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Boys Will Be Boys - 6

Boys Will Be Boys
by Saless
Chapter 6 - Reconciliation

Last time...
I didn't give her a chance to use it as I lifted the chair up over my head and brought it down on hers as hard as I could. She dropped like a ton of bricks! I held the remains of the chair in my hand for a moment, unsure if she was conscious or not, then dropped it. I grabbed the glass of milk out of the dumbwaiter and ran into the bathroom. Dumping it out, I filled it with water and threw it into the fire. It took at least ten trips, but I finally put the fire out. Once that was done I ran for it!

Marcie just sat there staring at me for a while after I was finished. Then, shaking her head slowly, she said, "And how is that not impressive?! That's like something Michael Westen would do!"

"Yeah, right!" I snorted. "Michael Westen would have been out of there in ten minutes flat!"

Marcie started to say something and then stopped and stared at me oddly. I was just about to ask her what she was staring at when she said, "You used to take compliments a whole lot better than that."

Our Plans Have Changed! Part 1

I'm a small kid. I couldn't help it, it was how I was born! On top of that, I was 11 and hadn't hit puberty yet. I hated to admit it, but I really looked like a girl. In fact, you could probably call me a girl. I only had long blond hair about 2 inches down my shoulders, I only had one friend, who was a girl, and I had only girl family. My father died in a car crash while my mom was pregnant with me. In his honor, I was named after him. Salem. But that's beside the point. I need to get to the story.

Control Part 2



Part Two

On entering the room I curtseyed as required by the school rules and after greeting my parents was introduced to the remaining occupants by the principal.

I took a seat along the principle and was informed that I was to married on the day of my 15th birthday to the young man facing me.

He was the eldest son of the some corporate giant and after looking at the latest Chromosone and DNA results it had been decided we were a perfect match, love was not allowed to enter the marriage equation.

The Rose

The Rose

By Stanman63

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for


Synopsis:After a violent rape, Charlie's best friend, and family help him to get even with the rapist, and he finds the girl within.

The Last Letter

The Last Letter



To whoever finds this letter,

By the time you find this I will be dead and believe it or not I am actually welcoming death as a friend, my only friend.
You most probably are thinking I`m mentally unbalanced but,believe me when I tell you I am writing this after my eyes have been truly opened by so called humanity and their damned religions.

For Your Consideration, in a time and place ...

The following came to me as I pondered the life of a person who had been modified to control aircraft or spacecraft as in the “Skin Horse” series seen at the end of the blog section.

Justice Denied

Justice Denied
By TG Bear

The aircar was unusual. Not that it was larger than most, it was, but that it was in the air at all. In the Year Of Our Lord 2078 there were almost no private aircars because there was finally an almost perfect public transportation system.

Hiking Lessons


WARNING! This is a very explicit story. It contains non-consensual sex (rape) and subjects/language that may be offensive to some. The real acts prtrayed here are in no way condoned or encouraged as the reality of the events are too grusome and criminal to be tolerated. However responsible CONSENTING adults do have wants and needs that can in no way be considered improper. This story is NOT intended for immature audiences. FOR THOSE THAT CONTINUE: I hope you find it erotic and please let me know what you think, good or bad.

Altered Fate

Altered Fate
By Shagufta Hanaphie

1. a. Deepika meets Alok

I was studying in the first year of engineering college at that time,
so was Alok. The first time I met Alok he was struggling with some
luggage he was trying to get to his hostel room. I carried it for him
till the boys' hostel gate, as he walked behind looking quite
embarrassed. I wondered at the frailty of the poor guy, he seemed so
weak and shy.

He thanked me profusely the next time we met - I think it was in the
canteen. I tried to make light of it by saying, "It's alright. What

New Girl in the Band Chapter 2

The New Girl In The Band Chapter 2

By Princess
Thanks To Stanman63 For Editing!

Synopsis:David submits to the bands demand that he be a girl for them and some interesting and uncomfortable situations develop.

The School Room 2 - Penelope's Wedding

The School Room
by Koalas
Chapter 2 - Penelope's Wedding

What really is happening to all of those missing kids you see on milk cartons? I have no idea either, but it makes the excuse for a story.

New Girl in the Band Chapter 1

The New Girl In The Band

Chapter 1

By Princess

Thanks To Stanman63 for editing!

A popular all girls rock and roll band needs a new member for their world tour. The lead singers annoying little brother seems like a good choice.

The Wheel Keeps Turning (an epilogue to Baby Machine)

When SuzyQ opened the “Only a Baby Machine” universe (click here), it gave me a chance to create an epilogue to a story that was a long rough ride, with way too much pain and not enough justice along the way. I happily present ...

wheel.jpgThe Wheel Keeps Turning
The Curious Resurrection of the Ghost in the “Machine”

by Randalynn

In the heart of a small city somewhere south of the border, a conversation between a newly widowed mother and a mysterious Norte Americano proves that a capricious and chaotic universe can sometimes twist itself to provide an unlikely savior — and for someone caught in the gears of someone else’s machine, sometimes serendipity is enough.

The Rescue 7

Two of Jalina's friends are murdered while she and Greeta, (her third hijra friend,) are kidnapped to be sold into prostitution.

The Rescue 7

Beverly Taff. Transvestite
James or Jamie Transgendered kid.
Candice Jamie’s Younger Sister.
Sergeant Williams Hate crime police officer
David Evans Knife-boy. (Son of Dewi Evans.)
Margaret Beckinsale. Jamie and Candice’s mum. (AKA Madge.)
Sandie Beverly’s best Transvestite friend.
Elizabeth Todd Beverly’s next door neighbour.

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 17, Who am I?

-- Part 17, Who am I?
At last, Pansy is freed! But she has lost all knowledge of the previous two years. In that hotel room where, two years earlier, George had gone to bed with Petunia, it is George that awakens, to discover some changes. Can (almost) be read as an independent short tale, in the "magic" category.

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 16, Countdown to Freedom

Part 16, Countdown to Freedom

Pansy settles in with her newborn daughter at Los Ocotes, the finca of Susana and her husband, and adapts well, if unwillingly, to working as Suzi's maid. But will she find a way to escape when the month is over, and she is allowed to go her own way?
December 18

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 14, Escape from Hell

Part 14 -- Escape from Hell

At last, Pansy is released from Jose's control, to become the maidservant of George's old girlfriend, Suzi. She continues to be molded ever more closely to the image of a peasant girl.
May 12

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 11, Island Paradise(?)

Part 11, Island Paradise(?)

Year 3 of the novel begins with Pansy's escape to a tropical island paradise. Or is it paradise after all? (Note--Rating more restrictive!)
January 1

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 8, Nursemaid

Part 8, Nursemaid
August 6
-- Pansy was folding clothes in the laundry room when Jaime came to fetch her. “Go to the infirmary, Pansy,” he told her without explanation. “You can finish your work later.”

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 6, A Pansy Now and Forever

Part 6, A Pansy Now and Forever

Everyone except his girlfriend call George "Pansy" now--but he still knows he's really George. They can't take that away from him. Or can they?
May 28

Suzy Q by Suzy Q

Suzy Q
Suzy Q

Sam Quinn invented Suzy Q, the exotic Cuban dancer. José Enrá­quez insisted on meeting her–but of course that was impossible! Or was it?

Culture Clash

Following a heated cultural discussion in a college class Marshall Graham is plunged into one nightmare after another.

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 5, The shopping trip

Part 5, The shopping trip.

George's body is changing, slowly but inexorably. Now his original clothes no longer seem appropriate. Not to worry: his former girlfriend will help him select clothing that will be much more appropriate!
May 23

Spacetran 19

Khatia has been kidnapped and Beverly pulls out some stops to find her.


Spacetran 19.

List of Beverly’s children, grandchildren and their friends.


Wendy, William’s twin.
Jessica and Charlotte, Ben’s (AKA Bennie’s,) twin sisters.
Dave and Eddie , Sherriff Jack Johnson’s boys.
Linda and Sandra, Sherriff Jack Johnson’s daughters.
Ray, Wendy’s husband, (Our son in Law.).
Khatia. Bennie’s secret Muslim wife.
Farina & Francine. Khatia and Bennie’s twin daughters.

The Swimming Pool

Warning this story has not been edited. So if bad grammar upsets your reading then don't bother reading, thank you.

Spelling should not be a problem cents Eye have checked with a spell checker.

The Swimming Pool

By Koalas

Chapters A - That Morning

Chapter A. John

S.R.U. Silver Blood: Frankenwoman

S.R.U. Silver Blood: Frankenwoman
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: When Jody Lynn Franklyn designs his own bodysuit for Halloween, he finds himself involved in a horror as the suit's safety systems make him into something beyond his imagination That attracts Silverblood and a certain Wizard.

My Way

My Way
by Saless

I cringed when I saw Bill walk in. He was so hunched over and miserable looking! I've been watching him for weeks, and he's getting worse. And he won't talk about it! I'm probably his only friend, but he keeps a lot back from me.

"Hi Bill, how are you?" I asked.

"Fine." was his only reply. We used to talk a lot, but lately one word answers are the best I can get out of him.

Duty and Destiny - Part 7

duty and destiny
part 7
by armond


War between the Three Kingdoms is inevitable now, and events move to the invisible hand of the King of Arcum.
In Parasia the image of Princess Caden burns the mind of the slave-mage Faolá¡n, while in Glamorgan, the newly made woman reaches out to her sisters for support; her first steps toward new life.


Copyright 2009-2010 Rachael Ross all rights reserved
Codes: m/m, f/f, romance, reluctant, first, tg, oral, anal, petting
Synopsis: Trent is in love with his best friend's twin sister. When desire becomes too much for the sixteen-year-old boy to bear, he forces himself on Brandon sexually and begins a rocky, angst-filled journey of self-discovery.

Duty and Destiny - Part 6

duty and destiny
part 6
by armond


Acrum’s gambit was all too successful: the Glamorgan-Parasain alliance is no more, and chaos reigns in Ceyln.
King Rhys has fled to the highlands to grieve for his lost son, and Caden sinks into darkness over her change.

Yet all is not lost; help and hope may come from an unexpected source.


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