Of Snow, little girls and Angels: One year later

A look back into the life of Little Lisa, and her new parents, The Reeds.

This is a one shot story, checking in on the events that followed the story Of Snow, little Girls and Angels

While not filled with violence, the Caution is there for the mention of it.

Please note, this was put out before an edit, so I could post something for Christmas. This will be edited later for punctuation and spelling.

The Angry Mermaid 102 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 102

The first ambush of the Viking invasion fleet proves moderately successful because the Vikings were anticipating the trebuchet. They were not expecting three trebuchets.

Here are the pertinent charts.

Having managed to inflict modest damage to the invasion fleet. The defenders abandon and burn their static trebuchets while Drustina endeavours to transport her smaller mobile trebuchet along the southern shores of the Shannon estuary to assist King Dal O'Dalgliesh in the final defence of his city and castle at Limerick.

Askeaton Castle where Drustina's recovery of the abbey proved successful.

Thanks to Belfastcity for advice and historical information.

Askeaton Abbey.png
The abbey on the island at Askea.

The Angry Mermaid 101 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 101

Battle plans rarely survive first contact unless scope for a swift and orderly withdrawal is factored in at first instance. Drustina's initial plans do exactly that. First she must try and measure the enemy's capacity and quality on sea and if possible, on land. She has not the resources to tempt the Vikings to land troops ashore early so she cannot fully determine what she must face in the final analysis.

The Angry Mermaid 98 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 98

Basically a 'filling in' chapter as Drustina makes her way unobstructed up the West Coast of Hibernia. The Munster men who act as her pilots can only advise her as far the estuary of the River Shannon for the kingdoms are divided tribally near this border and the Vikings are active in the Shannon estuary.

The Shannon Estuary..jpg

The Angry Mermaid 96 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 96

On her way to contact the Celtic peoples of Corgheig in Munster, Drustina encounters a graphic example of monotheist misogyny disenfranchising women. Marag's castle is on the little island at the south western end of Lough Mahon.

The Angry Mermaid 95 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 95

Drustina and her flotilla arrive in Cork Harbour where they encounter a Viking Warship anchored off the little town of Cobh. They are compelled to destroy it or capture it before they can safely proceed up the inlet to the main city of Corgheig. (Cork)

Cork Harbour.gif

A simple Map of the outer harbour of Cork in Ireland. Cork is further up to the west of the narrow inlet. Next map next chapter.

The Angry Mermaid 94 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 94

Drustina makes a landfall in Demetae at 'Aberdaugleddau' (Milford Haven in Modern parlance.) There she finds the situation fairly stable because the Viking's southwards onslaught has been forced back thanks to her previous excecution of Blue-face giving the Celts of Dumnonii and Demetae courage to stand up and resist the scourge. Drustina finds that the Southern Celtic Sea (St George's Channel in modern parlance,) has become a maritime 'no-man's-land' where a naval 'stand-off' prevails. She decides to 'skirt the issue for her first inscursion.

The Angry Mermaid 93 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 93

Drustina continues on her journey towards the Celtic sea to access the Viking supremacy. On the way she stops in at Bohor on the Val to renew old alliances and acquire a pilot navigator with recent knowledge of the current Viking threat.

Shift Happens The Climb -1


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Dreams do exist but in an ephemeral world devoid of physical form.


To hold them in your hands.
You need to put invest a lot of
blood, sweat ,and tears.
Then they can become real

Misha Nova

The Angry Mermaid 91 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 91

Drustina and her companions complete their 'tour of inspection' to ascertain the general preparedness of the Saxons and Mercians to combat the Norse threat. Finally they return to Winchester to witness the marriage of Ethelred the Wessex king to Sonala the Mercian Princess.

The Angry Mermaid 90 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 90

After relieving the village of Dore from its Viking occupiers, Drustina is angered to learn that the occupying Vikings have consumed all the stores gathered for the winter. Thus when the invaders returned to Yorvik they would leave the Saxon women and children to starve.
In an 'out-of-character' fit of revenge, Drustina decides to curb the Viking appetites for excess in a particularly malicious way.

Masks Chapter 26 Returning to the story.

Masks Chapter 26


Nick…Ella…we kissed and it was…But kissing Nick on the cheek.

And Ella…

And even Randy a little…he was so nice and he was pretty handsome too.

There’s another cough and I see Dad.

“Can I dance with my daughter?”



“I’d love to Daddy.”

*And Now…

The Angry Mermaid 89 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 89

Drustina continues on her tour of Edrinor's Mercian kingdom as she assess the Viking threat. The recapturing of a Viking held village for the Mercian King enables Drustina to send a sharp clear message to the Viking King Harald Cold-blood.

The Angry Mermaid 88 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 88


Firstly I have to tell of a disastrous situation that has hammered me since Friday the 4th. At 8pm that night after taking my wife into A&E because of some cognitive disorders I learned that she has a large brain tumour. Today I might learn what the prognosis is.
Needless to say, my time on BC will be severely curtailed as I come to terms with this disaster. At present my beloved wife and I are completely at our wit's ends. We cannot plan anything until we get the results of tests that should be commencing some time this week.
This chapter 88 of Angry Mermaid might be the last for some time. I'm living in hope.

Chapter 88 deals with Drustina's continued involvement with the Saxons in Wessex, especially where her and their interests in defeating the Vikings coincide.

The Angry Mermaid 87 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 87

Drustina gets involved with affairs of state because she is unable to easily travel and re-embark upon her quest to reclaim her homeland.

The Angry Mermaid 86 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 86

Having resolved the issues surrounding the attempt on the Cardinal's life, Drustina occupies herself educating the very naíve Mercian Princess Solana about being a woman and about the ways of men.

The Angry Mermaid 85 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 85

In this chapter the plotters Lefty Tip-toe and Bishop Celyn learn their sentences. Drustina gets married to Carl and is finally delivered of her twins.

This chapter is something of an interconnecting step towards Drustina's onward ambitions to recover her homeland Lleyn.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-30

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-30




“Thank you…that was so…”

She kisses me sleepily but still lovingly and long and deeply before settling in breasts together just off set and she puts her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah, it so was Dylan.”

It’d have been a bit jarring to feel that she didn’t say that she loved me but she sort of does and at the same time she’s not ready either…and there was still something sort of missing to her no matter how amazing this was and she’s not going to voice that she wishes that she could…that I had…

What we just had was good and I knew the score before we got that close…she still wants a real girl, she loves me in that deeply cares for me friends with benefits way but yeah.

My girlfriend is a lesbian.

And sometimes having alien powers can suck.

And Now…………..

The Angry Mermaid 82 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 82

Drustina eventually wins the arguments concerning her right to marry Carl but Bishop Celyn is enraged by Cardinal Craklow's use of political expediency to circumvent what Celyn believes to be rigid, biblical strictures about gender, faith and nobility. He plans to have the Cardinal murdered.

The Angry Mermaid 81 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 81

Chapter 81 addresses the issues Drustina faces when she finally decides to marry Carl.

King Ethelred wants her to marry as a Christian so as to sit properly with his new-found Christianity and the church in Wessex. The chapter explores the conflicts between Drustina and the Christian Bishop Celyn who objects to Drustina's Satanic duality and her paganism. Only the intervention by the visiting Papal emissary Cardinal Craklow surmounts Bishop Celyn's resistance.

In allowing for Drustina's Pagan beliefs to be accommodated within a Christian marriage ceremony, Cardinal Craklow lays down the foundations of the church's future expedient accommodations with paganism whilst striving to spread their gospel. Such accommodations are illustrated by the incorporating of pagan festivals like midwinter solstice with Christmas and Vernal equinox (Spring plantings,) with Easter. This festival changed later with the advent of the Gregorian calendar.

The Angry Mermaid 80 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 80

By a happy accident, the Pope's envoy to Consecrate the Saxon great Church in Winchester turns out to be Cardinal Craklow, the once Archbishop of Warsaw. Drustina cunningly uses her Pagan circumstances and faith to persuade King Ethelred to allow her to approach the cardinal on her own behalf instead of getting the King to advocate for her. The Cardinal's ship delayed because it is dis-masted by a big wave. Drustina is fortuitously on hand with The Angry Mermaid and she get's the Cardinal out of a jam. He is delighted to meet her again after her efforts in Pola.

The Angry Mermaid 79 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 79

Drustina receives a summons to attend King Ethelred's court to resolve some issues concerning her pregnancy. She keeps her baby's paternity a secret to avoid any complications concerning the baby's potential rights to claim the Viking throne. Later she discovers her love for Carl and agreement to marry wins her some unexpected bonuses in her quest to regain her queendom of Lleyn.

The Angry Mermaid 78 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 78.

This chapter describes Drustina's battle with Harald Cold Blood during his attempt to invade and occupy Wessex. I have included a map with a Gazeteer to help illustrate battle sites and locations.


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