Lesbian Romance

Note to Kenny

“What the hell...?”

He knew that he hadn’t seen that piece of paper before, and it hadn’t been in his locker when he closed it up the previous afternoon. Someone had shoved it between the venting slats after he left the previous day or before he arrived that morning.

Rhapsody, Chapter 7 - Allegro Con Furioso

Rhapsody, Chapter 7 - Allegro con Furioso

Detective Johnson looked thoughtfully distracted for a moment before finally replying, “We’ll set up a trap for him at your apartment.”

“But how?” I asked, confused by the sudden change in position.

All Things Denied 9 - 'Saturday Night'

Notes of a Journey Trilogy
Book 1
All Things Denied

Chapter 9 - 'Saturday Night'

A Gaby FanFic by PB

They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike – You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind.

Devyn's Favor

Devyn’s Favor

What a night that was! Devyn was thirteen years old and living in a sparsely inhabited suburban area with his parents and his sister. He had four good friends who lived in the area. Kieran and Caitlin, fraternal twin sisters, lived a short distance down the street from him. Madeline lived fifty yards further down the street at the corner of a road that went up a steep hill for a few hundred yards. Tina lived at the top of that same steep road on the same side of the street as Madeline. Tina could actually see Madeline's bedroom window -- and vice versa. They were too far away to really see each other, but sometimes they would sit at their windows while they chatted on their cell phones.

It was Tina's birthday and she invited the four of them over to her house for a sleepover party. Tina was fond of getting dressed up and each year she used her birthday party -- among other things -- as an excuse to get dressed up. This party would be no different -- or would it?

All Things Denied 7 - 'Gaby & Sam'

Notes of a Journey Trilogy
Book 1
All Things Denied

Chapter 7 - 'Gaby & Sam'

A Gaby FanFic by PB

Dinner with a boy in Maddy's class leads to some revelations for Gaby.

All Things Denied 6 - 'Twins'

Notes of a Journey Trilogy
Book 1
All Things Denied

Chapter 6 - 'Twins'

A Gaby FanFic by PB

They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike – You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind.

Wrong Number Part 7


Rorie was released from the hospital seven days after she was admitted. She thanked Dr. Goldberg for everything he had done and her mother, Tara and Keri escorted her home. She stayed in bed at home for another two weeks while her body finished repairing itself. Keri visited Rorie more at her home than she was allowed to at the hospital and helped out with everything from bringing her meals to changing the sheets on the bed once or twice and helping her with her makeup. When Keri began doing Rorie's makeup at the hospital, she decided that she should teach Rorie how to use makeup, and it became a regular part of time together. During Rorie's home convalescence, she and Keri began to discuss making their third date happen.

During the next two weeks, Rorie could get up out of bed, but she would tire very quickly, and their third date would have to wait a while longer.

Six weeks after the accident, Rorie and Keri finally got a chance to have their third date — alone. They arranged to have their third date at Rorie’s home at a time when Rorie’s mother would not be there. She was attending the retirement party of a coworker one Friday night and Rorie chose exactly that Friday for her date with Keri. She coaxed Tara to make plans elsewhere with her friends and Tara, with a wry smile on her face, agreed to be out of the house.

Wrong Number Part 6

PART 6: Healing Wounds

Keri gently squeezed Kelly’s hand to let Kelly know she was there.

“Kelly? Are you waking up?”

Keri's eyes began to water and Kelly’s mother sat up and took notice.

“Kelly, baby? I’m right here, honey.”

Kelly’s eyes opened a few millimeters and her eyes slowly moved from one side to the other. Kelly smiled weakly at her mother and looked over to see who was holding her hand. When she saw Keri, she smiled and tried to speak.

“Keri,” she managed to rasp. “You’re here.”

Wrong Number Part 5

Part 5: Turn for the Worst

“Sharon, nobody’s home! Shit, I have to talk to her! Let me try to call her one more time.”

Keri sat down in the car, pulled out her cellphone and dialed my number. This time somebody answered -- somebody who had clearly been crying.

“H-hello, um, this is Kelly’s phone.”
“Hi, this is Keri calling. I really need to talk to her. Is she there?”

The voice began to cry again.

“Keri, this is Tara, Kelly’s sister. Kelly had a terrible accident.”

Wrong Number Part 4

PART 4: Third Time Is A... Complete Disaster

It was only natural that Keri and Kelly arranged for a third date before they parted company —- right after another thoroughly intoxicating round of kisses. This time, it was to be the two of them alone! Kelly was so excited to finally be with the love of his life all alone without that damn Chloe interrupting the best moments. Chloe was a great friend and they got along famously, but her patience could be a tad thin at times. Kelly couldn’t wait to finally be able to let love take its course uninterrupted. What was it that Kelly had said during the second date, something about being a dreaming airhead? Yeah, that was it!

Kelly dressed as a girl again before Keri arrived. Kelly had realized, the previous night, that Keri had seen Kelly-the-girl but never Kelly-the-boy. It was going so well and he didn’t want to risk any problems (irony of ironies). He had gone shopping and bought himself a cute, soft dark purple corduroy jumper with a pale lavender long-sleeve shirt to go under it. He already had a pair of white tights he could wear with it.

She arrived right on time and Kelly greeted her with a long, warm hug at the door. Kelly hadn’t put his make up on —- though he was otherwise ready —- so he led her up to his room. All of a sudden, everything went horribly wrong. When Keri saw his room, she stopped dead in her tracks and her smile faltered.

“Are you all right? What’s the matter?”

She was very flustered and Kelly could tell that she was about to cry.

Wrong Number Part 3

PART 3: Second Date

On the night of our first date, my sister Tara was playfully teasing me about my newfound romance while I dialed Keri's number on my cellphone. She giggled at me while I began talking with Keri. Keri and I had a really nice talk reminiscing on our first date and revealing everything about what we had feared going into it. At the end of the chat, we agreed to meet again at the same mall.

Our second date was a double-date with Chloe and her boyfriend. Keri and I were not worried about each other anymore by that point, but sometimes you had to do one more little thing to make your inner worry-wart shut the hell up. I was more than happy to make it a double-date. I would have done anything to see Keri again!

I showed up at the mall again dressed as a girl. This time, as a twist of irony, I wore an outfit nearly identical to the one Keri had described herself wearing during our first, fateful phone call. I had on a dark lavender top, denim skirt with frayed hem, and black tights. I wanted it to be my way of saying that the magic was still alive and well —- or that I wanted it to be, anyway.

Wrong Number Part 2

PART 2: The Mall

The big day had finally arrived. I checked my outfit in the mirror. I looked very nice in the floral shirt and denim skirt. I had managed to run my hair through my straightening iron to make it look extra-special. I had done my makeup beautifully. I had decided I wanted to look as good as possible so that I could blend in with the crowd if need be. I felt good enough about my appearance but I stood before my mirror, looking myself in the eyes and trying to figure out what in the hell I was thinking.

Keri dressed herself in a lavender corduroy skirt and a matching, long-sleeve cotton top. She had debated herself over whether to wear hose. Pantyhose would be too alluring if I did turn out to be a psycho. Ironically, going bare-legged posed the same problem: there would be too much skin exposed and this would only draw a pervert all the more. She decided she’d better wear a pair of opaque tights. She picked out a pair of white ones and slipped them on. She stood before her mirror and tried to think of what she would say when she met this stranger named Kelly.

* * * * *

Wrong Number Part 1

PART I: The Wrong Number

How extraordinary it was what a simple mistake could bring about! I had intended to phone my schoolmate and casual friend Matt about a homework assignment when my life took a decidedly unexpected turn. I dialed Matt’s number without paying too much attention since I knew it without having to look it up. The phone was answered after the third ring.


Hey, that’s not Matt. That’s a girl’s voice! Oh shit, does Matt have a girlfriend? I didn’t know about that, the sly devil!

“Oh, er, hi. Is Matt there? I’m hope I’m not int--”
“Who the hell is Matt?”

Christina's Party

Fate wore a pony tail and a red dress. We were both attending a large group ballroom dancing lesson along with perhaps two hundred other kids our age, all of whom attended schools in town. Our mid-lesson break had just begun when the lovely girl headed my way.
Christina was a very pretty girl with pretty blue eyes and shoulder length, light brown hair. She wore a red, short-sleeve, cotton dress that hung just below her knees and had a sparse floral pattern on it. She wore suntan nylons, and black, leather flats — and she was headed my way.

Steven's Deal

Nintendo Wii dressed in blue
Steven’s Deal

by Jennifer Brock

Eleven-year-old Stephanie Brooks snuck a peek at her Christmas presents and as punishment was forced to spend her vacation living and dressing as a boy. Steven’s handled things ok so far, but with only two days left the scariest part is coming up: he has a date with a girl for her New Year’s Eve party.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 11

They didn’t have any questions, since I’d practiced my presentation, and went over everything like I was at an auto show and trying to sell the car. Once they left me, I went back to the weather station and chose to make a last minute adjustment to my clutch.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 11

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Gwen Brown, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 10

“Wait a minute. You’re the girl who got my angel kicked out of school.” he asked.

“No, I’m the girl who your spawn of satan tried to use as a punching bag every chance she got.” I said crossing my arms. “She got herself kicked out of school.”"

Mean Girls 3026 Part 10

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Gwen Brown, with my many thanks to her.

Becoming Antonia Part 25.

Warning, the following chapter contains very technical writing. You have now been warned, and I don't want any comments or PM's about that fact. ENJOY the chapter for what it is. A STORY!

Becoming Antonia Part 25.

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Holly Logan, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 7

Becoming Antonia Part 24.

Helga was able to tie up one of their girls in the corner with the puck, and I signaled Tracy for a double hit. She and I started at the two in the corner struggling for the puck.

Becoming Antonia Part 24

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Holly Logan, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 6

As luck would have it, we did find a race from back in the day. Even luckier, was that it was my first drag race, and I pointed out to her when ever I saw myself on TV.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 6

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Gwen Brown, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 4

Becoming Antonia Part 23.

“As some of you know, and one of you didn’t, today was the tryouts for the Columbia* Hot Flash. I’m pleased to announce that we now have a full roster, with the addition of Beth Stickle, and Toni Trepasso.”

Becoming Antonia Part 23.

By; Toni, Edited By; Holly Logan, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 2

“You aren’t alone hun.” she said, pulling me into a tight hug. “You will never be alone. I know I’m not your mom, but the body you’re in is the body of my daughter. I’ll never let ANYONE hurt you. I’m here for you.”

“That goes for me to.” came a male voice from near my door. I looked up to see Mark walking toward me with open arms.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 2

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Gwen Brown, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026 Part 1.

Technology in the future will allow someone whose body becomes badly broken, to have their brain put in the body of someone who becomes brain dead. Find out what happens when a 31 year old man ends up in the body of a 17 year old girl, after he is cryogenically frozen following a motorcycle crash.

Mean Girls 3026

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Gwen Brown, with my many thanks to her.

Mean Girls 3026

Technology in the future will allow someone who's body becomes badly broken, to have their brain put in the body of someone who becomes brain dead. Find out what happens when a 31 year old man ends up in the body of a 17 year old girl, after he is cryogenically frozen following a motorcycle crash.

Mean Girls 3026

Written by Toni Trepasso
Edited by Gwen Brown, with my many thanks to her.

Becoming Antonia Part 19.

Have you ever seen the look in the eyes of a deer, just before you slam into it with your car? It’s a look of complete confusion and shock, as if to say ‘Oh my god, what is that coming at me?’ That was the look I got when I went to Sarah’s house to see her mom.

Becoming Antonia Part 19.

By; Me, & Zomba.

Becoming Antonia Part 18.

“Yes ma’am,” he shot back with a quiver in his voice. “I mean sir, I mean.”

“You mean you were just leaving,” I told him as I pointed to the door.

Becoming Antonia Part 18.

By; She who loves telling lawyer jokes, & Zomba.

Becoming Antonia Part 15.

“It’s 3am here, so that would put it 6am you’re time?”

“What are you doing up Kahlene?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Look, there’s trouble brewing, and I wanted you give you a heads up.”

Becoming Antonia Part 15

By She who is not a morning person, and Zomba

Becoming Antonia Part 14.

“You know what. F*** YOU! All I’ve done is take s*** from officials and more s*** from the press. F*** it! I don’t need it!”

Becoming Antonia Part 14

By Little miss potty mouth, & Zomba

Becoming Antonia Part 13.

“If I didn’t think I could do it, I wouldn’t be here. I’ve never been one for a dog and pony show,” she informed him. As I whispered to her so only she could here me, “Hey lady, you want to see a donkey?”

Becoming Antonia Part 13

By The girl with the wrench in her hand, & Zomba

Becoming Antonia Part 12.

Both cars burst into flames in a fireball of carbon fiber and alcohol.

Becoming Antonia Part 12

By That Bitch & Zomba

Becoming Antonia Part 11.

Toni2.jpg            “You know the worst mistake I ever made?”
“No, Toni, what’s that?”
“Giving you up.”
“You’re drunk.”
“Yeah, but I still think it was the worst mistake I ever made.”
“Oh really? You seemed pretty damn sure about it that day back in the hospital five years ago.”

Becoming Antonia Part 11

By The drunk chick with the red hair, & Zomba The Great!

Becoming Antonia Part 7.

missbehavin4.jpgLater that night as we both sat in the hot tub and relaxed, I had to ask Brit, who told George about my tool box covered in Billy’s work? She of course got that shit eating grin she always gets when she tries to keep a secret but can’t. I just hugged her and we went to bed for the first night as a married couple.

Becoming Antonia Part 6.

...we left the hospital, just as the police showed up.

“Toni Trepasso?”

I raised my hand and of course dad always being a smart ass did the same. The cop looked at us and asked which one of us hit a truck on a motorcycle today?

“That would be me.” I told him.

Becoming Antonia Part 5.

“Toni wait!”

This was the first time he’d even acknowledged my existence since my change, and all I could do was just turn in my seat to look at him as the tears started to roll. He opened the door and gave me a big hug, which I returned.

“Oh daddy.”

A Cop Story part 5... The End... For now

We all finished and headed to the morning briefing. I heard one of the guys ask who the new piece of ass was and watched as Sarah decked him.

“Anyone else want to talk about my wife like that?” she asked as she pulled the brass knuckles off her fist.

She got a standing ovation from the rest of the women...

Becoming Antonia Part 4.

“I guess you were right back in the hospital Brit.”

“Oh, how’s that?”

“Jamie asked if I was me, and I told her that I was still me on the inside but on the outside I was, and you cut me off to say.”

“My next girlfriend.” She cut me off again. I giggled and kissed her again.

“If that’s an invite I might have to take you up on the offer. Just promise me that you’ll be gentle. After all, I’m a virgin again... or at least I was until tonight.”

She just laughed and hugged me tight till we both fell asleep.

Adventures on the USS Hornblower

A guick note here. This story is definitely for adults. I don't normally do a lot of sex in my stories but my co-writer insisted and to be honest the way the story was set up it was needed. My thanks to Bad Irving for working on this one with me, it was a long time ago, but it was fun.

Adventures on the USS Hornblower


Bad Irving and Maggie Finson

All of You ... and Then Some

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

This is the continuing story of a young transgendered woman who's fallen in love with someone who demonstrates, through every day actions, what unconditional love really means.

All of You

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

The entries listed below are drabble cycles, which is a set of related but not necessarily chronological stories, each exactly 100 words in length. The stories in this particular drabble cycle give unique glimpses into the life of a transgendered woman who's fallen for someone who demonstrates what real, unconditional love really means.

All of You ... and More

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

I got to thinking about what Laika said about making a cluster of loosely related & not-necessarily-sequential drabbles featuring the lovers from All of You ... and kept thinking ... and eventually decided to give it a try.

Anyways, here's the original drabble, with four others related to it. I'm not sure what this would be called ... maybe a drabble series? I like Laika's suggestion of calling it a drabble cycle, but I'm not really sure what that would mean. Whatever you call it, please take a look and let me know what you think of this idea.

{{{warm huggs}}}

Heather Rose :)


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