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The Stocking is on The Other Leg - Part 1

A small town man begins to learn that a little tolerance towards others may not be such a bad thing.

Warning: this story has sexual content of a somewhat explicit nature.

Andersonville - The Final Season

The Final Season

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

Andersonville - Season 2

Season 2

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

Andersonville - Season 1

Season 1

by Kelly Davidson

Andersonville is based on the story "The Life and Death of Al Parker". Reading the story is recommend to understand some of the discussion in the follow series.

The Trial

The Trial

by shalimar

The trial of bin Laden

On Friday morning, after Norman and I brought our little girls to school, I was spending some time getting ready for the Shabbat evening meal when Sarah burst into the kitchen.

"Why aren't you in school?" I asked angrily.

"We just caught bin Laden," she replied.

"Who are 'we', and why aren't you in school?"

"Anya, Danielle and me," she told me.

"If you were in school you would know that this time it is,
'Anya, Danielle and I.' So what is going to happen now?"

Stand Up - audio book

This is an audio book version of my story, Stand Up. It's about a post-apocalyptic world where individuality, even things we often take for granted, such as gender identity, is considered a serious anti-social disorder. One person has decided to stand up from the crowd. This is the story of her trial and her pleas to the humanity behind blind, staring masks.

The Panther Girl

The Panther Girl

by Xaltatun of Acheron

Chapter 1: Jason’s Trophy

Jason’s return party was, Abner thought, sizzling. At an easy two meters, Jason himself wasn’t hard to spot towering over the gaggle of adoring females clustered around him. It wasn’t just the height; the easy and overpowering masculinity that radiated almost unconsciously from his direction was an irresistible chick magnet.

Deep Cover, revised

Deep Cover


Harkness Holdings had just posted another astounding quarterly earnings statement that left Wall Street analysts breathless with excitement. The chattering financial commentators were agog. Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal were all touting the quarter-by-quarter meteoric rise of Beauregard “Beau” Chadsworth, Harkness’ CEO, and his team who’d taken the moribund company and pushed it to the heights of Wall Street stardom. Harkness’ share prices reflected the unbounded confidence of investors big and small. From the get-rich-quick types to the most cautious investors, Harness was what they all wanted.

Beau Chadsworth was the darling of the talk show hosts who outdid one another in their fawning praise. In the post-Enron scandal era, Harkness was basking in its squeaky clean image. And Chadsworth, for his part was all becoming modesty. He was quick to point to the success and support of his team, Jack Levin the COO and Bridget O’Leary the CFO and their subordinates. Then there was the Chadsworth Foundation, already being talked about in the same breath as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so recently bolstered by the largess of Warren Buffett.

All was golden in the second and third quarters of 2006. Or so it seemed.

No Obligation, Part 17

On her way to her final confrontation with the Cat Goddess, Becca gets "all fired up" defending Tommy, gives some enemies a little space, gets a front row seat for Heather's awakening, and learns things about magical predators she could never see on The Discovery Channel. Spells at twenty paces, anyone?

No Obligation, Part 16

Oaths are made, alliances forged, friendships kindled, and enemies revealed, as Becca prepares for the final confrontation with the Cat Goddess and her "children." Who would have thought "making out" would lead to the beginning of the end?

No Obligation
Part 16

by Randalynn

"Oaths and Confrontations"


Someone wants private investigator Nick Llewellyn to disappear, and they've devised a twisted way to accomplish that. Now he has just twenty-four hours to find out who is behind it - twenty-four hours until he ends up dead on arrival.

Just Deserts

Just Deserts 
 By Julie O.

Many students often feel their teacher is a demon; for some of the students at Munson High, they are about to find out that they are right.

The Rise of Michelle


A story moved from Classic BigCloset.

The Rise of Michelle

By jasmine

The continuation of "Triumph of My Will". Michelle seeks out the Eternal Ones.

Will she succeed, will her anger consume her or will she find redemption?

Stark: The Best Revenge


It's Halloween night, six years after another Halloween went bad for three boys who didn't realize mischief carried a life sentence in skirts. Now Stark's in town, seeing if she needs to pick up the pieces and lay down some justice. But the next generation just might be a few steps ahead of her this time. Maybe ... just maybe ... she can take the night off.

The Teg Legacy


While looking for souvenirs from the fallen NASA space platform Skylab, which had crashed into the hot desert of Western Australia, Gary found something else that had fallen from space. Something non-terrestrial which would change his life forever. A legacy from an ancient race would see his life transformed beyond any expectations.

No Obligation, Part 13

Becca contemplates her new roommate, addresses her growing "To Do" list, takes on still MORE responsibility, and sorts out problems big and small -- all before noon on a Sunday morning. Not bad for a teenaged superhero, hmm?

No Obligation
Part 13

by Randalynn

"On Corsets, Cats, and Cruelty"

Where No Boy Has Gone Before -WARNING!!!! - This is a very DARK story -

Where No Boy Has Gone Before

By Angel O'Hare


This was written for a reason! To show the differences of transformations done out of love for the boy, and this particular story, a transformation done out of hate for the boy.

The Academy (Part 3)


JoEllen is now one of the Mistresses at The Academy, and is being trained to take her place in the new world order, a world in which women dominate men. She is determined to carry out her mission as an undercover agent of America's most covert agency. But power is seductive. Can she resist the temptation to truly join Desdemona?

Tales of the Eerie Saloon: High Noon

Tales of the
Eerie Saloon
by Ellie Dauber and Christopher Leeson

The Academy (Part 2)


JoEllen Hunter has been placed in a bizarre reform school, where incorrigible delinquent boys are transformed into feminized domestic servants. But there is a dark secret at the heart of The Academy. As an undercover agent of America's most covert agency, JoEllen's mission is to discover that secret.
Meanwhile, just what is Diana Hunter up to?

Mother Raven


Lowrie knocks a raven's nest out of a tree as a youth crushing young eggs- now in college, he finds out that the mother of those young ravens still holds her grudge...

Thanks to Pip for the awesome artwork!

Stark: Due Process


In a break from tradition, Stark lets the law take down her target -- but when it comes to cruel and unusual punishment, Stark is the judge and jury. In her court, you have the right to remain silent ... but she'd really prefer it if you'd scream.

Vengeance Is Bittersweet

Vengeance is Bittersweet

Julie O

Edited by Amelia R. and Bob Arnold

Synopsis: Falsely accused of rape, Gene Logan was transformed into the gorgeous Jean Logan. Now she seeks revenge against the people who turned her life upside-down.

Features characters from The Protector and Change of Course stories
Angel cameos courtesy of Tyrone Slothrop

No Obligation, Part 8

Becca's first real client comes home with her for dinner, and her very existence reveals a much bigger problem than either she or Becca could have realized. Also, Hunter's transformation into Heather has her afraid to go home -- and Becca's blood boils when she finds out why.

No Obligation
Part 8

by Randalynn

"Identity Theft"

Strange Wine


Kent is in the city to pull off the biggest job of his life, but when his girlfriend, Rose, sends him a strange bottle of green wine, he's in for a big shock. Now the stakes are much higher. Kent isn't out just for the money, he needs his life back.

Stark: Ghost at the Banquet


A well-tended house on a quiet suburban street hides a crime Stark must avenge, and a criminal that must be punished. When a wife's CD plays a different tune, someone has to pay the piper — and Stark's the new DJ. The song's not pretty, but someone's going to dance to it ... for a long, long time.


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