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Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-36


Not that it’s all bad here, it’s not there’s horrible things going on here but the people. The ones that are good and caring and kind and brave.
They’re worth saving.
I wake up when Serra does and she’s sitting up and she’s looking out our window and I’m trying to see what’s going on out there and I see a girl that looks like she’s a truck stop prostitute and she looks like she’s in trouble from two large guys that have her cornered and looking like they want to get her into their transport truck.
I look at her and Serra is looking like she’s riding the fence on helping or having us stay under the radar.
I give her a look, a long look and she nods. “Get the engine going we’re leaving, I won’t be long.”
“Be careful, they might be armed.”
She kisses me. “One knife and the other has a handgun.”
Then she’s out and she’s walking towards them and I can feel her building her power for the fight and channeling it through her nerves and muscles.
I start the engine and pull out of the parking spot and watch things as they unfold.
*And Now…Serra.

Foolish Weatherman

Takes place shortly before the events of the episode "Unfair Weather Friends" from the Hoenn saga of the anime. After being pressured by his coworkers at the Weather Institute about his blatant feelings for their newest employee Millie, Bart musters up the courage to ask her out to dinner. But while the evening seems to go almost perfectly for them both, looks can be deceiving...

The Bridge

The Bridge
By Daphne Xu

Teaser: An old wooden bridge provided a short-cut for generations of schoolchildren walking to school. But now, the bridge is so rickety and rotten that children are warned in no uncertain terms to avoid that bridge.

Jessie Hanks Outlaw Queen: The Cameo Murder (Part 2 of 2)

Jessie and Paul leave the Apache with the Sheriff not far behind. Can they escape him and the risk of the venomous scorpion? WIll Jessie prove her innocence? And what of the mystery of Dandy Jim? For this and more, read the stirring adventure of JESSIE HANKS OUTLAW QUEEN!

Street and Smith’s New York Weekly is proud to present the latest addition to the amazing legend of Eerie, Arizona.

Jessie Hanks Outlaw Queen: The Cameo Murder
By Nicholas Varrick
As Told by Ellie Dauber and Christopher Leeson © 2016

Jessie Hanks Outlaw Queen: The Cameo Murder (Part 1 of 2)

Jessie and Paul travel to Dawson, Arizona, so Jessie can sing at her friend, Hanna Tyler's, wedding. But the cameo that Jessie gave Hanna as an engagement present makes Jessie prime suspect in a murder investigation. On the run, they encounter Apache, venomous scorpions, road agents, and the U.S. Cavalry.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 22


Nicole takes us past to the bursars office and I have some pay there.

Which was actually unexpected and it was really nice and I actually leave some of the “found” coin with her and I get myself a decent brace of the local coin mostly in coppers and a silver pennies at Nicole’s suggestion and I leave a respectable amount in my holdings there.

I’m far from rich really but I have some monies, some.

It’s a weight off my mind that I didn’t know was there.

We leave together heading out with some others who are on liberty tonight too and we share a wagon ride from the gates into the city and one of the places where people are getting dropped off and I can’t help but to be excited and to smile with all of the folk around and shops and things are lit with electric illuminations and it’s busy and exciting.

Nicole tugs on my sleeve and we’re heading first thing for some confection shop.

*And Now…

Magic is.. a wakeup call for some people. [1.5]

fire.jpg An Identity crisis isn't the same as having a crisis with your identities.
In this instalment we finally find out just what HAS been going on.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Sarah annoys a doctor (somehow)
And Hannah awakens, in more ways then one.

The Ambassador's Wife - conclusion

The Ambassador’s Wife – Conclusion.
I couldn’t believe it, here I was once again in the ambassador’s bedroom being stripped of my clothing by his ravishing wife. Unfortunately, they were her clothes after I’d played her in a decoy to try and draw fire from the embassy in which she was hiding.

“I’ve never seen a young man with so thin a body,” she said assessing me.

“It’s me mum’s fault, all her family are skinny, Ma’am, an’ I s’pose I take after her.”

“Hence you were able to wear my clothes.”

Magic is.. not a word I would use to describe prom night.[1.1]

15herrmann-night.jpg A hero isn't born a heroine and growing up can be a bumpy road.
In this instalment we go back a few years.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
A slightly more awake Sarah
(although the benefits of that are debatable)
And Hannah reluctantly goes to prom for a night he should never forget.

Magic is.. [1.0]

3.jpg TV personality and Tomb Raider Sarah, along with her faithful camera man Tor went off route in search of their next episode.
Things didn't go quite as planned, and these are the consequences..

A Touch of Magic Part 10

Chapter 11
The twins kept their distance from us but always watched us. In class they didn’t engage us, instead trying hard not to work alongside us. Ms. Kimball kept trying to get the five of us to work together but they were only doing enough to keep her at bay.

The BIG Adventure - I'm ready now.

The BIG adventure – I’m ready now.

Even when you go out filled with confidence - there are nasties offering endless pain. For first-timers, the risk may be more than they can bear.

Catfish Part 2

catfish, noun: a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes

Jason's prank doesn't go as planned, and he finds himself dragged deeper into things than expected.

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-35


The GPS says we’re near a place called Ruby Valley, Nevada.
I look over at my Tuan, my beloved. “Where are we going now?”
“West…we head for California and then.”
“Then we look for Dylan?”
Serra looks at me. “First we get lost and then a safe house, and then we have to tell the other’s what’s going on.”
“And Dylan?...” I look out the window as we’re driving. “If they’re going to change then they’ll be going through it soon.”
Serra nods. “We’ll check, one of the hidden elders might have clues.”
I nod and bite my lip.
There’s so much to be scared for and of and right now I just really, really want to get my family back together and get home.

*And Now…

A Touch of Magic Part 9

Chapter 10
Mom got Zoe to calm down which caused the orb to dissipate. We looked at one another in disbelief with Sela asking the obvious “do you have to be born to magic to have magical abilities?”

Mom wanted to faint at the realization. She quietly uttered “power of three” over and over again. Dad sat her down while Sela and Zoe ran to get her some tea to calm her nerves. I waited until they returned and asked her softly “what is the power of three?”

Catfish Part 1

catfish, noun: a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes

Jason's prank on his roommate goes terribly wrong... or terribly right.

Marley for the Win Part 5

Marley for the Win Part 5

“Yeah Mom, your new boyfriend thinks you have two daughters,”

Marley stopped and just stood there, his sister was laughing, but his Mom looked seriously upset. That guy Mom knows thinks I’m a girl, God this is messed up, Marley thought. Oh and she likes him, and now I’ve screwed that up, Marley’s embarrassment bubbled over and he yelled “Damn it this isn’t funny!”

“Yeah knock it off Ann,” Lisa said. “I’m so sorry Marley, this was such a stupid idea, listen let’s just get you back to normal and go home.”

The Diary of Alex De-Guire

The Diary of Alex De-Guire

Brian Sanderson is just an average guy in retirment, probably not that average as a former ranger and spec ops he decided to take is slow and follow his hobby and lifelong interest as an antics dealer and examiner. One destiny driven day he get's hold of a couple of diaries that makes him questioning everything he ever believed in.

Goddess of the Arts

Goddess of the Arts

Josephus Carter is dying of cancer. Believing there is no grace in death, he abandons his family and friends to sail into the Pacific and die alone. Josephus soon finds himself in a strange yet familiar world. A world with gods, where a Goddess of fate and a God of Labor have called Josephus to take his place as their child a Goddess of the Arts.

A Touch of Magic Part 6

Chapter 7
Sela and I went off to school without saying a word. She was embarrassed at what she said to mom, I know she was still in shock when she said it but it was the truth. I agreed with her, mom and her dad are a good couple and she would be a great sister to me.

A Touch of Magic Part 5

Chapter 6
Sela saw what I had done. I had to think fast. I cast the same immobilizer spell to hold her but it didn’t work! I tried a forget spell and that too didn’t work!

Sela looked at me funny. She tried to form word but was struggling. I turned away from her and let Zoe move then cast a forget spell with the instructions “you will forget that you were going to harm me and Sela. You will remain here for several minutes after we leave and you will tell the teacher that you had an accident in your pants. You will go home in shame.”

Incorruptible Cop

A single person tries to stop a tragedy from occuring only to see that it might be the start of something even worse. His only confidant sees to it that he finds help from the right people and in the process cause the two to see something greater about themselves.

A short interlude taking place alongside "True Friends and Family Part 13" that impacts the world of the Winnisimmet Tales for many years to come.

Radio Call

© 2015 D.L.

The rain water slowly dripped down from the rafter onto the black bin liner covering the child curled up underneath. The thin plastic sheet proviing a waterproof shield, keeping the occupant of the abanonded barn dry. Macie was tucked as tight into the corner as she could manage.

It would have been drier against the other wall, where the roof wasn't leaking as much. However, that would have positioned the youngster in the direct path of the cold night wind coming in through the exposed hole in the wall where a access door would have once been hung. It had been a challenge to climb up eight feet into the opening. However, the wall was not vertical. The wall tapered towards the top. The soft cement holding the cobble and flint together was not enough to resist the subsidence that exagerated the lean. The rough surface providing just enough protrusions for climbing.

Better To Give Epilogue

Agent Ryan tapped her desk top, taking very slow, deep breaths to keep from yelling at the incompetent excuse of an MCO agent who was standing shamefaced before her. She'd had to send an intern to pick up Agent MacArthur, from some little no nothing town on Christmas eve, and now when she should be reading “The Night Before Christmas” to her youngest, she had to deal with a total mess.

Better To Give Part 3 (Complete)

I massaged my leg which was horribly scarred as people worked on the estate that was spread out before me. People, humans and others, were tending gardens, herding reindeer, cleaning the steps of the mansion which looked like it was made of ice. They were the people I had helped save, and their descendent. Watching them creating beauty in the frozen north, even with the odd perspective from having a single eye, and knowing that my once strong muscles had wasted away over the years of pain that never went away and my own lameness, made it worthwhile.

Better To Give Part 2

Authors Notes: This is a fanfiction set in the Whateley Universe.
Also sorry about the long delay and the fact that it's still not done. I've been fighting some kind of sinus infection since October that made it feel like I couldn't breathe. It's getting better now, but I'm still not near 100%. Between that and a few special projects I was getting nothing else done.

Changes~Sarah's Story~Chapter 1


‘Who did this to you Mark?’ asked the PE teacher, Mr Daniels who was looking very annoyed.

‘I fell over.’


Changes~Sarah's Story

A Penmarris Story
Chapter 1


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