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Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 3

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 3

Tanson walked out of the Alchemist's with a swing in his, now wider, hips and a smile on his, now fuller, lips. He spent three bars worth of gold, but his body now felt right to him and that's worth more than all the gold in the Wastes.

Kit and Kin

tumblr_lw9mk16HxZ1qcnf9u_0.jpgKit and Kin


Takeshi Saito was a quiet student who kept his head down in Ravenscrest High School trying to get along. But strange things happen in this small town and and the spotlight finds those who would rather hide. So Takeshi finds himself pulled from his happy geek corner to somewhere else, somewhere he is not sure of. Just another day in Ravenscrest.

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 2

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 2

After four days of travel Tanson was starting to regret the whole cloak idea. It was heavy to carry, hot to wear, and the colour clashed with his boots.

Blood, Dust, and Silver - Chapter 1

Blood, Dust, and Silver — Chapter 1

Tanson, a dark skinned Verandi Shaman, leaned against the wall of the town saloon. The shade covered most of his upper body, which he kept bare.

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 4

Here comes the Troubleshooter!

Part 4: The circle closes

Once we landed in the Middle East, we got ushered to a converted army base, where a bored looking guard called out our names without even looking at us. “Captain Andrew Mays and Sergeant Carl Ryan?”

“Actually, I go by Andi, now.” I said gently, “And we lost our ranks.”

He looked up, and did a double take. “Oh. Sorry.”

A Wyld World - Part 3 of 3

Wyld Logo

by Saless
Part 3

If it cries like a girl, complains like a girl and throws like a girl it must be a girl, right? That's the logic used to torment Erin growing up; though now that he's in college most of his tormentors have lost interest. Finally free of the worst of the abuse he begins to feel like he might have a chance at a life. But everything changes for him when he goes Wyld!

Here comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2

Here Comes the Troubleshooter! Part 2 - The Troubleshooter transforms.

Next morning I wake up to Carl cooking an omelet. He approaches cooking like he does his inventions, and more often than not the results are amazing. Which is a good thing because I have super-strong senses including taste, which can be a lot less fun than you might think.

The Pact A Canine Club Story

The Pact
a Canine Club story by Andy Hollis

This is the third but not final story in the series that began with 'The Lady's Choice' and 'Summer Changes' Reading those stories first will help with this one but not absolutely necessary

Larry is having dreams; strange dreams involving him becoming a dog, but why? And what will really happen?



Chapter 6

I see red…

It’s like the hottest rage I have ever felt run through my body in my life. You get like that in combat or you can, you shouldn’t but it’s one of the things that happens. You go there into that spot where everything is going in slow motion and you can hear your own pulse in your ears louder than you can with the bullets you’re firing.

A Wyld World - Part 2 of 3

Wyld Logo

by Saless
Part 2

If it cries like a girl, complains like a girl and throws like a girl it must be a girl, right? That's the logic used to torment Erin growing up; though now that he's in college most of his tormentors have lost interest. Finally free of the worst of the abuse he begins to feel like he might have a chance at a life. But everything changes for him when he goes Wyld!



Chapter 5

It’s almost funny enough to make me laugh even with every damned thing that’s going on is that. I might have only changed not that long ago really the first thought in my head as we took another turn and then another side street was.

A Wyld World - Part 1 of 3

Wyld Logo

by Saless
Part 1

If it cries like a girl, complains like a girl and throws like a girl it must be a girl, right? That's the logic used to torment Erin growing up; though now that he's in college most of his tormentors have lost interest. Finally free of the worst of the abuse he begins to feel like he might have a chance at a life. But everything changes for him when he goes Wyld!

Kittyhawk - Part 16

Though still troubled by what happened to her, Alicia finds a way to fit into the group and learns more about her new body. The club is finally dealt with, though not in the way Cat planned...
Part 16
by Saless



Chapter 4

Magic sucks…

I feel drunk in that the spins bad but for some reason I can’t get sick and my heart is tearing itself apart. Everything really important dropped out from under me and I lashed out and hurt people that’ve only been kind to me.

I thought I was done doing that PTD freak out stuff.

But Kelly was the one who got me through that.

And Kelly is gone.

And I’ve been to war, I’ve done horrible things for my country and the scars have always weighed heavy on my soul.

But none of that’s hurt like this has.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-3

My Super Secret Life…Villain-3

Chapter 3

My home sweet home is the top floor of an old red brick seven story place, it‘s a walk up. The land lord and I have a deal going on cash rent or for services rendered. Not sex or even crime but he thinks I’ve a source for building materials and stuff. I can get stuff.

Snakes and Ladders-19

Snakes and Ladders-19

Chapter 19

We head to the breakfast together arms linked and I’m feeling just awash with wonder at her. Hell with the whole thing, this world and all of it but mostly because Shaya loves me and thinks I’m beautiful.

Feeling beautiful has done huge things for my soul.

My Super Secret Life...Scarlet-2.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-2

Chapter 2

It was a pretty good night after I finished my classes and my talk with Nikki. I don’t like lying to people but there in that whole secret identity this and I’m just hoping if it ever does come out she’s cool with the whole super thing.

Honestly I sort have that feeling.

No not the love feeling but y’know that feeling you get when you start to get to know somebody and there’s that friendship click that you get that says somewhere that you just honestly like this person.

Well I think that I honestly like Nikki.

Fade to Black-4

Fade to Black-4

Chapter 4

I’m greeted by several of the native leaders that are there and there’s some Cree, Hurons, and Algonquin as well as Bearskin Mohawks…I get this distinct feel off of them like they’re Were but not wolves…I’m not stupid enough to ask what.

They get led to me and I can’t really let that go down. This might be my camp but not my home turf so I go to them.

I’ve been practicing this ever since I knew that they were coming and I channel a spell I’ve made.

Wine Can't be Pressed into Grapes, part 18 of 22

She undressed in the dark and stashed her clothes and shoes on the shelves, then looked inward at her structure, deciding what form she wanted for this purpose. She started making changes, reducing her size and altering her structure. Twitching her whiskers and sniffing gingerly at the door, she slipped quietly into the corridor and scurried down it towards the front parlor.

For The Fairest

For The Fairest


Trevor is from one of the wealthiest families in Ravencrest. His father is a distinguished man that everyone respects and fears but he's practically invisible to his peers. He enjoys his quiet non-existence but all of that changes on his 16th birthday when he discovers the family secret and nothing about his life is non-existent again.

Fade to Black-3

Fade to Black-3

Chapter 3

The reports take me awhile. It’s why I guess that armies really do run on paper. I didn’t really want to do this stuff but I need to. Mom keeps refilling my coffee and Dad’s still kind of surly; I can really start to see why he hates this, why he never wanted to be part of the life. He actually shot me a sort of sympathetic sort of look and then left after looking at everyone.

Athena/Andrea is sitting with Dorian and are talking is a very foreign language save for the names of people and places that don’t fit the language I mean what ever they’re speaking stuff like “New York” doesn’t seem to translate to. I think he’s getting caught up on current events.

Rosetta - Part 13

A MORFS Universe Story
By Joreymay

Cassandra predicts another attempted attack on Rose and her family, but something is different about it. Rose acts her age. When she gets back to school, she is asked to be an unpaid translator for a brand new hybrid, to help her get through the semester finals. Life is not an after school special.

Part 13



Chapter 3

I’m looking at that first text message and I can’t breathe…I can’t think…I can’t breathe…

“Kelly!!!” It comes out a scream, a shriek of pure denial and fear and desperation and I blank out.

Everything I’ve help sacred to my heart for over half my life is gone. The void is huge and it swallows me without so much as a fight.

I wake up and I hurt.
My heart…
Oh god my heart…

Nothing is supposed to hurt like this is it?

Its grey here, England…of course it’s grey, goddamned fog.



Chapter 2

I’m so not used to this; it’s so unreal running on all fours in wolf state and having part of my conscious mind trying to process that. Then there’s the smells too and then there’s the fact that well…I’m a wolf running through the streets of London.

I love the speed that I can go though and I have the advantage of being able to run through and around things that are slowing the Vicar and his three biker goons down. Honestly the traffic in this city is the shits.

And the place smells funny.

Silver Blood:Green Fury

Silver Blood:Green Fury
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis:Hollis Greene is a botanist working upon new strains of blight resistant wheat for areas prone to blight only to find himself turned into a living nightmare of living plant..

Fade to Black-2

Fade to Black-2

Chapter 2

It’s still raining out I can smell it. Even before I open my eye’s I can smell it, hear it so clearly and feel it on my face…no… those are tears.

I don’t want to move. Dom and I finally made love and we crashed soon after that and I didn’t even dream, I felt nothing and no one and just pretty much passed out. I hurt, I hurt inside in ways I didn’t know people could. It’s not from fighting or from the sex it’s just…I just hurt from everything? I know that the soldiers in my pack get it…heart sick, soul sick.



Chapter 1

The feeling of the slip under the dress I’m wearing is so strange but in this really good way that still surprises me. This silky glide of my legs smooth now when something I never thought about losing is now forever gone. No, I was never really a transgendered person just a soldier, dying years ago diagnosed with lung cancer from too much toxic stuff on the battlefield. Transformed by the Silverbite I went from a mid fifties old soldier to this sweet young thing…Her Majesty’s age, seventeen in body.

Wine Can't be Pressed into Grapes, part 8 of 22

“Love is a thing holy to Kalotse, and...” Just then she heard a wailing, which got momentarily louder; one of the servants came in holding a fussy, just-woken Miretsi. “A thing with unexpected consequences,” she concluded.

Wine Can't be Pressed into Grapes, part 4 of 22

“We need something better,” she said. “We need to make a good impression, as a pair of fine ladies — ”

“What?” he exclaimed.

“I'll explain in a little bit; I've figured out how to disguise you when we meet Psavian and Tsavila.”

Wine Can't be Pressed into Grapes, part 3 of 22

“There's a haunt; do you make away with it, you'll have sweet supper and soft bed.”

“A haunt?” Kazmina asked, dismayed.

“A phantasm, a ghost?” the woman said. “In the barn yonder.”

Fade to Black-1

Fade to Black

Follows right after Bad Moon Rising.


I’m worried about Stevie and I really can’t help it. I have been completely driven to the point of insanity because of this girl. She’s laying on the backseat of the car I’m driving and she’s just staring at her hands, at the dirt and blood on her nail, naked except for a blanket tossed over her. Her hair splashed across her face like a sort of white blonde messy curtain hiding her partly from the world.

Kittyhawk - Part 15

Another troubled mutant joins the group. Plans begin to be made for the future and Cat begins to recognize the enormity of the task she has taken on for herself.
Part 15
by Saless

Wine Can't be Pressed into Grapes, part 2 of 22

“I'll be lucky if my father even attends. He doesn't have much time for those of us who didn't inherit his power. But my brothers and my cousins on my mother's side will be there, they're fun to be with, and some of our neighbors I know well... and my sister. You'll like her; she's pretty.”

She was, and he did.

Chrysalis - 3 - Refugees

A KittyHawk Tail
by Saless

Chapter 3 — Refugees

Laura deals with her pursuit and makes some new friends... a lot of new friends!

Black Majik Woman.

Black Majik Woman

*** Takes place from roughly Evanescence 8 until present day.

It’s taken more time than I’d have liked for the better part of the pain from getting shot in the leg to fade. Majik’s a wonderful thing but getting hurt it can really suck. There’s only a few types of mages that self heal well and I am not one of them. Plus I’ve a nice scar from the Demon Rapture shooting me with the .357 his meat-sack was wearing.

Bad Moon Rising-3.

Bad Moon Rising-3

Part 3

Stevie’s part:

It’s a really bad scene here in this back trail hillbilly biker bar. Most of the scum are being questioned and dealt with. I do the questioning. I’m getting good at using my majik to refine my wolf senses to detect a lie. The questioning techniques I’m learning as I go, there’s enough cops and military in my pack now that I’m getting really good at being a really bad person.


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