. Of course, since he was a Shilmek, that still meant he was feeling quite a bit of outrage.

"I doubt the compulsion was meant for us, Captain," said his second, looking up from where he was working with the sensor officer. "More likely, it is a product of some local power play."

Roomies - Part 1

I don't know what possessed me to do it. I never go out alone. Well, I never go out clubbing alone. But try as I might, I couldn't talk any of my girlfriends into a spontaneous night on the town. It probably didn't help that it was a Thursday and they all had work in the morning. Still, I had been working all day and I desperately needed a change of scene. So I made up my mind, tucked my pepper-spray into my purse, and decided to check out that new place that I'd been hearing about.

Second Chances: A Scrooge and Christmas

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Scrooge night.jpg

Second Chances:
A Scrooge and Christmas

One night can change your life, hopefully for the better.
Lyle Cane is in for one hell of a Christmas Eve surprise.

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Masks 12: Part 18

Masks Twelve: Part Eighteen


Rodford Edmiston

Susan and Paul sat down at the small table in the break room closest to the security center at the Assembly base. There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence, as he waited for her to tell him what she wanted to talk about and she tried to figure out the best approach.

"Will you stop obsessing over it?" said Susan, finally, a bit aggravated but also obviously concerned.

Secondhand Life - Part 46

I joined Eoin and Matt in the coffee shop, and had Eoin brief us on 'what we missed'. I didn't let on that I had already been briefed by Dez, but wanted to see the expression on Matt's face if Eoin's description was anywhere as detailed as Dez's. I was not disappointed. If anything, Eoin's retelling was even more lurid and juicy, and Matt's expression was priceless.

“Now I'm wishing I'd stayed. I could have made a fortune with those photos!” he opined.

Smoky Corners: The Universe - rules and notes


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Smoky Corners: the Universe

"Smoky Corners, Montana, is a nice, typical small western town. Nothing unusual ever happens here... at least on the surface. But, if you happen to find yourself on Mulberry Street, 239, standing in front of a quaint little curio shop ran by an old, bearded Asian man named Kato Chigiri, you may find more than you bargained for. And EXACTLY what you need..."

Hi, and welcome to what I hope will become a new, unique universe for fans of trans-fiction. - Haylee V

Masks 12: Part 17

Masks Twelve: Part Seventeen


Rodford Edmiston

"Meddling fools," said Arnold Lampton, his voice an irritated mutter. Even that indulgence he only allowed himself because he knew he was in a place where he could not be overheard. The English weren't so bothered by rights and niceties as the Americans; his office and home and even his usual car were bugged, his phones tapped. However, they'd not been nearly thorough enough, perhaps due to fear of being caught. His private workshop, in the loft above the old carriage house, had escaped their notice.

Secondhand Life - Part 45

When I got back to my suite, Dennis informed me that Matt wanted me to call him.

“No need. We just met in the coffee shop.” I smiled.

Denis grinned. “I just got off the phone with him. He seemed a little embarrassed.”

I rolled my eyes and called Matt.

“I'm still fine.” I smiled as he picked up the phone.

He laughed. “Jeez, I'm not that worried. No.... it's just... you sort of derailed me at the coffee shop. That wasn't what I wanted to talk about.”

Masks 12: Part 16

Masks Twelve: Part Sixteen


Rodford Edmiston

Energia was glad to be back at school and back in costume. She guessed that made her weird in some eyes, but who didn't have a favorite type of clothing? Hers just happened to be custom designed and tailored.


----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

When a family goes into hiding within the FBI's witness protection program while
awaiting to testify at the trial of a dangerous criminal, they soon find out that
this criminal's friends are desperate and have a long reach. An equally desperate
measure was undertaken to ensure that their family becomes untraceable.

So to complete their new identities and family image,
one of Steve Wilson's two young boys had to become a girl!

Part One

by Arecee

Copyright © 2013 Arecee
All Rights Reserved.

I dedicate this Retro Classic to the author of this story - my close friend and surrogate father, Arecee, who passed away at the beginning of 2016. May your soul find a new and much more enriched and fulfilling life, just the way you would like it. With all of my heart and love...and until we meet again... Sephrena.

Secondhand Life - Part 44

While Dennis and his crew were rounding up the supplies and going over the logistics for tonight's performance, Matt texted me asking if I had a few minutes to join him in the coffee shop.

This time I had the presence of mind to dress more modestly, and only received the usual amount of head turns as I made my way to the coffee shop.

Masks 12: Part 15

Masks Twelve: Part Fifteen


Rodford Edmiston

Jenny had just today and Sunday to relax before starting back to school. Actually, she wasn't sure she could relax. This wasn't just because of all the active and impending trouble in - and out of - the world. She'd been "on duty" for so long and so intensely, Jenny was having trouble doing nothing. Fortunately, one skill she had mastered during her tours of duty on various hero teams was sleeping when there wasn't an emergency.

The Gift


This Christmas spare a thought for those who choose to help others. They have their own lives and issues that may run parallel to those they help.

(Warnings are for some bad language and references to "off screen" violence and possible sexual assault)

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Unlikely Quarterback – 19 Elaine Rising

Unlikely Quarterback – 19
Elaine Rising

Bryce Royce learning he’s androgynous, says I’m Elaine…
Being Elaine not the boy Bryce, should be okay,
Except Bryce is Mr. Royce’s boy and a football player!
…Bryce/Elaine became an unlikely Quarterback;
…now moving to be seen fully Elaine.

The Chorister Part 3 - Conclusion

Jenny (Jeff) and Amy explore consequences and look for compromies.
The final part in the Chorister story (unless you want more, and I can figure out how to make it flow.

Morning after the Night Before - Part 2

Morning After the Night Before - Part Two

After the transformations of Halloween, we continue to observe the changes to Samantha and Olive

Thanks once again to Cressar for taking the time to review, tweak and Edit the story the changes are subtitle and allow the story to flow more smoothly. Any miss read through errors of the story are all down to myself,


“Unfortunately,” Olive continued, “I appear to have misplaced the charger.” Helen just looked and laughed with Olive.

Masks 12: Part 12

Masks Twelve: Part Twelve


Rodford Edmiston

"Remember Timmy Thurlough?" said Blue Impact.

"Yeah," said Gadgetive.

"He's done the mask community a major service."

"What did he do? Get himself sterilized?"

"Uh, no," said Blue Impact, with a brief smirk. "He filed a lawsuit over being arrested for being a super during the Thurlin administration's pogrom. Unlike most of such suits, his was based on being mistaken for a super, rather than the pogrom itself being unconstitutional."

Secondhand Life - Part 43

I had hoped to sleep in, but Mikey woke me like a five year old on Christmas morning.

I scowled and wiped the sleep from my eyes while he kneeled next to me atop my covers nearly bouncing with excitement.

“...What?....” I grumbled groggily. “More shark stuff?”

Mikey just grinned from ear to ear shaking his head 'No' and thrust his iPad in my face.

It was an online video of the previous day's E.T.

Masks 12: Part 11

Masks Twelve: Part Eleven


Rodford Edmiston

For an idea of the setting for the battle, see:


I picked City Hall instead of the Louisville Metro Hall because the former is much more scenic. :-)

Secondhand Life - Part 42

I nearly blew it, gleefully toying with the hapless Nancy the night before, but Matt managed to talk her down from her panic attack and rebuild her sense of intrigue at the opportunity of an entire day studying the enigmatic, and clearly pathological Katherine.

Nancy still seemed skittish when she and Matt joined me in the lobby to begin our grueling day of guerrilla shooting. True to their word, Rei and Andy had a number of outfits, manufactured overnight and perfectly sized to fit me like a second skin.

Masks 12: Part 10

Masks 12: Part Ten


Rodford Edmiston

"The good news is: we got reliable DNA results from the samples on the underwear those girls gave us," said Lori Savage. "The bad news is: it's from half a dozen different guys, some of whom could not have been the donors due to solid alibis."

"Great," said Template, sourly. "Some joker is on to us and playing us."

Masks 12: Part 9

Masks Twelve: Part Nine


Rodford Edmiston

The debriefing, back at police headquarters, was not a happy event. The DA was especially angry over the "miserable performance" of the trio. The complaints by Horton were largely ignored by the supers and the cops present; a point raised very early caused his ire to take a back seat.

"Do you have any idea how strong he'd have to be to burst out of that?!" said Gadgetive. "The tensile strength of even one strip of that thin aluminum sheet is..."

Art Project – 16 Mixed Up, Straightening Out

Art Project – 16
Mixed Up, Straightening Out

By Jessica C

Andrew’s problemos w attention-defic t caught up wit him…
Designin a prom gown insted of a suit,
Turned s’werdnA problemo in2 an op port unity…
And rea became visible W Andrew is set on beeing himself
or Andrea as s/he chooses…

Road Phantoms


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  At anytime over a million trucks are professionally driven on the highways and by-ways of America. Carrying everything from acid to yachts. Not all loads are so innocuous. Some are precious and some are out-right lethal. For loads that are deemed dangerous or valuable to be referred to as High-Security, special trucks are used. Trucks that look so normal, one would never guess it from any other. Trucks that run in secret, apart from their company, called Ghost Fleets. Others have no markings at all, and are specially modified. One such company that specializes in High-Security Loads; Phantom Lines....


Masks 12: Part 8

Masks 12: Part 8


Rodford Edmiston

"Yeah, baby!" said Gadgetive, as she hovered unsteadily in the main room of the team's former bakery hideout. "See?"

She looked over to see a rather smug Energia hovering at the same height, hands on hips, as steady as a rock. Gadgetive scowled at her partner.

"Yeah, I bet when you started..."

Gadgetive let out a yelp as her moment of inattention caused her to drop and swerve towards a wall. She recovered, with some fulminous swearing in at least three languages.

Blinding Revelations


Blinding Revelations

By Ricky

Some teenagers would get all flustered in the lingerie department – was I stupid or not? I told the truth.


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