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What Happened After... (a.k.a. "The Noise")

What I later found out had happened that New Year would be something one would think suicidal on the world, at least I and others who know about it would. The Chinese government thought setting off a nuke right on the New Madrid fault line would do the job nicely in the United States, shattering any metropolis in the ensuing earthquake and the riots that then followed.

Walking through Hell...Chapter 2.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 2.

I lead the others as fast as we can go or dare to go through this place. Strange colored skies with browns and streams of toxic colors.

Vampyre 7.

Vampyre 7.

Chapter 7

Oh…my eye’s shift involuntarily as I feel Donna’s hot fingers slip into my panties and into me…I’m horny and excited enough from the fighting but for her to have her body temperature hot fingers in me and feeling her pulse in those fingers as she’s fingering me…

I’m not long in kissing her hungrily…needful…

Bloodsenses are kicking it and driving me deeper into the erotic nature of being a vampyre…



I walk through the doors but actually slow up enough to take Justin’s hand and use him to sort of shield me from the aura thing the mana boosting thing I’d been doing that fang has obviously been using as well.

None of the other Were’s I’ve met have been even close to this either and he’s ding this slow inhale through his nose thing that is obviously him doing some kind of magic or wolf magic.

Raging Wyld - Part 2 of 4

Wyld Logo

by Saless
Part 2 of 4

Change is the only constant in Annabelle's life. Changes that only seem to result in more pain. But although this newest change may be painful it offers a hope for a real life; if she can find the strength to fight for it...

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-9 The Start.

Potential-9 The Start.

Chapter 9


I run over to where Cody is and find him aways away pinned to a tree by a tree branch blood everywhere….

“Oh shit, oh shit of fuck…Cody…hang on Cody we’ll get help…” I’m looking for something anything…I don’t have a phone…shit!

I pull off my shirt it’ll help stop the bleeding….I have to try.

“Aaaargh!” Cody screams as he pushes himself off the branch…oh…dammit! He falls to the ground and I almost puke…blood wow there’s so much blood.

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 04

A Familiar Experience: A DarkRealms Tale

Chapter Four

(Twelve hours later)

Katherine sat in the kitchen chair, refusing to say anything. She just looked at the floor. She was surrounded by two FBI agents, Seargent James King, Mrs. White, Mrs. Conover and Miss Davis from the coven, her sister Debra and niece Laura, who stood with her cat, Mystic in her arms.

Raging Wyld - Part 1 of 4


by Saless
Part 1 of 4

Change is the only constant in Annabelle's life. Changes that only seem to result in more pain. But although this newest change may be painful it offers a hope for a real life; if she can find the strength to fight for it...

Growing Pains

Growing Pains
A KittyHawk Tail
by Saless

Arachne finds herself in a new world in more ways than one. But her friend helps her to grow into her new role and get used to her strange circumstances. Then Cat leaves her, secretly, in charge of the island just as it begins to get a little more crowded...

Merlin’s Curse Part 4

Sorry about the delay though will be more like that with more part other then on weekends sometimes. Made this the longest to date to make up for the delay. I am fooling around with writing from a different point on view in this chapter there will be times in the future that I will do so again.

Also if you need help with the text I used for the short hand and for the emoticons.

Merlin’s Curse
Sakura Strife
Part 4

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 03

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale

Chapter 3

Ravencrest University-

The young man waiting outside of her class room smiled at Dr. Angela Bernacci. She was flattered at the attention. He was well built, with short, dark hair, she noted, and his smile was quite attractive. She rarely had such an attractive man take an interest in her class, and she wondered if he was going to be another “Indiana Jones” wannabe. She tried to make sure her students knew up front that Geology and Archeology were rarely as romantic or exciting as the movies portrayed.

A House Divided, part 6 of 7

“Sir,” I said, trying to stay calm and respectful, “could you please ask Ms. Turner not to refer to me with female pronouns?”

“Well,” he said, “we have to use some pronoun or other. Perhaps one of the English teachers can recommend a good gender-neutral pronoun.”

Merlin’s Curse Part 1

Ok I am going to say some things before you read this. If you have problems with grammar and spelling I will put my email up and you send me an edited version with the proper grammar and spelling I am dyslectic and am writing this more for my enjoyment. Though if you have any idea on where to go from here or a view on the story and world so far feel free to share.

A House Divided, part 5 of 7

“I know there would be problems with you using the girls’ bathrooms or showers,” Dad said, “but — after today, there might be just as bad problems showering with the other boys.”


This Poem is deadicated to my dead Friend, only real family member I had,& Familiar ShadowFax:

"Only U Can Make
The Darkness Bright,
Only U Can Fill My
Heart W/ Light,Alway's
In My Thought's,But
Never In My Sight,
Without U I Don't Think
I Have The Strength To
Win This Fight"

Snakes and Ladders-22

Snakes and Ladders-22

Chapter 22


I look to where they are coming from and really these things are scary as hell especially when you think about the sheer size of something ten feet tall yeah like another two feet over the ceilings in most houses then add it the bulk…add huge muscles, fangs and tusks and armor and huge weapons and make them pretty damned fast and it’s a really scary sight.

There’s people opening fire on them and most of the spell weapon attacks are barely slowing them down.

A House Divided, part 4 of 7

“I can’t,” Arnie said. “Keith and Tara Saunders invited me to a party at their house. I asked if you could come, but they said it’s centaurs only,” he went on, looking vaguely embarrassed.

“Have fun,” I said. I felt weird about that, and wondered if things like that were going to happen often, and if so, if this was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

A House Divided, part 3 of 7

“I don’t like this,” Mom said. “I don’t see how you can keep it up, and the longer you manage to pretend, the more people are going to be hurt and offended when they find out you lied to them.”

I was starting to worry that she might be right, but I wasn’t going to back out unless she and Dad forced my hand by telling people.

A House Divided, part 2 of 7

Dad snuggled in next to Mom on the sofa; she put aside the skirt she was working on and they hugged and kissed, but I thought I saw a little bit of hesitation, and it hurt. I knew too many kids at school whose parents were divorced, or looked like they might get a divorce any time now, and I was happy to think that my parents looked like the sticking-together kind. But when I saw her hesitate a little before letting him hug her and kiss her, it worried me. Could they still stay together after changing in such drastic and different ways? And if not, what would happen to me?

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 01

A Familiar Experience — A DarkRealms Story

Chapter One

Taylor Michaels sat in his room in Shrewsbury, England, reading one of his books. His very favorite author and personal hero was Dr. Angela Bernacci, a noted volcanologist. She had written several books on the subject, and Taylor was enjoying the newest as he pondered his future.

Evanescence 24.

Evanescence 24.

Chapter 24

I get out of the trailer and head for the truck and Shaun pipes up. “Here, I rigged these up for something else.” He’s tossing sunglasses around to everyone. It’s not the expensive ones but those cheap all black plastic ones but there’s microchip on the inside of the cross-piece and a symbol?

“What’s this?”

“I charmed them with voltage detection chips, you can see the current running through things including people when you concentrate on seeing it. Vamps won’t have any being animated by blood magic.”

Vampyre 6.

Vampyre 6.

Chapter 6

Honestly I’m glad that I’m not in the same truck with Jill. I’m my vamped out state I’m really on an edge right now and it might have led to more of a thing than it’s become already.

Dammit I knew that she recognized me.

Donna’s driving and I’m doing what we vampyre’s do almost on instinct it seems and that’s brood.

I hate being a stereotype.



Chapter 7

I get my arms around Justin and they lead us to their vehicles. How is it that the bad guys can always seem to afford better vehicles than I’ve ever owned? One of them opens the door with a feral smile on his face showing some teeth.

There’s enough alpha bitch in me that it really pisses me off. And part of me would love to reopen the can of whoop ass I was serving up but I can’t. I’m on a mission for Stevie and I’ve got Justin with me so it’s a quiet, quiet hard stare no growl but all the hard female ire that I’ve learned or been learning to channel.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-8 The Start.

Potentials-8 The Start.

Chapter 8

*Samantha Chase…

I sort of see the puff of Cody reappearing out under the bridge area and then another puff of him vanishing again. “Okay…I hope he’s okay and not getting himself in too deep.”

I feel a Zzzt feeling off in the distance. I say feel that because as a TM or Telemechanic I’m sensitive to electricity this was a serious discharge, and another and another. I hear a scream that goes along with it.

“Shit, shit, shit…that can’t be good.”

Becoming a Were

Becoming a Were
By Morpheus


16 year old Jake is caught unaware when his body suddenly undergoes a startling transformation. But it isn't long before he becomes a Were. This is the fourth story in the Were universe.

FTL-13...Faster Than Life.

FTL…13 Faster Than Life.

Chapter 13

There was part of me that wanted to stay in bed.
Maybe, just maybe get as far as the chaise out there on the sand.

But Patrick had started to massage me with coconut oil all over and was straddling me giving me this wonderful massage and it had gotten better…

Very surprising but better when he slipped back and he sank into me from behind and dammit he made love and he kept massaging me.

Worse yet?

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-6 The Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-6 The Start.

Chapter 1

*Samantha Chase….

Things are actually busy and picking up with the whole Halo thing. I wake up feeling the headache form as my waking mind pulls signals in. You know how you focus as you wake up well I’m a psi-meta combo, a telemechanic. So like my eyes focusing in on my bedroom my powers are tuning into every signal around me.

God this sucks.

I really need to get my room shielded.

A Wyld Come True - Part 1 of 4

Wyld Logo
Come True

by Saless
Part 1 of 4

Elizabeth get's everything she ever wanted out of going Wyld... with a few surprises thrown in. Nothing's ever simple when you're Wyld!

Walking through Hell...Chapter 1.

Walking through Hell…Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I can still taste the blood.
More than coppery because of how I died.
Left them.

I left my heart behind.

Day’s become night now…it just did and there’s another moon that the one that’s in the world, there’s the moon shining down on me like the true moon the one that we feel when we’d sing and we’d pray.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-2.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-2.

Chapter 2

Landon St. Pierre looked at Songbird of the Ark Angels and rubbed at the fur on his face. “You’re kidding me right?”

She shook her head. “No, we’re dead serious about this Landon we want you and we need you and we can pardon you and get you out of here.”

“But teaching?”

“Yes teaching, I know you’ve been in the life a long time since your mutation kicked in pretty much and but you have real skills that we need.”


Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 3

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 3

Tanson walked out of the Alchemist's with a swing in his, now wider, hips and a smile on his, now fuller, lips. He spent three bars worth of gold, but his body now felt right to him and that's worth more than all the gold in the Wastes.

Kit and Kin

tumblr_lw9mk16HxZ1qcnf9u_0.jpgKit and Kin


Takeshi Saito was a quiet student who kept his head down in Ravenscrest High School trying to get along. But strange things happen in this small town and and the spotlight finds those who would rather hide. So Takeshi finds himself pulled from his happy geek corner to somewhere else, somewhere he is not sure of. Just another day in Ravenscrest.

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 2

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 2

After four days of travel Tanson was starting to regret the whole cloak idea. It was heavy to carry, hot to wear, and the colour clashed with his boots.

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 1

Blood, Dust, and Silver — Chapter 1

Tanson, a dark skinned Verandi Shaman, leaned against the wall of the town saloon. The shade covered most of his upper body, which he kept bare.

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 4

Here comes the Troubleshooter!

Part 4: The circle closes

Once we landed in the Middle East, we got ushered to a converted army base, where a bored looking guard called out our names without even looking at us. “Captain Andrew Mays and Sergeant Carl Ryan?”

“Actually, I go by Andi, now.” I said gently, “And we lost our ranks.”

He looked up, and did a double take. “Oh. Sorry.”

A Wyld World - Part 3 of 3

Wyld Logo

by Saless
Part 3

If it cries like a girl, complains like a girl and throws like a girl it must be a girl, right? That's the logic used to torment Erin growing up; though now that he's in college most of his tormentors have lost interest. Finally free of the worst of the abuse he begins to feel like he might have a chance at a life. But everything changes for him when he goes Wyld!

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2

Here Comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2 - The Troubleshooter transforms.

Next morning I wake up to Carl cooking an omelet. He approaches cooking like he does his inventions, and more often than not the results are amazing. Which is a good thing because I have super-strong senses including taste, which can be a lot less fun than you might think.

The Pact A Canine Club Story

The Pact
a Canine Club story by Andy Hollis

This is the third but not final story in the series that began with 'The Lady's Choice' and 'Summer Changes' Reading those stories first will help with this one but not absolutely necessary

Larry is having dreams; strange dreams involving him becoming a dog, but why? And what will really happen?



Chapter 6

I see red…

It’s like the hottest rage I have ever felt run through my body in my life. You get like that in combat or you can, you shouldn’t but it’s one of the things that happens. You go there into that spot where everything is going in slow motion and you can hear your own pulse in your ears louder than you can with the bullets you’re firing.

A Wyld World - Part 2 of 3

Wyld Logo

by Saless
Part 2

If it cries like a girl, complains like a girl and throws like a girl it must be a girl, right? That's the logic used to torment Erin growing up; though now that he's in college most of his tormentors have lost interest. Finally free of the worst of the abuse he begins to feel like he might have a chance at a life. But everything changes for him when he goes Wyld!


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