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The veil of blackness drew swiftly back from Pandora's eyes. She looked at the fire burning low in the fireplace and contemplated adding more wood to it before her guest arrived. She could just as easily call on one of her staff to do it, but preferred as much as possible, to do things for herself.

At Least It Could Have Been Worse

At Least It Could Have Been Worse

by shalimar

When this started, it was late August 2005 and I was Barry Nardella, a stockbroker living alone on Long Island, NY in my co-op bachelor pad. I was making tons of money, but not satisfied with my life.

The girl inside

The Girl Inside

 © Nick B May 2007

Here's a little ditty I put together over the last couple of days I thought may interest some. It's only short so there's no excuse for passing it by. If nothing else it'll hopefully make you smile and I'm sure there are some out there who would be interested if it really did exist...

Spring Surprise

A week or so ago I posted a short atmospheric piece triggered by an experience on the river bank. This is for those who found it too dark: it is, if you like, an antidote to Elegy. You inspired it, thank you.

Heaven Can Wait -Part 1- Decisions

Heaven can wait.

A TG story by Allie Elle

This story is structured around a song I consider to be one of my anthems. Meatloaf’s ballad Heaven can wait. The song holds meaning different things for many people but this story covers what it means to me.

Part one: Decisions


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