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Whateley 1: Welcome to Poe - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Welcome to Poe

(Whateley 1)

by Babs Yerunkle, Bek D. Corvin, ScramblerJ, Starwolf, and Maggie Finson

Well, you've all met the girls, and Hank, plus some rather interesting characters along the way. But how did things go when Team Kimba first met each other?

This story was delayed due to technical problems, but it is advisable to read at least the first stories for Fey, Chaka, Tennyo, Jade, and Ayla to really understand what is going on in this one. Also, It repeats some information already mentioned in other stories. If that bothers you, just skip over the repeated sections, please.

Author Collaborations

These are the stories written by a number of authors working in concert. Definitely not ones to miss as a lot of the most exciting happens when everyone gets together.


Tenny 1: Unexpected Consequences - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Unexpected Consequences

(Tennyo 1)

by Starwolf


Billy ate the brownie his brother offered. Not a good idea. What followed was a wild mess of transformation, kidnapping, escapes, mass destruction, and hiding out. Also, what's a teenaged boy doing having a period?!

Chaka 1: Enter the Chaka - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Enter The Chaka
(Chaka 1)

by Bek D. Corbin

She has the strength of Arnold Schwartzeneggar, the reflexes of Jet Li, the beauty of Halle Berry and the common sense of Lizzie MacGwuire! Toni 'Chaka' Chandler could be a great superhero- IF she can pass High School English!

Chaka (by Bek D. Corbin)

Chaka.  Masai for "leopard" but Whateley for a kiai shouting martial arts master (in training). These are the adventures set down by Bek D. Corbin but that is not to say she does not throw her hat (or her feet... or her fists...) in other Whateley stories. She was the inspiration... so you can blame the rest of Whateley on Bek, too. -g-



Welcome back to Whateley.

Starting this Sunday and continuing each Sunday (with perhaps occasional unscheduled updates), Whateley Academy will have another episode here as long as a posted backlog exists.

Whateley Academy

Lions and tigers and bears... Hold it, wrong story there. None of the three would be caught near this place if they have the least bit of survival instinct working. This school has a mix of super powers, magic, and things in between, with a resident demon living in one of the furnaces.

Come visit Whateley Academy just down the road a bit from beautiful Dunwich.


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