Physically Forced

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 8, Nursemaid

Part 8, Nursemaid
August 6
-- Pansy was folding clothes in the laundry room when Jaime came to fetch her. “Go to the infirmary, Pansy,” he told her without explanation. “You can finish your work later.”

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 6, A Pansy Now and Forever

Part 6, A Pansy Now and Forever

Everyone except his girlfriend call George "Pansy" now--but he still knows he's really George. They can't take that away from him. Or can they?
May 28

Suzy Q by Suzy Q

Suzy Q
Suzy Q

Sam Quinn invented Suzy Q, the exotic Cuban dancer. José Enrá­quez insisted on meeting her–but of course that was impossible! Or was it?

Culture Clash

Following a heated cultural discussion in a college class Marshall Graham is plunged into one nightmare after another.

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 5, The shopping trip

Part 5, The shopping trip.

George's body is changing, slowly but inexorably. Now his original clothes no longer seem appropriate. Not to worry: his former girlfriend will help him select clothing that will be much more appropriate!
May 23

Spacetran 19

Khatia has been kidnapped and Beverly pulls out some stops to find her.


Spacetran 19.

List of Beverly’s children, grandchildren and their friends.


Wendy, William’s twin.
Jessica and Charlotte, Ben’s (AKA Bennie’s,) twin sisters.
Dave and Eddie , Sherriff Jack Johnson’s boys.
Linda and Sandra, Sherriff Jack Johnson’s daughters.
Ray, Wendy’s husband, (Our son in Law.).
Khatia. Bennie’s secret Muslim wife.
Farina & Francine. Khatia and Bennie’s twin daughters.

The Swimming Pool

Warning this story has not been edited. So if bad grammar upsets your reading then don't bother reading, thank you.

Spelling should not be a problem cents Eye have checked with a spell checker.

The Swimming Pool

By Koalas

Chapters A - That Morning

Chapter A. John

S.R.U. Silver Blood: Frankenwoman

S.R.U. Silver Blood: Frankenwoman
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: When Jody Lynn Franklyn designs his own bodysuit for Halloween, he finds himself involved in a horror as the suit's safety systems make him into something beyond his imagination That attracts Silverblood and a certain Wizard.

My Way

My Way
by Saless

I cringed when I saw Bill walk in. He was so hunched over and miserable looking! I've been watching him for weeks, and he's getting worse. And he won't talk about it! I'm probably his only friend, but he keeps a lot back from me.

"Hi Bill, how are you?" I asked.

"Fine." was his only reply. We used to talk a lot, but lately one word answers are the best I can get out of him.

Duty and Destiny - Part 7

duty and destiny
part 7
by armond


War between the Three Kingdoms is inevitable now, and events move to the invisible hand of the King of Arcum.
In Parasia the image of Princess Caden burns the mind of the slave-mage Faolá¡n, while in Glamorgan, the newly made woman reaches out to her sisters for support; her first steps toward new life.


Copyright 2009-2010 Rachael Ross all rights reserved
Codes: m/m, f/f, romance, reluctant, first, tg, oral, anal, petting
Synopsis: Trent is in love with his best friend's twin sister. When desire becomes too much for the sixteen-year-old boy to bear, he forces himself on Brandon sexually and begins a rocky, angst-filled journey of self-discovery.

Duty and Destiny - Part 6

duty and destiny
part 6
by armond


Acrum’s gambit was all too successful: the Glamorgan-Parasain alliance is no more, and chaos reigns in Ceyln.
King Rhys has fled to the highlands to grieve for his lost son, and Caden sinks into darkness over her change.

Yet all is not lost; help and hope may come from an unexpected source.

Duty and Destiny - Part 5

duty and destiny
Part 5
by armond

Prince Caden has been transformed into a young woman with midnight hair and blue sparkling eyes. King Coel plans to humiliate the new princess before all, and then ship her to Arcum in a prison wagon.

But the spy Jaussen and the Glamorgan princesses form alternate plans…

Duty and Destiny - Part 4

duty and destiny - part 4
by armond
Jaussen rides hard to Westfalon to try to thwart Arcum’s plots and avert war. But …is he too late? For the wizard Faolá¡n has begun chanting the invocation of unmaking …upon Caden.

Duty and Destiny - Part 3

duty and destiny - part 3
by armond
Caden and his sisters are trapped by King Coel’s men after he reads the forged letter. The king offers Caden a onetime deal — submit willingly to his judgment, and he will return Caden’s sisters to Glamorgan unharmed.

Duty and Destiny - Part 2

duty and destiny - part 2
by armond

The young lovers Caden and Avila plan their summer wedding.

But the schemes of King Grithra and Fermin, his agent, are about to bear fruit.

Jaussen uncovers the plot, but can he reach Westfalon in time to save the prince and his sisters?

Boys Will Be Boys - 5 - Impressive, Me? OR The Spy Who Brained Me

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 5 — Impressive, Me?
The Spy Who Brained Me

Last time...
I took him through the whole story from the beginning. He didn't stop me once, just sat there and took notes on a little notepad. He changed pages a lot, I think he must have filled the whole pad!

By the end Marcie was crying openly and had her head on my shoulder. Mrs. Donner had a few tears in her eyes, too. Officer Daniels was scowling. "That's quite a story, John. If we hadn't already searched your aunt's house, I might have trouble believing it. We found the estrogen she was giving you, and that locked basement room. We also found the tactical baton she used to break your ribs. There are still tests to run, including a blood test on you to prove the estrogen is in your system, but it's going to be a slam dunk, I think. You're a really brave kid." he said.

I shook my head, "If I was really that brave I would have broken out of there a lot sooner, instead of giving in to my aunt and dressing and acting like a girl."



Fiction by Johnny Cumlately.

A cold war spy plot that went wrong!

Boris was born in Kostroma, an industrial town on the banks of the Volga River, some distance north of Moscow. His father was Russian, a marine engineer, but his mother was English, so he was brought up to be bilingual. His father had been seconded to a British company involved in building a large oil exploration platform and had met and married his mother while there. As a very young lad, Boris had naturally wavy fair hair and was small for his age, so that he was sometimes mistaken for a girl.

A Witch Jumped into my Body

I have found my next victim, a 14 year old boy who looks meek and mild. They are my perfect candidates for my transformation. I have already changed four boys into girls and they are doing just fine in their new life. Even after I leave them, they don't know how to get back to their masculine life. I have "brainwashed" them so well while I was in their bodies they think of themselves as teenage girls, ready for a girl's life.

A Witch Jumped into my Body
"She is so nice!"
By Terry Hansay


Jenny: Chapter 1


By Princess!

Stanman63 proofread

“Jennifer, you ungrateful bitch! Why haven’t you done any of your chores today?” she yelled as she entered the bedroom. He was sitting on his bed wearing a black satin maids outfit.

The Unofficial Incident Report Of Site Y

Captain Ricker is given a second chance for valor after The Battle Of Ricker’s Fields, where higher echelon meddling created a near disaster, to prove himself.

This story started out as an outline for a Ideal and quickly turned into what you are now reading. it’s a little slow with the bulk of the TG starting about a third of the way into the story. Its about people, and not about midnight rendezvous

By C-Monster

And Graciously Edit by Commotion22

Boys Will Be Boys - 4

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 4 — Whose Side Is She On?

Last time...
"Don't worry, after seeing how badly you were hurt, they won't be letting her anywhere near you for a long time! You just relax and rest, and we'll see you in the morning, okay?" Mr. Donner said.

"Okay. See you later." I replied. Marcie gave me a careful hug and she and her dad waved on their way out. I waved back and then settled back in the bed with a sigh. I was surprised how tired and achy I was feeling. But then, if I'd had surgery, that makes sense, right?

My eyes were drooping and I was just about asleep when I heard someone call my name. It didn't really register at first, but then I heard it again. I recognized the voice and my eyes snapped open. I'd almost forgotten that there was one other person involved in this who the police didn't have, and she was walking right towards me! "Mom?!" I gasped.

The Chinese Food Restaurant

The Chinese Food Restaurant
El Guapo

Have you ever noticed that only girls work at Chinese food restaurants. Have you ever noticed that even in small towns with almost no minorities there always seems to be plenty of Chinese girls to work at the restaurant. This though and many dirty thoughts about the same girls pervaded my mind on many a trip to the local Chinese restaurant until finally I got up the nerve one day to ask that very question. And I can’t say I’m too surprised by the answer either, after all this is a BigCloset story.

Boys Will Be Boys - 3 - The Real Story

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 3 — A Chase and...uh oh!

Last time...
After drying myself off I put on the panties, which were surprisingly comfortable. I threw on the robe and stepped out into the bedroom to find that Aunt Karen had apparently been down here again because...

I trailed off when I heard the door open. Marcie and I turned to look at the door and found her mother standing there, looking very angry. "What is going on here, Marcie?! I told you not to open the door for anybody!"

The Chosen~8

I felt decidedly faint and knew without a shadow of a doubt that Davina had been found out. Bethany was wittering on about her nails and she looked like she had no thoughts or worries about all the changes that were happening to us...


The Chosen

Susan Brown

Boys Will Be Boys - 3 - The April Fools Edition

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 3 — Betrayal

Last time...
After drying myself off I put on the panties, which were surprisingly comfortable. I threw on the robe and stepped out into the bedroom to find that Aunt Karen had apparently been down here again because..."

I trailed off when I heard the door open. Marcie and I turned to look at the door and found her mother standing there, looking very angry. "What is going on here, Marcie?! I told you not to open the door for anybody!"

Ovid 12: The Rescuer

Ovid XII: The Rescuer

by The Professor (circa 2001)

Jeff Bradshaw is feeling frustrated, trapped in
what he sees as a dead-end job as a corporate programmer.
The receipt of an email though, takes his life in a new direction.

The Chosen~7

I didn’t stop. I had no idea if anyone was watching me, but to say I was stunned would be an understatement. I now knew for certain that I was being manipulated and that the authorities were playing mind games with me–and all the other students. The one thing I couldn’t understand was why?


The Chosen

Susan Brown

Boys Will Be Boys - 2

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 2 — She's nuts!

Last time...

I groaned, "That's not the only thing I have to remember not to do! She's been drilling into me how I should sit, stand, walk, you name it!"

"Why don't you tell me about it while we wait for Mom to arrive?" Marcie suggested.

"Okay." I agreed. "I guess I should start with when she picked me up, after you left..."

Princess Yasmin Chapter 1

Princess Yasmine
By Princess

Scheming power hungry sisters conspire to rob their little brother the prince of his birthright and steal the throne themselves. Will he endure as the kingdoms newest princess.

Madame Norma

Madame Norma.

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

It is six months today that Madame finally took total control over me. Before that, I was a regular "client" of hers for several years.

The Chosen~5

As we sat, eating our breakfasts, I was in a very happy mood, as were the others. I did, however, notice that a few of the tables had empty places and wondered fleetingly if there were still some girls who didn’t accept what had happened yet...


The Chosen

Susan Brown


A man wakes up one morning to find he's not only a whore at breakfast with other beautiful whores, he's a high-earning whore in a high-end brothel!
He, now she, sets out to find how this happened.


by Vickie Tern

Copyright © 09/23/2009 by Vickie Tern

Boys Will Be Boys - 1

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 1 — Look, I can explain...uh, what?!

I was shaking so much I had to use both hands to take the glass of water from Mark...I mean, Marcie. Man, that was going to take some getting used to!

"You okay John?" he asked worriedly as he sat next to me on the couch.

I nodded weakly, "Yeah, I guess so. I just didn't really think I'd get away, you know? I keep expecting her to show up and drag me back there..." I shuddered at the thought and winced from the pain that caused in my chest.

"Who drag you back where?" he asked, confused. I mean she, argh! I still couldn't believe this pretty girl sitting next to me was my best friend Mark. And to think when I was pounding on his door I was worrying about how he'd react to me!

The Vendetta: Chapter 4

The Vendetta Chapter 4

By Princess

Events conspire against a successful young woman with a dark painful past. She is forced to confront her frightening past that she has been running away from her whole adult life.


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