Crime / Punishment

Images 44

Images 44

Chapter 44

Iggy’s looking not that well as she looks at me and she looks at the cops and she sort of pulls herself up to where she’s sitting and she’s pulling her legs up. I sit beside her and she does this little lead against me and I slip an arm around her behind her back.

She’s quiet for awhile and just looking at her I can see her pulling away and getting distant like she’s lost inside her head.


“I was five…? I think when he first started…he’d tell me I was pretty…told me that I was special his perfect little girl.”

Thorvald's Saga

Thorvald and Olaf Gundarson are sentenced to three years as outlaws by the medieval parliament of Iceland, and any man can kill they. They seek the help of a wizard, but the help they get is hardly what they expected.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-11

My Super Secret Life…Villain-11

Chapter 11

Jeff’s sort of recovering and Holly is shocked and wiping her coffee off the table and her face but she’s got this look there too that is all OMG this might be interesting going on.

“Rikki, my daughter’s right fricking here y’know.”

“So, it’s not like she’s got virgin ears I’d say since she’s not that freaked out and I think she’s old enough to get that two consenting people can and do have oral sex.”


My Super Secret Life...Villain-10

My Super Secret Life…Villain-10

Chapter 10

Jeff’s actually cute as he’s glaring at me and then the money and then the spiked mace. It’s actually a little bit funny even as he’s trying to turn over all of this in his head and I can almost see that trying to be a logical, reasonable, normal person about this.

He actually does come over after making me another cup of coffee and we sit and after a minute or too of quietness he says. “Pass the black bean beef please?”

Images 43

Images 43

Chapter 43

I’m mad…I’m mad and sort of feeling a bit sick in my heart about finding out about this. Iggy was abused and I know I wasn’t in a good place myself then struggling with what and who I was but I just can’t help but really feel bad even a little guilty about me being that self absorbed back then that I couldn’t see the pain there?

I was over there at her place more than a few times and I never noticed the way that she interacted with him.

And just the thought of that sick bastard finding out about my daughter has my stomach churning in this…

God the thought of it just disgusts me.

I hit, punch the wall with one hand a few times as I head back downstairs. No it’s not my guy side rising up. I don’t have a guy side anymore instead I have a Mom side. She’s fresh right out of the package but that’s the person that just punched a hole in the drywall.

You mess with my family and it’s on.

You hurt one of my children and I will kill you.

Guilty as charged!

Guilty as charged!

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

Part 1. My sentence.

Despite my pleas of innocence, I was found guilty of rape. It had always been regarded as a very serious crime and this was still true in the third decade of the 21st century. The mandatory sentence, however, had recently changed dramatically as more efforts were made to ensure that criminals did not re-offend. This is my version of what happened.

A woman scorned

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 05

Chapter Five

So now he was a were-cat.

Taylor sat up and put on his shirt. It was still odd, after several months of being a cat, how comfortable it felt to wear clothing again. He reached over for his jeans and pulled them up his legs.

Anyone watching would be amazed at the way he moved. He was unintentionally deliberate, with a natural kind of sinuous grace that would be the envy of the most skilled ballerina. He was slipping on his shoes when she called.

Eldorado part 2.

Eldorado part 2.

And like I said we’ve all drawn steel and Damon’s flipped the table between me and him blocking my view of him.

Okay…in the few scant seconds I need to think.

Is he going for cover?
Is he going to run?
Is he going to shoot me through the table?

He stabbed Jade who was a friend in cold blood.

I lean/fall back and just in time as he’s palm snapping the hammer and there’s bits of table flying over me as his bullets whiz past me as I fall backwards and one’s close enough to take my hat off my head.

Jem...Chapter 58

Jem…Chapter 58

Chapter 58

It was one twenty six when the plane landed in at Lester B. Pearson and two men got off the plane and made their way to the rental car stand and were soon on their way north by north west towards Harper’s Point.

They didn’t say much but drove hard and fast one twenty to one forty the entire way. The older of the two was familiar with the roads and highways here being Ontario born and bred.

Brianna’s journey.1

Most people who knew the old me would have told you I never would have amounted to anything other than a long time occupant of a federal hotel if you know what I mean.

But here I am on this stage fixing to receive my BIO chemical engineering degree, I would like to see the look on their faces, of coarse they would most likely never recognize me unless they knew what happened.

Forced To Be A Girl

My Super Secret Life...Villain-9

My Super Secret Life…Villain-9

Chapter 9

I’m not sure if I’m punchy from the pain or the adrenaline but I am bizarrely having a good time sort of hiding slumped in the back seat of Jeff’s car while he drives us to him condo and he’s muttering the whole way.

I would have been perturbed by him doing this before but since my latest mutation shift and my body sort of catching up to my age it’s actually kind of cute. It does make me wonder though if it’s like hormones and brain chemistry or the fact that we’ve had sex together.

Curse the Protagonist

Curse the Protagonist

"Cold. So...very....cold."

"Oh come on Jim, you could've used a less cliché dieing line."

"Dude!" John nudged his unorthodox friend, "Show a little respect, he's just been hit by a freaking lightning bolt!"

"Oh please," Kyle laughed, "Jim's the main protagonist, he won't die."

"Ummm dude." The fourth member of the group, Gary, interrupted. "The story's just started."

"What?" Kyle turned around in confusion.

"The story's just started meaning there's been no character development yet and thus there is no protagonist."

Where Did We Put Keith?

Where Did We Put Keith?

This story contains strong language, sexual content and boys acting like jerks. (A little different for me) So you have been warned.

This story doesn't flow in a straight forward way, it is fairly scattered with headings for where/when each separate sequence is located - you should be able to pick up the whole storyline as you go along.

This story is just a little fun really; a silly little teen story, don't take anything in this piece at all seriously.

Enjoy. (Or at least try to!)




Julie O


By Itinerant

For testifying against the man who murdered his family, Scott Helms now faces a price on his head. However he is offered a unique opportunity of a new life.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-8

My Super Secret Life…Villain 8

Chapter 8


I almost rattled stuff in the diner.

So why in the world of don’t give a fuck am I so pissed?

I’ve been on the streets a long time. And in a city like Ark City there are over five to six hundred thousand kids on the streets. Some get out, some don’t stay and are just visiting, so go gang or become hookers and junkies, the list goes on and on…but you just think about the population and the amount of predators that come here for the camouflage…

Yeah run the numbers.

The lesson

I was reading another story of "petticoat punishment in girls school" When my muse decided that this should be part of the story. Oh well what can you do?

The young girl stomped down the hallway her black Mary Janes making an unusual clacking sound as she was visiably upset. She turned eventually into a dorm room and closed the door making sure it was as secured as possible via a screw trick she had learned in another life.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-6

My Super Secret Life…Villain-6

Chapter 6

It’s my first sex dream.

And Link is the starring player.

It’s raining out that night time movie rain and I’m back at the tunnel with her. I came with supplies and I’m wet and shivering and she comes in from the deeper tunnels and she’s……well she’s.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-3.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-3.

My great thanks to Thera who came up with the greater part of this really interesting character.

………………………………................. *Karma….

My name’s Quinn, Quinn Jackson…yeah that guy…poor me right. I know, I know.

I guess this is how things got started and that was as far back as junior high. I was famous. Q-J…the all star basketball star and even then…It thought I was perfect…I thought I was king of my world. Big and strong…I was even good looking and I’ll admit…I knew I was all those things.

The Obsidian Monkey

The Obsidian Monkey
By Morpheus

A woman finds an obsidian monkey idol which offers her 3 wishes...with a catch. And what does this mean for someone else? This is the second story in the Monkey Gods trilogy.

A Change of Summer Camps - Part 2 - The Art of Distraction

Change of Summer Camps
Part Two

By Jessie C

Before we went to sleep for the night, Jamie and Sharon took me aside to talk. “We just want to thank you and say we are pleasantly amazed by the neat Sister you are turning out to be.” They could tell by the stun look on my face that I did not understand.

Second Chances- Part 6

Second Chances
Alexander Kung

A/N this is a rewrite of chapter 6. Please let me know what you think _Alexander

Kelly Daniels, formerly the hate filled bully Ryan Thomas, finds herself madly in love with boy she once bullied. Now she finds her new life and everyone she has grown to care about threatened by her stepfather’s wrath

The Change-room.

What do you mean I can't write another chapter of The missing manhoods?

But that has nothing to do with missing...

Hey I paid good money for those pots PUT THEM DOWN!

Ok fine but you had better let me get to work on missing manhoods soon..

My Super Secret Life...Villain-5

My Super Secret Life…Villain 5

Chapter 5

Thankfully I passed out at some point as I was crying myself to sleep and there was the distinct sort of feeling that someone had shot me up with something fizzyly and bubbly and hurt like hell.

Really hurt like hell and right now it doesn’t feel much better.

My guts hurt.

My insides hurt and it’s like someone is grabbing them and squeezing and twisting.

A Change of Summer Camps

Change of Summer Camps

By Jessica C

My name is Willy and Summer Camp started for me and my sister as soon as school was out in mid-June. I started at Camp Arrowhead but that and a few other things changed on my tenth day. Willy will get the full experience of being a Rainbow Camper.

The Patient

The Patient

by shalimar


Is this reality, a patient's delusion or a page from The World Wacky News?
Note: ignore the timeline error.


"Dr. Anderson, I am finally glad to meet you, sir. My name is Carla Grucci. I'm the new medical student assigned to

Into the Looking-Glass - A TWILIGHT ZONE story (Part One)

This story is part of a trilogy, the first portion is more like a horror story, and the 2nd and 3rd portions have the TG in them.

ancient_mirror.jpg"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. Next stop: THE TWILIGHT ZONE." - Rod Serling


Into the Looking-Glass - A TWILIGHT ZONE
By Anon Allsop

A cursed mirror begins our trilogy of an evil, vain young woman's trip into the unknown. Ending somewhere between there and here, where the known and unknown intersect. Only to play itself out inside...The Twilight Zone!

The consequences of lying.

I was staring at my friend Andy, no Amy, no Andy, no Amy. She, no he, was standing in front of me in a set of grey satin underwear, which included a suspender belt that was holding up some glossy stockings. The hair was perfect, the make up ideal for the situation. The voice neither falsetto nor too deep, just sexy, no wonder I was confused.

Slow Justice

Slow Justice
by Ellie Dauber

"Mr. Foreman, have you reached a verdict?" The jury foreman rose. He
was an older man in a plaid work shirt and jeans. He looked nervously
about the court room, his eyes never resting on Jenny or her parents
sitting nervously behind the District Attorney's desk.

Jenny Benton was a slender seventeen year old, her blonde hair done in a
pony tail that hung down well below her shoulders. She wore a pale blue
blouse with matching skirt and belt, light blue sneakers with matching
socks, rather than hose and heels. The outfit was intended to make her

Jem...Chapter 27

Jem…Chapter 27


I can’t help the smile on my face when I watch that little fucker’s car on the posted up videos online.

Summer’s giggling her ass off as she replays it and is taking repeated hits off the joints I bought her. “This is so fucking cool! That fucker’s been hanging around my ex’s new singer and dirty little cunt licker…Jem…Jem, Jem Fucking Jem!”

She starts to elbow my car windows and settles down when I give her a backhanded slap.
“Hey fucker!”

“Don’t scuff my interior.”

Civil War

Civil War Casualty

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

I should never have gone to that godforsaken country, but I needed the money. I signed a two year contract with the National Oil Company at a salary twice what I could earn at home and found myself the only expat in a team of 12 men on a remote drilling rig miles into the desert.

The Fourth Countess

The Fourth Countess


By Karin Beyaert

Kurt had always dreamt about having his own castle. And one or two other minor changes in his life as well, like e.g. becoming very rich.
As so often good deeds get rewarded and wishes fulfilled.
Kurt gets all he ever longed for. And as a real man he is prepared to pay the price for success. Or is he eventually not…?
Be careful with what you wish, you might get it. And, even worse, have to keep it!


Jem...Chapter 24

Jem…Chapter 24

Chapter 24


What the fuck!?

What the fucking hell is going on with shit now….I know…I know what caused the whole fucking thing.

Fucking Jason Powers…

I hate that little cocksucker with a passion.

Why? He started it when we were kids. There’s just a way life is sometimes. So people are poor, some are rich, what comes up must come down, water is wet, the sky is blue. And the Marshall family doesn’t just own Hardy Point but we pretty much fucking built it!

Everyone else got it. Everyone else played by the rules. They gave respect where it was due.

The Ram 27

In this chapter Daphne goes 'Head to head' with Arfon but the outcome is undecided. Sion is rescued by Daphne but at what costs to Daphne's nerves?

The Welsh Mountain Ram 27.

Briony... Betrayed wife and mother.
Sion... Her eight-year-old son.
Ellairy... Her nine-month--old daughter.
Arfon... Brionys’ abusive and unfaithful husband.
Dave Cadwalloder... Welsh bachelor hill-farmer.
Jenny and Lassie... Daves’ sheepdog bitches.
Laddie... Daves’ sheepdog.
Jessica and Pansy... Daves’ sows.
Angel... Daves’ mare.
Gabriella (Gabby)... Angels’ foal (Gift to Sion.)

The General’s Daughter Part 2

The General's Daughter.jpg

Part Two begins with our heroine leaving the gathering at the family farm after receiving a startling offer and returning to her mountain hideout to something even more startling. Due to that terrible and never to be sufficiently damned author and her penchant for reading stories instead of writing them, it has been a while between chapters so I would recommend a refresher but I swear the next ones will be coming on a more or less weekly basis going forward.

My Super Secret Life-16.

My Super Secret Life-16.

Chapter 16

I made a coffee trying to pick one of those mini packs that Alexis might like. I settle for a full fat latte and set the machine. I look over at her/Matt. She’s got her back to the headboard, wearing the blankets like a girl but knees up, hugging her knees and she looks…good?

Not even upset, her hair’s a mess and hanging everywhere and the vocal modulator choker’s still on her throat. And her eyes are just doing that dreamy not dreamy off in though stare.

A boy…that’s so much a girl,…he’s beautiful.

A Decade of Big Busts Stories - No 1 - BIG BUSTS, the start of it all


My very first Big Bust story was published in 2002, and products from the Big Bust shop have continued to feature in many of my stories ever since. Set in the fictional English seaside town of Seacombe, Big Busts products are considered state of the art by men who want to look like women, even when naked.

To celebrate Big Busts' tenth year, I have decided to republish all my Big Busts' stories which are not already on Big Closet, which I'll do at intervals throughout the year, starting with my very first Big Busts' story, explaining how the store started up. It was originally published under the authorship of Marianne Nettes, but rather than causing confusion, I have now switched to the name I have used since 2004.

It's worth saying that the vast majority of my stories are meant to be out and out fun (and I don't think there's enough of it on this site) often combined with mystery, sex and mayhem. Whether you're a new reader of my stories, or you have read them before, I hope you sit back and enjoy, without becoming too serious about it all.

The Judge made me do it

I could not believe what the judge was saying. She was sentencing me to “Class-A Sissy Incarnation”. I knew what this was, everyone knew. It is a State law saying that a guardian appointed by the judge could incarcerate a person to their control and mandate the troubled person to become a sissy. It was legal and happens way to often since there is no room in our jails. Society approves of this treatment.

A short story of revenge .

“Oh yeah your tight you little bitch", That’s all I can hear over my screams as this low life enters me.

As this is happing I have to think of how I ended up here, tied to this bed God knows where getting violated by some guy who paid for me.

(Four days earlier)



By kayla don
Edited by Red_MacDonald

You know, it’s weird to be standing here in this spot, outside the place that made me the person I am to day. As I look at the building that has haunted my dreams for the past fifteen years, I just have to think back on the events that took place all those years ago.


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