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A Bikini Beach Summer 11-13/21

A Bikini Beach Summer
by Daphne Xu

Part 11: Lucy and Carol agree, "What happened Friday night remains Friday night." Tuesday is the pass's last day. Last week's horror stories about Ruth come home to roost.

Part 12: As usual, Carol joins Luke, Ruth, and Daisy during their activities. Carol has to remind Luke of certain facts about Bikini Beach.

Part 13: Luke fearfully returns to Bikini Beach. Lucy gets in trouble with Jen, but manages to avoid being caught by Pa in her bikini. Luke, on the other hand...

A Bikini Beach Summer 08-10/21

A Bikini Beach Summer
by Daphne Xu

Part 8: The Day After, Lucy doesn't want to go to Bikini Beach, so her Bikini Beach friends come to her. There are new revelations, but things are also forgotten.

Part 9: Carol begins joining Lucy in her activities. Ma returns from a meeting enraged over horrible stories told about Ruth.

Part 10: Lucy joins the girls in the sleepover. They go shopping and play naughty games. Lucy is plagued with nightmares.

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 9

The finale. A scandal catapults Abigail, now Abeille, into the stratosphere of popularity, and the Prophecy inches ever closer to being fulfilled. Meanwhile, her new mega star status plays havoc with what remains of her morality as she deals with the rigours of fame. Those close to her attempt to intervene, but will it be too late for both her and the world?

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 8

With the Sidereus contract signed, Abigail is forced to acquiesce to the demands of her new legal guardian- Mr. Atwater. While a twisted Hollywood adventure looms before her, Abigail resigns herself to spend every waking hour with Ethan- including her first Christmas. Finally, with the end of Abigail’s belligerence, her rise to pop stardom and the fulfillment of the Prophecy is all but guaranteed, however; a stranger reveals a weakness that could overturn the Prophecy, potentially ushering in a new age.

White Rabbit -4-

When we last left our hero(ine) Dana had just been introduced to his new self. Now Dana begins to learn what is in store for him/her for the rest of his/her life. This is the final chapter. Barbie and I wish to thank all of you for reading, commenting and clicking the little "kudo" button. Your interest, suggestions and thoughts meant a lot to Barbie and me.

Mezmerized Part 3


Part 3

Four weeks after emerging as a girl, Lydia took Alicia to the school for cheerleader try-outs. Every red-blooded teenage boy in the school found some excuse to be on the athletic field while the cheerleader try-outs were held. As the football coach had learned through years of experience, it was impossible for his players to work out while the cheerleader try-outs were being conducted. The result was that close to a hundred fifty horny guys and the equally horny football coach were lounging about while the trials were conducted. The guys were far from silent, never hesitating to whistle or let forth with cat-calls as the cute cheerleaders and prospective cheerleaders gathered for the try-outs. The cheerleading coach actually encouraged this since the lusty attentions quickly weeded out those girls who would be too embarrassed to perform in front of crude boys.

Alicia wore a snug light pink angora short sleeved sweater that hugged her slim torso and accentuated her ample provocative breasts. A hot pink mid-thigh pleated cotton mini skirt swirled enticingly as she ambled to the registration table. A hot pink ribbon tied into a bow secured her bouncy ponytail at the back of her head while light pink cotton anklets and hot pink sneakers completed her attractive ensemble. The guys hooted and hollered and at least a dozen guys yelled out asking for a date. Several guys grabbed their hearts and made as if to swoon. Alicia blushed demurely, smiled, and winked at the boys, shaking her ponytail in a most endearing and teasing manner.

Mesmerized Part 2


Part 2

Stephan awoke slowly recalling all that had been done and all the changes that were to be made in him. That he was awakening as a girl for the first time frightened him. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked about his new bedroom.

The Manumission Game, part 6 of 6

“I come to play,” he said, holding up the cards and fanning the deck to show the faces. “Do you care for Six-Card Pitch?”

Their faces were suddenly avid. “Nay, Six-Card Pitch is a game for fools. Let’s play a round of Tentstakes,” said the dark-skinned tall woman.

“And the stakes shall be...” the most buxom of the shorter women said, frowning as if she were trying to remember something.

“Ourselves!” another cried.

The Manumission Game, part 5 of 6

“I think they’re under a curse to remain like that until they sleep with a certain man. Probably the sorcerer who put the curse on them, or his patron — but something went wrong and they never did sleep with the guy, and they’ve been like that for decades, maybe centuries.”

The Manumission Game, part 4 of 6

“I’m not a woman,” he said in a low voice. “I’m a man, but a wicked alchemist did this to me. Can you tell me anything about the sorcerer who did this to you?”

A haunted look came into the eyes of the women for a moment, but quickly passed. “We have ever been thus,” one of them said.

Blossom Manor - School for Gurls

Mother, sister and Aunty convert Andrew into a simpering schoolgirl. They denied him 'everything essential to being a boy'.

I could add this into the SisterDom stories but it would need a rewrite or a large extra chunk. Maybe. Alys P

The Fall of Condor Chapter 4

Former superhero Francisca Verdugo recalls how she was captured and transformed from a young man to a sexy woman, and how to the world the hero Condor disappeared and is presumed K.I.A.

The Fall of Condor Chapter 3

Former superhero Francisca Verdugo recalls how she was captured and transformed from a young man to a sexy woman, and how to the world the hero Condor disappeared and is presumed K.I.A.

The Fall of Condor Chapter 2

Former superhero Francisca Verdugo recalls how she was captured and transformed from a young man to a sexy woman, and how to the world the hero Condor disappeared and is presumed K.I.A.

The Fall of Condor

Wren We Go A-Haunting.

In this next Wren Adams tale( actually the first sent to our charming Miss. ); we're introduced to an aspiring web vlogger/internet musician, who finds herself possessed by several spirits of the Halloween season, reluctantly helping them to resolve some final & rather bawdy issues.
With Wren Adams gracious permission, this nicely naughty tease starts off the new adventures of a girl with a uniquely open mind

My magical journey

It was finally here, i was going to start highschool in a week i was going to be free of my sisters friends punishment. Maybe i should explain a little. High im Andrew 19 im not really that big i have a slightly effeminate body for my age which might explain why i was stealing my sisters friends clothes to wear.

The Consultant and the Mask Ch 6 of 7

Morgana and her Elven allies are poised to assault the terrorist group. Unbeknownst to Morgana her mother has been subjected to an artifact capable of powerful compulsions. Will Morgana be able to rescue her mother? Will she recover the Mask? And will Max escape?

The Price She Paid

teens making out

I would gratefully like to acknowledge Mr. Ram as my Editor. Without his suggestions and watchful eye, this story would not be as complete. To him and all of our volunteer Editors, Thank You!

The Price She Paid
By Anon Allsop

With frustration, I looked back at the little girl running to catch up with me. I hated her almost as much as I did her brother, Jeremy. It wasn't always that way, we used to be good friends way back when. But when my girlfriend dumped me, after a month and a half of dating... for Jeremy, our friendship was shattered.

I should have known better getting close to Adrienne, she was like that, a social butterfly. Before Jeremy, before me, there was Jack, Mark and two guys from the school across town. Adrienne was a real player, I guess I shouldn't have held it against Jeremy but... he was the guy after me, and I've blamed him ever since. I kept making up things about him in my head, and after time, came to believe them.

Rae Summers: A New Beginning Chapter 13

Rae Summers: A New Beginning Chapter 13

Want to thank this lovly community for all the love and support you have shared with us over the years. We look forward to being aa part of this wonderful group for many years to come. Now from out of the past a little more Rae Summers.


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