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When a woman runs away to escape the pressures from her rich parent’s attempts to control her life and ends up in deepest darkest Africa. She never realised that getting bitten from a mutated snake will make her escape permanent and that her lover will end up taking her place as her parent’s daughter.

Bobbi's Run ch. 6


The police start hunting Bobby and her mother gets a hold of a tape of the shooting. Sandra and Becky along with their parents are placed in protective custody. Liz finally lerans some details about her son she didn't know.

Genomorph Part 1


Synopsis: Lt. Commander Brandon Anderson is grievously wounded during a special operation in the Iraqi desert. After two years of surgery and therapy, and facing a lifelong disability, he accepts an offer from Dr. Susan Covington to participate in an ambitious test of the alien artifact he helped recover from the desert. The results are something neither anticipated in their wildest imaginings and Brandon embarks on a journey to discover the woman, and weapon, he has become.

Bobbi's Run ch. 4


Bobbi's story continues at his home. His Mom knows something isn't right with him and learns more than he wanted to tell her. Bobbi too learns more than he wanted to know and what he learns scares him even more.

Bobbi's Run ch. 3


Detective Tara Collins is called to the scene of a grisly and brutal multiple homicide. There were thousands of people around but no witnesses. A poorly positioned security cam shows three teens, who may be her only chance to solve the murders.

Bobbi's Run ch. 1


Bobby is a teenage boy that really wants to be a girl. He likes to video tape girls being girls so he can learn to imitate them. One day the boy Bobby joins two classmates at the mall and things go wrong from there, or is it go right from there.


Novelist and ex-reporter Faith Collins gets a surprise visit from her nephew, Darren. This leads them into an investigation into the depths of corruption. Caution: This story depicts sexual abuse of a teen and the subsequent search for justice.



Julie O.


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What Ever Became of the Sisterhood?


The Sisterhood had been destroyed and Diana Hunter could turn her attention to more productive activities. But was the Sisterhood completely eliminated? Were there some loose ends that needed to be tidied up? And just why was America's most covert agency suddenly interested in her business?

Working Girl -8-


He looked angry, very angry. His little piggy eyes were puffed out. His face was
redder than beetroot. The veins on his bulbous nose seemed to stand out more than
usual and his hands were clenching and unclenching like he wanted to do serious
damage to someone's neck, presumably mine.

The Protector: Assorted Sweets

Federal Agent Ally Burns, a preop TS, is back in her latest
adventure, coping with running an enlarged department, helping a male
agent go deep undercover as a TS, trying to help her friends, and

Breaking Cover - Exclusive Preview


This is an exclusive three-chapter preview of Jenny Walker's latest novel, "Breaking Cover".
Steve Williams, an intelligence analyst, faces the prospect of being sent into the field... but it wasn't to be how he always imagined it.

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Return to the House of Fabulous


Can Madam Fabulous help Terry swim with the sharks on Wall Street? Another trip to the House of Fabulous from the author of Skylord, now available from Amazon at http://snurl.com/fiction

The Rigby Narratives -12- Blonde Like Me

The Rigby Narratives:
The Ultimate TG Experience
by McKenzie Rigby

as told to Andy Hollis and Jaye Michael

Chapter Twelve -- Blonde Like Me

I Can See For Miles Part 2 (End)

Part 2- I Can See For Miles

Fourth Story in the Angelverse

By Tyrone Slothrop

The story winds to it's conclusion

Chapter 14: To The Mattresses: High Sierras, Northern California- September

I Can See For Miles - Part 1

I Can See For Miles

By Tyrone Slothrop- Fourth Story in the Angelverse

Author’s Note: This is the fourth Angel story and he needed lots of help for this mission. Even when I threw in characters from my previous work into the mix, we still needed more. I then reached out to other authors who had created heroic figures with a similar purpose. You will see a series of works attached to this story, all launching off the same assignment detailed in chapter 20. I can tell you we had fun doing it- Tyrone Slothrop

Accidental Momma

Accidental Momma

By Tyrone Slothrop- A High Sierras story, part of the Angelverse

A young teen is betrayed by those who should look out for him, and learns the meaning of responsibility and family


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