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Spooked - Part 1

The first 20,000 words of the Halloween story. I don't know if I should continue it since it's so long and involved. If there's a big demand to keep going then I will, but both the people asking and my commissioners have to understand that while I'm doing this I'm not doing anything else.

Four friends find treasure maps, but the treasure is guarded by monsters, seductive strangers, and often each other!

Fantasy Odyssey 1

This is a fanfiction taking place in the Whatley universe. I decided to make one after checking out the stories. I do not own this universe, it belongs to the canon authors of the series.


Mick, an Australian student in who was studying in America has long since dropped out of college. He now spends most of his time playing games and working at the game store. But after witnessing a battle between two dangerous mutants, the panic sends him into a burnout that has been building up for a over a week. What will happen to our smart-arse hero? I dont care, I'm making it up as I go along.

Snakes and Ladders-33

Snakes and Ladders-33

Chapter 33

I take a ragged breath as I’m sniffing and I’m just honestly so surprised really that he’s acting this way towards me and everything. I was expecting stern and commanding and all sorts of things I guess really I was not expecting an elf, a Sylvan man with hazel eyes and thick long brown hair with really dark brown deeper in and the outside of it lightened by being out in the sun.

I was not expecting him to smell like red clover and the best parts of a sawmill.

I was not expecting the hug like he’s a dad.

Mare's Tales 14

Our friends begin their experiments and reasearches to progress their ideas about solving their disabilities. They Have to employ a new maid to help with the domestic side of life whilst they concentrate on their scientific work and
Beverly enjoys some interesting sex with Dot.

The Family that Plays Together, part 10 of 10

“It would give more credence to the rumors if Serenikha shows up and can’t control her tail because it feels like a pair of human legs, or can’t talk sense because she’s still speaking my native language.”

My Super Secret life…Villain-18.

My Super Secret life…Villain-18.

Chapter 18.


Link goes and showers and changes and I get dressed but not as heavily as before but I do pocket several of my toys and tricks for the just in case stuff because who knows what will happen here and stuff but I’m still kind of dressed down. Just my long coat and my combat fatigues and my shirts and hoodie but the hood down and I get some cash and fill several pockets tying TK alarms to them and stuff and Link comes out getting dressed in her usual and we lock up and we head back out into this strange mutant underground city.

*And Now…

The Family that Plays Together, part 09 of 10

“I am so close,” he said, hissing with frustration. “I could feel Serenikha’s soul returning — but it would not lodge securely in her body, your own was still tethered there.”

The Family that Plays Together, part 08 of 10

But why did my tail feel so weird? I looked down and saw it was split — that’s how it felt at the time. I wasn’t thinking of them as legs, but as something that had gone wrong with my tail. And when I tried to slither forward, my tail impossibly went in two directions at once, and I fell and hit the floor with a painful thud —

The Family that Plays Together, part 07 of 10

“I’d never had wine before. They don’t let kids my age drink it, back home. But when Pientao gave me a cup I thought I’d better drink it to be polite and to stay in character, because for all I know Serenikha drinks it all the time and it would look suspicious if I said I didn’t like it.”

The Family that Plays Together, part 06 of 10

“Lord Ravadh already knows I’m one of the Gray One’s tourists, and it doesn’t matter to him — he thinks I should stay here and pretend to be the princess until she gets back. And he told me to warn you that he’s got his own mage ready to stop the Gray One if he tries getting me out by magic.”

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-11.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-11.

Chapter 11


The rhino sees me coming and it grins…he’s got sharp teeth?

Okay…definitely a mutation.

He spits a glob of something eww on the pavement. “Ello Poppet come to play hav’s ye.”

I shift to Diamond for and stalk right into fighting range. “Damned skippy, pucker up buttercup.”

And I swing.

*And Now…

The Family that Plays Together, part 05 of 10

There was no reason I should have to put up with all this nonsense just because I was female; Mom and Taylor never took half this long to get ready, even on fancy occasions. (Mom wore her hair short, I reflected, which might be a factor.)

The Family that Plays Together, part 04 of 10

I leaned way over to get a closer look at my reflection, and suddenly there was a splash of water that blinded me for a moment, and something was grappling my arms and shoulders, pulling me down into the water.

My Super Secret Life-35.

My Super Secret Life-35.


I shoot her the occasional glare even though she’s out of it she still shot over a dozen people despite my and Champion’s best efforts.

I didn’t realize how hard I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw until the EMT’s got here.

Sunny kind of surges a bit inside of me because there’s a lot of blood and then I see the cover some people up…like fully up.

I want to cry somewhere…for what? For money?

Everyone there looks at me as I scream and boot one of the garbage cans all the way across the tracks and imbeded it into the wall.

*And Now…

The Family that Plays Together, part 02 of 10

I had breasts — well, they’d warned me I might be a girl of some kind. And it was hard to be sure in the dim light, but I thought my skin was darker than it was in my real body. But the really important thing was that below the waist, I wasn’t human at all.



Chapter 11


The teens the gang kids he sent in first anointing them with the green light of the angel until it shone in them a little and they headed off to first draw the fire and face the defenders of this place.
The real fighters came next also anointed and braced for war.
“Kill every adult that defies us, be wary of sorcery and capture all that you can and bring them to…there to the auditorium.”
He waited and he could hear some fighting started in there and he could feel the wards being tripped and once the way was clear he nodded to his most loyal followers and headed in with the way safe and cleared for them.
A beatific smile started to spread over his face and he felt the dying starting to happen and he reached with the stone to pull them inside and feed his master…their savior.
More…they needed more and….they needed the children.

*And Now…

Playing the Piper

Playing the Piper

By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by Demuto up to a point. Then I went crazy and just kept running with it until I was done.

The cats of Bad Munder have heard about the goings on in Hamlin. The Pig Piper, the rat suit, and how they might be out of a job soon. So the president of the Society of Mousers comes up with his own rodent costume, one meant to trap the mice rather than fool the government.
Soon word of the seductive giant mouse has reached the rodent Syndicate and when they find out the truth, they send three operatives in a cat costume to trap the trap.
After that, a sexy scene I wanted to do and an only partly connected political plot involving the mice, their cat suit, skunks, wolf suits and interesting times.
One of the rare times in which I do vore because it's cats eating mice so how can I NOT do vore?


STEP RIGHT UP. We got suits, we got sexy, we got skunks, vore (yes vore!), elections, romance, excitement, murder, hate, revenge! It's not a story about a boy and his dog! It's the Pied Piper's Sequel!

The Family that Plays Together, part 01 of 10

Mom and Dad had tried to raise me and Taylor without gender stereotypes. They’d given both of us gender-neutral names, and had me wearing her hand-me-downs, skirts as well as pants and shirts, until I was old enough to rebel against them.

We are one - Part 3

We are one.
By LexiCon1996

Humanity has become the corrupted tool of the Earthen Interstellar Federation. One captain will soon find out how much the corruption has really spread. Just how does a once-human communicate with her own xenophobic species?

Snakes and Ladders-32

Snakes & Ladders -32

Chapter 32


I ache in a good and bad way as I see him quickly vanish off in the distance and part of me is wondering…just wondering that whole what if thing.
Or just if when it might come to Ryann and Shaya and Myself.
I wrap myself in my cloak against the cool air of the night and head back inside to meet up with the commander and to go with him to speak to The King.
I’ll be heading with Bhlaze back to The Holy City and to Lilac House.

*And Now…

We are one - Part 2

We are one.
By LexiCon1996

Humanity has become the corrupted tool of the Earthen Interstellar Federation. One captain will soon find out just how much the corruption has spread. Just how does a once-human communicate with her own xenophobic species?

We are one - Part 1

We are one.
Serenity (Tweaked)
By LexiCon1996

Humanity has become the corrupted tool of the Earthen Interstellar Federation. One captain will soon find out just how much the corruption has spread. Just how does a once-human communicate with her once own xenophobic species?

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-12 the Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-12 the Start.


How do you explain the stuff you do, feel to someone? Especially to someone that’s been literally inside of you and living in your head. I mean Quinn wasn’t with me that long but he recognized me right off the get go and as strange as Halo is. And all of the other kids and students are pretty odd given everything and everyone it’s also not as odd as me I’ll bet.

It’s really not fair that Quinn can fly either. I might look like I’m in shape but I’m really not.

Because I’m actually a fat kid with super powers and not this tall girl with a nice bust and bum.

My Super Secret life…Villain-17.

My Super Secret life…Villain-17.

Chapter 17.


“And The Guardians?”
“Most countries have a standing army Rook, we have our militia to keep us safe from the surface government that would put us under regulations and boot heels.”
“Wow that’s kind of…” I don’t really have the words. I mean it’s kind of cool and it’s sort of scary when you think what people could do here unrestricted. But they are sort of self-restricted. I look at her. “This, this is where I wish I had actually gone to school and stuff. It’s cool but I don’t know any of the right terms for this.”
Link looks at me and she smiles. “Liberty, Freedom.”
I nod. “Live free or die right?”
The look she gives me it feels like I just nailed it.
So much to do yet, so much to learn.
She switches arms with the stuff she’s carrying and she takes my hand and she holds it as we walk. I’m holding hands with someone after everything that happened and it’s not that strange…not here it’s.
It’s scary but it fits.

*And Now…

Vampyre 9.

Vampyre 9.

Chapter 9.


I rip the leg off a chair and slam it down and he screams as I stake his arrogant French ass through the shoulder and arm joint and into the floor.
I grab another one and full one Nightrage at him pull on all that death is willing to give me. “Where!? Where is Michel!?”
I hear Raine yelling at me telling me not to kill him and I turn to snarl at her and then back and swing the improved stake down and there’s a flash at his wrist as a handgun some small automatic is suddenly there.
He laughs that high pitched nasal almost giggle of his and all I see is muzzle flashes.
I feel the hits and I feel searing pain ripping through me….wood?...silver...?.....

*And Now…




He looks at Justin this time. “Bramblewood.”
“What’s that?”
Justin’s closing books and he’s grabbing new clothes. “It’s one of the major guild houses for those of the craft. This could be really bad if they turned on us.”
“Would they?”
“I wouldn’t have thought so. They’re closer to the druidic types.”
I’m stuffing down barely warmed burgers with liver puree smothered on them with some cheese and I’m over getting dressed and it’s no time to get all girly about being naked in from if them….yes they both looked even during this.
“Okay then mages or not we’re moving out…Tim…you and your lads with us?”
He’s staring at me and I can smell apprehension on him but anger too and his attraction all mixed together.
“Aye…these fuckers are so interested in demons then let’s give them hell.”
I slip my SWAT pants on and my feet into the combat boots using a cantrip to lace and tie them as I get a dark grey sweater on over my sports bra and just grab the leather jacket.
“You got an armory?”
“I grew up in Belfast what d’you think?”

*And Now…………

Evanescence 27

Evanescence 27


Us….Me and Maeve…one of the other Evanescence’s before me…not the one that defeat Asmodeus but she was still one before she died killed and hunted down by Rapture. We call on others inside us together waking more of before me's.

*And now…

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

Chapter 10

The music’s loud and there’s all these people and I’m getting it. The bump and grind sort of stuff…moving hips and as a girl there’s this side to side thing I’m picking up. It’s like swaying as I walk but more, different and it really helps that I’m getting help from some of the other kids there.

It’s happening here than at my old school…even with this meta/anthro? Avari alien…a girl with blue eyes and white sort of spiked hair that’s actually feathers with her hands on my hips and smiling at me and shouting over the blasting music. “Like this!”

It’s not sexual but just she’s actually will just to show me.

My Super Secret Life-34.

My Super Secret Life-34.


Steve passes the rhino off to the police. “Lock him in a max cell. Titan you’re with me.”

“Right.” I walk with him but get a SWAT utility belt from one of the officers and two headsets and I pass one to Steve. He nods. We head to where the hole is and he moves the truck from the hole and we both drop down well it’s different he flies down and I jump but we do this combination of me grabbing his shoulder and him my arm and we don’t touch the ground or the sparking rails.

We’re looking for sign and I can…I can see this sort of trail of foot prints leading east.
“I think, I think I’m seeing heat…? Two on foot one’s another gorilla.”

“Okay, are you ready?”

“Yeah they killed a guy in cold blood. Let’s bring them down.”

*And Now…

Vulpine Impersonation

Vulpine Impersonation

By Paul Calhoun

For an anonymous supporter, the first in my list of $5 per 1000 word concepts. Not as long as I would have liked to make it, but that just means I had a challenge of getting everything in.

A house sitter takes delivery of a pair of fox costumes and is confronted with the possibility of going out with the owner's boyfriend after he puts the female one on.

MAU - Monster's Night

A trio of roommates who find an alien transformation device which allows you to change into anything you want and play with it. A ruthless criminal who wants to use the device for his own shady goals. Two government agents on a desperate race to stop the device's hapless users from making a mistake they'll regret for the rest of their lives. All of them want to gain control of the device, and all of them will be in for a night they'll never forget - they'll be in for Monster's Night.

Thanks @ ElrodW for checking the story beforehand and confirming that it's not violating any of the MAU universe's rules! :)

Equine Audition

Equine Audition

By Paul Calhoun

The centaur concept is one I've been bouncing around in my head for longer than the unicorn story. It's one of the oldest ideas I've had that hasn't already been written out. It started with just a guy who buys a centaur costume with a mechanical back end for a party and finds a very realistic female top to go with it. I added bottoms later and planned on there being some seduction. Then I had the idea of the centaur being a guy in a girl costume with a machine back claiming to be TWO girls in a suit and that the rear girl was shy and getting people to interact with the shy girl while the front one had sexy times eventually leading up to tricking people into taking the shy girl's place because she'd 'gotten embarrassed.' All of this is still possible with the current ensemble, but I wanted something more. And so came the story that went about 10,000 words over what I'd planned.

Actual synopsis: An actor is invited to a costume party to audition for a prestigious theater and ends up going as a cute centaur dryad.

No Rules | Chapter 4

The fourth chapter in the sequel to No Obligation finds the Champion chosen by Chaos still struggling to make sense of the magic Chaos gave her, while Becca and her kitsune mother answer the summons to a rare kitsune convocation ... and meet Inari, the kami of foxes, face to face.


No Rules: An Advocate Novel

by Randalynn

Chapter 4: Of Reflections, Revelations and Revolutions

My Super Secret Life...Villain-16.

My Super Secret life…Villain-16.

Chapter 16


She leads me inside I look around and it’s stalls and some shops like a mini-mall upside but in the middle is more like a flea market and most of its tools and combat styled gear ranging from ganger looking stuff to old military surplus and even some new stuff.

“Welcome to Sassy’s market mate!” She puts on a horrible accent but she’s smiling.


“Aye like a play off the S.A.S. from the commonwealth colonies luv.”

I roll my eyes. “Okay let shop for some toys.”

“Oi luvy those kinds of things are sold somewhere’s else.”

“Ha-ha-ha very funny Link…oooh are those grenades!”

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-29

Snakes and Ladders-29

Chapter 29


I step between them and into his cell. He’s having too much fun to be a bad guy. He’s…just a little tarnished and bent I think. Actually I like him already.

“Thank you Ryann that’s kind of you.” I actually sit on his wall cot and look at him.

“My mother raised me not to be a complete hooligan lady.”

“Wren, you can just call me Wren.”

“Oy, well that’s an honor considering we just met. What can I do for you then?”

I smile at him and look him up and down. “I’m finding myself in need of a burglar.”

*And Now….

Unicorn Power

Unicorn Power

By Paul Calhoun

This is the unicorn story. Two guys, a unicorn suit, a scheming prince, a wizard and everyone with a plot to rise in station.

So ... almost 30,000 words. It could have been a full length novel, but I didn't want to get into a project like that.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-15.

My Super Secret Life…Villain-15.

Chapter 15

It’s a good way to wake up.

Arms all entwined around bodies and legs…my…well my sex is pressed just sort of naturally into the curve of her hip. I’d been thinking and imagining girl on girl a little and even without our abilities involve it was good. I loved it and even now I’m finding just curled up and snuggled like this pretty damned decent.

Will I give up men? No, definitely not but girl on girl is definitely an option now.

Part of my brain though is kind of still in this sitting back and watching the rest of me do stuff and say stuff that wasn’t in the plan. Yeah sleeping with Link was in the plan but telling her my name, getting this close. That really wasn’t part of the plan.

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-11 The Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-11 The Start.

*Sam Chase…………

It’s all sort of busy after we’re done talking to Victory. Avery and I get the other kids to call out to their folks and stuff and which doesn’t take too long really since Drew’s not really that talkative to their folks and there seems to be something going on there with like tension and stuff and Cody well he’s pretty much just telling his dad that he’ll tell him later and stuff since his dad works here and for Halo.

Then it’s me sending all the computer files and videos off to get looked at by the Ark Angels and I’m done for the day and I’m pretty wiped out myself so I can only imagine how the others have to be feeling.

A Twisted Tail

A Twisted Tail

Although Lucas lives in Spiral, he is a normal and is relieved that he doesn't have to worry about going through a twist like many of his classmates. However, the impossible soon happens. This story takes place in the Twisted Universe.

Two's A Wolf

Two’s a Wolf
By Paul Calhoun

A commission.

A wolf takes a rabbit home for supper and his friends go to rescue him with the help of a suspicious hare and a sexy bitch suit.

I had a lot of fun with this because I thought I wouldn't get any more really original 2-person suit ideas, then I was given a toony feral comm and realized I'd never done anything like it!

Teenage Robot Stories

Two stories based on My Life As a Teenage Robot

1: Sheldon house sits for the Wakeman's and finds Jenny's spare outer casing. Sexiness, hilarity, mistaken identity and attempts of superheroics ensue. Includes a brief reference to:

A commission to do Sheldon in an XJ-9 disguise again, this time using a test version of her adult body

My Super Secret Life...Potentials-10 The Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-10 The Start.


I’m still holding hands with Cody as he’s devouring the weird bacon and granola bar that this Sam girl gave him. I’m…I’m not sure how to think or react really since he’s nice and he’s sort of cute in a way that is so freaking me out and she’s friendly to him and he’s friendly back like they already sort of know each other and…

And dammit if she ain’t one of them pretty ones.




“More scotch, some food and some new clothes other than that time and rest.”

“I’ll try to get all of that, this way.”

Tim leads us down a hall that’s attached to this room and into a large old library. I can smell old books, and lot’s of other things that has me on the edge of sneezing. I get a chair by this old oak table and take a seat and Justin’s staring and looking around after Tim leaves. It’s all very wolf centric in its designs and its art and stuff…this is a really old library.

“We better get started Erica.”


“This is the library of the Were here in the UK I’m guessing his highness let us in here for a reason so we’d best start looking for all the information that we can find.”

“Oh…right…well you’re the scholar where do we start?”

He points to shelves that are locked behind silver bars. “That looks like a good start.”


I really hope we can trust Tim and that he’s not in someone’s pocket.

*And Now……….


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