Lesbian Romance

Severance Pay (Chapters 19 through 24 of 78)

Peter/Patricia tires of Caitlin McBride's antics and decides to remove her as queen bee. Gretchen's father takes notice of her new best friend. Themes and Elements listed apply to entire story, Rating applies to this submission. Thanks to Marina Kelly and Robyn Hoode for editing assistance.

Severance Pay (Chapters 13 through 18 0f 78)

Jessica puts Patricia to the test, as does Sister Carmela of St. Ann's. Patricia returns the favor and makes initial contact with her target, Gretchen Hobbes. Themes and Elements listed apply to entire story, Rating applies to this submission. Thanks to Marina Kelly for editing assistance.

The Maiden of Bronze Chapter 3 Part 3

The Bronze Maiden

Chapter 3 Part 3

Doc Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith. Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.

By: Desiree

I am most Grateful to my Beloved Jasmine as she has been a most wonderful muse.
I apologize for the delay in posting as Fantasy Hero: Game Changer sort of distracted us, and still is.

Severance Pay (Chapters 7 through 12 of 78)

Peter Harris experiences the joys and frustrations of living in the body of a petite teenage girl while discovering hidden skills that surprise Daniel and Jessica. Elements and Themes listed apply to entire story. Rating applies to this submission. Thanks to Marina Kelly for editing assistance.

Severance Pay (Chapters 1 through 6 of 78)

Disabled and retired undercover cop Peter Harris is recruited for one last job. He's going to infiltrate the household of Raymond Hobbes, notorious drug lord and criminal kingpin, with the support of an unusual group of experts and unapproved technology. Listed Themes and Elements applies to entire story, rating just to this submission. Editorial assistance from Marina Kelly greatly appreciated.

Snakes and Ladders-28

Snakes and Ladders-28

Chapter 28

It’s like out of LOTR when Boromir was talking about the horns of Gondor calling them home. Rampart has that sort of feeling right now a little as this is the place that I’ve spent the most here and there is something that tugs at me as I fly over to the castle section itself and see streets I know and shops I’ve been to while training here.

I bite my lip at some of those kinda sort of home feelings.

I had a few towns like this when I was trucking. Those places you’ve been to so many times that you know them well. It’s actually a good thing y’know.

Home away from home can be good because it’s not home.



Chapter 19

I’m really very happy.

We head from our room which is astoundingly beautiful and so well worth the price as far as I’m concerned and we go down to the lobby.

I’m blushing.

I’m blushing so much because we get into the elevator and as soon as we hit the first floor below us I can’t help it.


Bridges 39

Bridges 39

Chapter 39



“Yeah Oh…and my wife is more important to me than a shift.”

I’m blushing. “Cass…god I love you.”

My Super Secret Life...Scarlet-16.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-16.

Chapter 16

The singing bunch of new people…friends and Nikki showing up and the fact that I got the part even thought it’s kind of sort of a cover has me pretty pumped up and excited and then there’s the kissing.

And it’s a real kiss.

It’s a real me getting kissed as a girl kiss and while I’ve been kissed a few times really, really good as Dale this is sooooo different.

I can feel her lips so soft in mine. And mine are girl soft too and sensitive and then there’s this sensual slide of lipstick on lipstick and that send shivers through me and then it’s just better.

Pulse hammering, hands needing to touch her, wanting more and more of this and leaning into it and just sort of melting.

Adam's Song - A tale of Delacroix High: Book 6

Chapter one:

“That’s no good you moron, you’re way off balance!”

“Pull your shoulders back, you look like a goddamn slob!”

“You’re wasting my oxygen, fatass!”

The Bronze Maiden Chapter 1 part 2

The Bronze Maiden

Chapter 1 part 2

Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith.
Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.


I am most Grateful to my Beloved Jasmine as she has been a most wonderful muse.

X-Why-Me...Chapter 16

X-Why-Me…Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Emily just stared at Kira as they rode on the bus and she couldn’t help but to take it all in. She was so beautiful in that seriously stunning way. Her outfit screamed Hollywood sexy even with the country styling and the cute long and tall socks that screamed thigh high stockings.

Was she just…

Was she getting so into this now because she had come out? Was she this “Raging lesbian?” She just couldn’t stop staring and al of the stuff Kira was doing, wearing was just drawing her in.

It couldn’t be the XY thing right? She read and read and read on it and she was kind of disappointed…she wasn’t tall or as beautiful or even as girly as the things have said. She was short and skinny and sort of a tomboy at heart.

Or was the tomboy thing a lesbian thing?

Adam's Song - A tale of Delacroix High: Book 1


Everyone has a story to tell, right? Stuck on ball of dirt orbiting the sun at twenty kajillion miles an hour, lost in the haze of one galaxy piled on another, but we all believe we're the centre of the universe. Nobody bothers to think about why we're here, what our purpose is, or who is pulling all the strings that make us dance.

Whoa, stop. Rewind.

X-Why-Me...Chapter 15

X-Why-Me... Chapter 15

Chapter 15

It took awhile before things got interesting with things being pretty heated as the fat cop showed only he had with him two other cops and the Sheriff.

Okay Emily thought the Sheriff looked like he knew what was going on and he looked more capable than the other guys. He was younger too by at least between ten to twenty years too depending on what cop you compared him too and he didn’t look like a foot chase would be cause for him radioing 911.

He was taking pictures and then he was looking at something on a computer tablet before coming in.

He talked to her mom.

She called him Stone.

Okay Stone as a first name was…

Holy shit she thought he looked like her sister.

Allie Sequel 6: Speed Limit

Speed Limit
By Paul Calhoun

And so, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the penultimate installment of Allie, where we set up the fates of the five boys who started out impersonating their own babysitter for fun and profit.

Connor continues to grapple with the fact that his girlfriend likes Allie better than him.

A door closes on Alan, but love comes in his window.

Donald ... his plot actually pretty much resolved already, so he's just there to help out.

Mark tries to thank Bruce for everything he's done, but all Bruce wants is the chance to stay a mother.

New Werewoman Handbook Pt. 24

Jerry awoke leaning up against the foyer wall of his apartment. His door was shut, but not locked. Glancing at his watch, he’d been unconscious for about an hour. Feeling groggy, he ran his palm against the sore windpipe where Heather had gripped him up. The unmistakable feeling of moisture greeted his hand. Looking down, Jerry could see traces of a shallow pool of crimson coating the skin beneath. Heather had squeezed so tightly that her long nails had left a deep impression indeed.

Snakes and Ladders-27

Snakes and Ladders-27

Previously on………

Okay…I take a breath and built up my own power.

I hear them freak out and panic when those mooring things sizzle and pop and the boat starts to bob and move just floating on it’s own and I concentrate and let loose and slam my spell semi into the right side boat-wing thingy and the ship goes spinning in a fast circle in the hall hitting people, cargo falling off, people falling off before it gets wedged nose to tail sideways in the hall.

Then I’m in Final Fantasy meets Star Wars as spells are going up and off and arrows are flying and blasters are opening fire in the dark here from both sides.

Illisia casts some thing and this knights buckler made of energy and golden light with all these glyphs and symbols hit my arm and latches to it.

I pull my sword and fire it up and it does this energy whine as it does like a hawk cry at its prey and I run into the fight taking hits to the mage shield.

I’m not sure why but I yell. “Drop your arms in the name of the king!”

And Now……………

Chapter 27

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 9

Karen’s Magnificent Obsession — 9

By Katherine Day

(As her second semester begins, Karen finds herself engaged in the trials and tribulations of her new girlfriends, while continuing to dream about renewing her life with her reluctant boyfriend. With thanks to Eric for his skilled editing. Copyright 2013.)

What a good boy...Chapter 23

What a good boy…Chapter 23

I bite my lip and smile to myself after the whole thing with Janey out in the hall way and I feel very turned on but more? Powerful I guess, seductive in this only Tracy way I know that I got to her.

I know it because of the way she was breathing or not when her breath caught. And the way that her eyes looked.

Guys, men very seldom leave women in that way that I’ve seen. Other women yeah sometimes I mean…maybe. All I know is that right now Janey’s vee is likely as wet as mine is.

I walk over to the bed and slink into it and up until Jamey and I are level and I kiss him long and slowly and gently until he wakes up and as his breathing changes from being asleep to awake I pull him into consciousness by his tongue.

Evanescence 26

Evanescence 26


I see Alecia moving through the crowd and the place is packed…I think I see some people from back in school her and others too. There’s a lot more people here than I though there’d be
She stops in front of a VIP section of the club and she’s talking to this guy that looks like Raphael…but he’s not at the power spot in the table. There’s a very gangland looking guy there Hispanic with lots of tattoos and another to the other side that is vamp pale and he’s smoking meth from a pipe…blood red meth…his eyes vamp over then there’s a shimmer of that green in there and in the eyes of the Hispanic fellow too. His eyes go slitted.

Alecia reaches for something and she pulls out a baggy?

She pours the stuff inside out from the bag and it falls in an ashy swirl.
The music stops and every vamp there just went fangs out.
Oh shit…

The fop guy I’m pretty sure that’s Raphael get’s up and goes for Alecia and they’re into the crowd on the floor snarling. The other vamp gets up to interfere and Jill’s walking in towards them like the effing Terminator with two guns in her hands and she’s shooting the vamp or was until he starts moving fast and the Hispanic guy get’s uhm…scaly…like a snake and rushes Jill. Sloan’s in his grill after tossing a smoke grenade behind the bar?

And all hell’s breaking loose now.

Shit, shit, shit… “Alecia! We need him alive!

And Now……..

Vampyre 8.

Vampyre 8.


I walk to the place and it’s an old hotel…gothy lookin guard/bouncers and I can feel the touch of thrilling on them…

Dammit this isn’t just a Goth club but this is feeling more and more like a nest. I bare fangs and they open the doors without checking ID or asking for a cover.

The club is actually in the basement…it might have been the bar for the hotel and the convention room but now it’s all one big goth style dance club and there’s a lot of stuff going on and I’m feeling thralls I’m seeing bodies moving around with no electric spark to them at all and there is a definite feeling of…wrong on so, so many levels…I catch a glimpse of someone taking a hit of meth from a pipe but there’s a vampire blood hint to it…and I see the human’s eyes get infused for a second with vampire red then that clouds over and get’s washed away from this shimmer of green…

Oh this is not good.


My Super Secret Life...Scarlet 14.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet 14.

Chapter 14




“I want to take you out on a date.”


“Yeah you.”


“Yes, I really, really like you. Heck more than anyone I’ve really met before and…”

Nikki steps forward and kisses me.

Bridges 38

Bridges 38

Chapter 38

It’s a little like PTSD and it’s not.

I’m in the chopper and we’re flying over woods and highways and town after town heading into Vancouver and we’re keeping James stable and yet it’s so slow to me almost on that edge of dreaming while awake.

I can remember feeling like this coming home from Germany after Afghanistan. That being home and on friendly soil but at the same time you’re in a military craft so there’s that echo just by being there of all the stuff I’d been through.

Snakes and Ladders-26

Snakes and Ladders-26

This was hard to come back to. I started this as a present to Wren who had very quickly found herself a place as a dear friend in my heart. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to put another one out and they’ll be coming out probably infrequently so I hope everyone is patient and understanding.

Wren…. We love you, we miss you.

Chapter 26


“No, you’ll be protected.” She passes me the sword in that knightly over her wrist way.

“Wren, you are Erendae, Wren Phoenix yes and I’m here able to unspell this warded box on this mission and theirs is a blade form and you think that this wasn’t something the gods set into motion? This blade was meant to be your sword Wren.”

I take it and stare at it and step back and charge it up and there’s this red-gold light that shines out of the bird decoration with raptors scree and its glowing red…and there’s little tufts of flames coming off of it.

I’m not even hot holding it.

I’m not sure about the whole gods thing since I’m kind of a Christian but this…this looks a whole lot like one of those flaming swords that an angel might have had.
I’m kind of scared of this and yet…

Was this meant for me? Is this a sign?

I have good people here looking at me and nodding like this is.

I cut the power. And look up? “I’ll try; I’ll do my best to keep them safe.”

*And Now……..

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 3

Karen's Magnificent Obsession - 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2013)

(Karen Hansson gains more and more acceptance as girl as she juggles growing demands for her attention. The big football game approaches and Karen’s mom makes an announcement. This is chapter three of the third book in Karen’s life, the first book being “To Be Or Not To Be,” and the second “Becoming Karen.”)

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-29

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-29


And she seems to have recovered from her talk with mom and we’re sitting close together hip to hip with all this sweet eye contact and feeding each other choice bits off our plates and sucking on fingers in this amazingly sexual semi-lesbian thing.

I can feel her thinking of my fingers touching her and being inside of her but I’m picturing the feel of her girl delicate fingers wrapping around my cock in almost the same intimate way.


Oh yes…the want of the feel of the pads of her fingers the heat of her touch in so a personal way and place has me so turned on.

And the feeling too of how much she wants to touch and hold and caress my breasts and I want that too…oh I’m getting so aware of my breasts, of the sexuality of being Sh’uan.

“God Kaylee…this, us…I really want to be alone with you.”

Rae Summers: A New Beginning Chapter 13

Rae Summers: A New Beginning Chapter 13

Want to thank this lovly community for all the love and support you have shared with us over the years. We look forward to being aa part of this wonderful group for many years to come. Now from out of the past a little more Rae Summers.

The Journey Is The Destination Epilogue

The Journey is the Destination

By poetheather

So... Ranma mugged me today and she had a bit to say about her life since the end of the story. The final conclusion.

Author's Note: Ranma 1/2 is owned by Takahashi Rumiko and they have no connection to this what so ever. These characters are used without their permission and include a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 39 & 40.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 39 & 40.

Chapter 39

The rest of my day ad my classes is pretty good. I actually spend a good deal of it thinking about my date with Emily though. Despite Neela the being with girls is still pretty new to me and it’s dating so it sort of doesn’t apply to Sasha or Alex times.

And I’m the one that asked her out and that to me at least makes it different.

I run into one of the girls from earlier at the coffee kiosk and she’s staring daggers at me.

I raise an eyebrow looking at her. “Problem?”

“Yeah, you think you’re hot shit don’t you?”

“Not really but honestly I don’t think I’m the problem.”

“No? You’re a fucking tranny, you’re nothing but fake…queer bullshit.”

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-28

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-28

Chapter 28

I was a little worried still with the whole Shy and Jax thing but if Shy’s doing anything then I can’t feel it but Jax is sort of…he’s treating Shy like a mix of me and Hill. He’s still being him and being a rude butt and all that but he’s not perving on her anymore. He’s treating her like a girl but also like me so…a girl that he has no mouth to brain filter for and is acting as gross and stuff with like shy’s just one of the guys.

Okay…I so think I had something else in mind and I might have gotten more than a little freaked out by Cheyenne doing that whole martial arts powers thing. I mean its one thing to watch it on a movie or TV but to actually see someone do stuff like that guy from the movie. “I am Number 4.” Is really kind of freaky in real life.

And I’m an alien, still human but I’m an alien from another dimension.

So if I’m jumping to conclusions then that’s sort of why.


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