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Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 15 & 16.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 15 & 16.

Chapter 15

It was all very surreal and Déjá -vu as I led a shaking and scared and miserable Danny upstairs into my loft. I made some hot chocolate and looked at him as I stirred it. “Danny?”

“Yes…” his voice was really meek sounding.

“Why? Why me?”

“I dunno? Scared I guess of what’s going on in my head. But not just that, it’s not being able to get you out of my mind.”

My Super Secret Life-11.

My Super Secret Life-11

Chapter 11

I have a headache.

And the worst taste in my mouth in a long time. It’s like sweat mixed with lots of copper. I look over to the others and I’m watching Kai or Shane being led over the ambulance too.
She really kicked butt today. I’d have liked to have helped her out more but I got stun blaster by a Barbie-girl.
No I’m not joking.
We were shopping and there was an armed robbery at this ladies shopping store by seven girls dressed up as Barbie.
Like the dolls, the toys and the videos.
All talking in “Vale” and all of them with those synth-skin movie masks to look like Barbie…and voice disguisers to sound like Barbie…

Okay, so it might have hit a sore spot with me about the whole Barbie ditz old me thing.

You’re able to dress up in armor cloth, afford these custom disguises and grenades and stun blasters…..and becoming seven Barbie clones is what you come up with?!?

Fucking Barbie?....barf, retch…

My Super Secret Life-10.

My Super Secret life -10

Chapter 10


It’s so strange…I’m getting into this little red sports car having the door opened for me to go shopping of all things by this drop dead gorgeous blonde with these incredibly blue eyes and this warm sexy killer smile.

And I’m just a bit taller than her boobs.



Chapter 7

It might sound strange but being a bartender is actually very good if you’re like me. I have issues with clean. I need things to be clean and this I can control here behind the bar. You take away the social interaction it’s a whole system of measurements and protocols and technical details that are actually soothing to someone like me. Oddly enough I like the dance music too the beat of the club stuff get’s into what I’m doing like a way for me to time myself. Plus there’s the fact that I just like to dance. I’ve studied both dance and music as my minors and while it’s part of me being different I kind of found that dance and music let me feel like I actually sort of had a soul.

There were a lot of years that I wondered that. I mean I still wonder what a soul is but I’ve managed to get myself to a point where there were times I though I could feel like other people did, like they had one.

Fade to Black-2

Fade to Black-2

Chapter 2

It’s still raining out I can smell it. Even before I open my eye’s I can smell it, hear it so clearly and feel it on my face…no… those are tears.

I don’t want to move. Dom and I finally made love and we crashed soon after that and I didn’t even dream, I felt nothing and no one and just pretty much passed out. I hurt, I hurt inside in ways I didn’t know people could. It’s not from fighting or from the sex it’s just…I just hurt from everything? I know that the soldiers in my pack get it…heart sick, soul sick.

Snakes and Ladders-14

Snakes and Ladders-14

Chapter 14

Evander nods. “She is one I have heard of, fire haired and very angry, a lot of temper in that one.”

“Is she any good?”

“Oh Yes, she has to be. They very much frown on women having too many uses on Skywood.”

“I’ve been hearing it’s something like that. It’s not that way with the Rymora?”

Snakes and Ladders-13

Snakes and Ladders 13.

Chapter 13

I lower Shaya’s hand and I smile and pull her into a kiss. I really love kissing this woman. So I make it long and slow and sweet just kind of pouring all that lover, and that whole soft sexy girl on girl thing into it. I’ve had a long time with the fantasies that have been in my head most of my life and while Shaya’s had them too there’s a lot of her buried under the hammering that being Illian had done to her soul.

“Come on let’s go find Bhlaze.”



Chapter 5

I am so not used to this. Me, strange, never fitting in, not even in my own skin or even my own life here in the parking lot leaning into the embrace of Brandy in the early morning sunshine kissing with her and pressing into her breasts while her hands are circled around me caressing my back, fingering playfully with my bra strap making me hyper-aware of wearing it and how it feels and holds me in giving me this sense of rightness and security.

The Rusted Blade, Chapter 13

The Rusted Blade, Chapter 13

A collaboration by darkice and kitn

Slurping back the tea Rall stared at the sword. “We need to talk I think.”

Snakes and Ladders-12

Snakes and Ladders-12

Chapter 12


He stared at the battlefield anger simmered through his veins. The minions of Dorian The Pretender had been saved by the turn coat Shaya. Illian had been a knight of great skill under the rightful King Lyam and to do this…it angered him beyond measure. The fact that they were transformed into the stupid bitch that she was now was just more proof that Dorian The Pretender was dragging all that was pure and good of their race into the levels of the beasts that he was forced to work with.



Chapter 4

I watch Brandy doing the dishes and I get up to help her. There’s a lot of my things here now too and she opens up every cupboard and we sort things. It doesn’t sound important but this is hugely soothing to me. This wasn’t my home, this was her home but my home had been violated and things had come to pass that as so very new to us knowing one and other we are now living together.

My boyfriend made the switch

Story name: My boyfriend made the switch

My boyfriend was perfect for my college thesis final. He already enjoyed wearing panties 24/7 and nightgowns every night. I think he secretly wants to be a woman, but he never admitted that.

So here are the people in my story…
Me, Cathy, the girlfriend doing my college thesis
My boyfriend of several years - Terry
Sue, my lesbian “friend”. Sue lives across the hall in our apartment complex.

My thesis…

Snakes and Ladders-11

Snakes and Ladders-11

Chapter 11

Raw naked fear and heart thumping adrenaline.

I guess kind of is a good grasp of just the feeling that seeing the three hundred or so yards of ancient or twisted forest just exploding into chunks, splinters, sawdust and fire. I stare at it like seeing a terrorist bomb going off.



Chapter 3

Brandy leads my out of her place dressed and to her car. I’m clutching her hand until we get there and she smiles and blushes a bit and opens the car door for me. I get in and try to sit and slide into the seat even though I’m not wearing a skirt, it just seems right to try and do it like that. It’s not really that skirt locking my legs together thing but something like it.

Traveling North

Snakes and Ladders-10

Snakes and Ladders 10

Chapter 10

I wake up to my heart singing. See I just sort of became dimly aware of myself and walking up feeling everything, the sheer elfin cloth of the sheets the soft yet firm of the bed, the slinky sexy amazing feel of my body. I wriggle a little bit and rub my legs together reveling in the fact that is actually gone.

I start to rub my hands over myself, just enjoying and at the same time I have to almost make sure that it’s real. Shaya is smiling and looking at me. “I used to do the same thing.”

“You did?”

Snakes and Ladders-9

Snakes and Ladders-9

Chapter 9

We weren’t all that far away from our rooms to the practice courts but by the time that I walked back with Shaya helping me, I was limping and my arms burned, my wrists were killing me and my shoulders were screaming at me.

I hate to say it but even here in this place I was just too tired to enjoy all the new stuff. I was hurting, achingly tired and getting really yucky and sweaty. This wasn’t y’know girly perspiration this was me sweating really badly.

Snakes and Ladders-8

Snakes and Ladders-8

Chapter 8

It was really faster paced than I wanted or Shaya wanted but at the same time oh my gods this was good. It was running up the stairs of this beautiful wood paneled mansion that I’m sure was all really intricate and everything. But Shaya’s and my lips are locked and we’re bouncing off some of the walls shedding armor and clothes well it’s easier for me but getting Shaya out of her armor’s like trying to get a three year old out of a ski suit.
It’s enough to set me to giggling.

Snakes and Ladders-7

Snakes and Ladders 7

Chapter 7

The air is so beautiful up here in the sky above Highwood. We bank and we soar and over the massive canal like sea. We pass by air-ships and over regular boats and ships and fly out of that canal over this cliff-side down to beach like city only about seven our eight miles from the palace and the whole canal opens up into this wide open sea.

The Ice Tiger - Chapter 7

The Ice Tiger

“…a veiled threat...”
by Kelly Blake

edited by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Artwork adapted by
Belle Meade


Along with continuing thank yous and blessings to Drea and her extraordinarily talented staff, I wish to express my deepest thanks to Khadijah for reviewing this part and making very constructive and informative comments to add to the theme of this tale. May one thousand blessing be hers and may she know only peace. This part of my tale is dedicated to her.

Chloe's new life

A transgender, smoking involved, slightly twist ending story.

Yes! I'm a crossdresser Mum! in that one simple sentence, Alan was fully exposed in the worst possible manner, to his own mother in her house and in mostly her clothes.

And the smoking! she exclaimed, He felt more shame and embarrassment over this one, as for years he had been so vocal in trying to make her quit, yes, I smoke a little too Mum, but never when I am wearing my male clothes.

But you,,,,I?,,, you, Oh I can't think Alan, and she stormed out of the room.

Ponytails, Pigtails, Buns, and Braids

Kelly is restrained and turned into a gorgeous little Gothic princess. A so-very-detailed account of a crossdresser and hairstyle fetishist having his deepest fantasies fulfilled.

The Sissy Farm 23

This chapter deals with the intimate preparations for the blessing.

Are your coming to bed or are you writing that novel all night?

The Sissy Farm.

Chapter 23

A Reluctant Spirit: A Spirited Bath


By Ingrid Halb

In this story we join Astrid and Hanna as they contemplate the after effects of a wish. The two girls quickly come to grips with the situation and Mike gets to watch.

Jessi's Girl (lyrics)

I'd been listening to the song, Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield, when I started wondering what the song might be like if a few of the words were changed. The results of that musing can be found in the lyrics below. :)

Jessi's Girl
by Heather Rose Brown

A Wife's Indulgence chapter 9

Sunday arrived and we spent the day reading, catching up on the newspapers, television, writing a letter or two, and being quiet and calm. Take it easy. That was important to do. Slow the down-hill rush in sexual encounters and experimentation. There was plenty of time!

A Wife’s Indulgence - chapter 9
By Zoe, a friend of WannabeGinger’s

Changing Cal: Chapter 8

Cal is a 16 year old boy who has been chasing the girl of his dreams almost all his life. When some pesky nanites infect Cal and turn him into a girl how will he deal with it? Will he still be the same person or will he become someone else when the girl now in him takes over?

Changing Cal: Chapter 7

Cal is a 16 year old boy who has been chasing the girl of his dreams almost all his life. When some pesky nanites infect Cal and turn him into a girl how will he deal with it? Will he still be the same person or will he become someone else when the girl now in him takes over?

An Apprentice needs help 14 (incl 13!)

An Apprentice Needs Help

by Wannabe Ginger

Chapter 14 (includes 13, - I'm superstitious!) and Happy Epilogue!

Karen was poised to begin the finishing of my hair. As the last of the three models, the three girls, I knew now what was coming. The rollers were still in my hair but the dryer was well behind me. I was cooling whilst Karen paid attention to the two strands of now highlighted hair that would frame my face. They were being toned down from a bright, almost white or platinum blonde shade, to what Karen promised would be Strawberry Blonde!

Madame Norma

Madame Norma.

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

It is six months today that Madame finally took total control over me. Before that, I was a regular "client" of hers for several years.

Changing Cal: Chapter 5

Cal is a 16 year old boy who has been chasing the girl of his dreams almost all his life. When some pesky nanites infect Cal and turn him into a girl how will he deal with it? Will he still be the same person or will he become someone else when the girl now in him takes over?

Skipper! Chapter 14

Skipper! by Beverly Taff


This chapter describes Angela's discovery that Skipper is an effeminate, heterosexual she-male transvestite. It describes in further detail how Angela handles it and starts to move forward with her girls and Skipper.

Skipper! Chapter 11

Skipper! by Beverly Taff



This chapter describes how Beverly argues with Judge Elizabeth about the inhumanity in the family courts and later gives Herself, Margaret and Sian the sweet delight of putting Judge Elizabeth on the receiving end of a typical Court-room style inquisition.


‘Mmm, that was nice, Abby.’

I was worn out, out of breath, but very satisfied.

‘Who would have thought that you could get so much pleasure out of chocolate sauce?’


Chapter 60

By Susan Brown

Copyright © 2009 Susan Brown


I stared at the bonnet of my beautiful, shiny car and could not believe what I saw. I had thought my troubles were over and the tricks played by Nigel were a thing of the past. But no, it seemed I still had problems.


Chapter 58

By Susan Brown

Muscle Wire Ma'am

Muscle Wire Ma’am
By Wholeman

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

Forever Friends

It was amazing how one simple question could bring back so many memories. Some of those memories were heartwarming and others were frightening, but they all came rushing back when Ricki innocently asked that one simple question.

"So, Letti, how did you and Meg meet?"

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie Part 2

“Oh, honest to God, Mom! No!”

“Whose black suitcase is that on your bedroom floor with the boys’ briefs peeking out of it?”

Lynzie’s face went white.

“I thought so. You two are busted.”

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie
Part 2

by Mona Lisa

Ready? Okay!

Ready? Okay!
by Jennifer Brock

Craig was a humble accountant who mainly kept to himself, until the office Halloween party gave him something to cheer about. Will this journey of self-discovery lead Cathi down the road to love?

Coulda Been... Another Time

Third one of these. I'm definitely enjoying writing them, as it's always better to think of pleasant things. A fantasy of what might have been if events had allowed, this one set between the first two installments. Another dedication in this one, too, maybe I should go back and dedicate the first one to my mother...

Coulda Been... Another Time
by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney

This didn't happen. The real story is much more painful, but really... this is what might have been in different circumstances. There's a kernel of what really happened here, but...


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