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Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 4

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Love Is... *~

“Ah, speaking of musicians,” Jane spoke up hesitantly. Moira, there’s something I need to tell you.” Moira turned to face Jane, who had a positively guilty look on her face.

“Moira, I’m so sorry. When you said there was no way you’d be able to make it to the wedding, I started to plan a surprise for both Linda, and for you.”

Moira’s expression shifted from confusion to concern. “Jane, what’s going on?”

She exhaled slowly. “This was supposed to happen in private. I’m so, so sorry.” Before she could continue though, an older female voice, with a distinct, strong Irish brogue called out hesitantly from the lobby door.


The Soda

The Soda

Robin Addams
[email protected]

If I hadn't had that extra soda my life would have been so much different. I'd still be hiding and miserable. Instead... well, read on and find out.

This story is dedicated to Janet Stickney, who has provided many hours of reading enjoyment. Janet, this one is for you.

Altered Fate

Altered Fate
By Shagufta Hanaphie

1. a. Deepika meets Alok

I was studying in the first year of engineering college at that time,
so was Alok. The first time I met Alok he was struggling with some
luggage he was trying to get to his hostel room. I carried it for him
till the boys' hostel gate, as he walked behind looking quite
embarrassed. I wondered at the frailty of the poor guy, he seemed so
weak and shy.

He thanked me profusely the next time we met - I think it was in the
canteen. I tried to make light of it by saying, "It's alright. What

The Angry Mermaid 10 - - - Y Morforwyn Dicllon.

In which Drustan gets sucked into Politics and war.

The Angry Mermaid 10.

Y Morforwyn Dicllon 9

Mabina. The youngest daughter and Twin to
Drustan Her twin brother.
Grandpa Erin the twins grandfather.
Giana The twins grandmother
Caderyn The twins father.
Herenoie The twins wise and beautiful mother.
Morgaran The Twins oldest brother.
Aiofe The twins oldest sister. Famous for her beauty.
Tara The twins second oldest sister. Famous for her grace.

Catherine And Alexander Part 1

Another old story of mine. The early parts seemed popular but no one much liked the ending. I have been meaning to rewrite the ending forever so I have clipped off the original version of the ending and have started rewriting it and hope to post it sometime this week.

Would really appreciate comments and suggestions on where you would like to see the ending go.

Catherine and Alexander Part 1
by: Bruce

Although the children never knew it times had been rough in the castle. Their
father, the Duke of Beaufort, had in recent days made a number of

The Angry Mermaid 8 - - - Y Morforwyn Dicllon 8.

This chapter describes how Drustan finally meets his Celtiberian cousins and gets drawn into affairs of state. It alo explores further Drustan's burgeoning sexual duality.

The Angry Mermaid 8.


Y Morforwyn Dicllon 8

Mabina. The youngest daughter and Twin to
Drustan Her twin brother.
Grandpa Erin the twins grandfather.
Giana The twins grandmother
Caderyn The twins father.
Herenoie The twins wise and beautiful mother.
Morgaran The Twins oldest brother.

Butterflies are the Gentlest

Butterflies are the Gentlest

by Trismegistus Shandy

The wedding was almost over when it happened. Whatever 'it' is; we're starting to figure out what but we still don't know how or why.

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Womanless wedding. Version 1

This is a different story to the womanless contest so don't get confused yet.
This story takes you through two kids growing up till events conspire to bring them together in a happy union.
Also for your amusement, but mostly for my friend, Naci Rema, this story has been rewritten with an american background.

The Rescue 4

This chapter simply carries the story along as the friends work out their lives back in the UK before returning to India to forward Pauls ambitions to help Hijras in India.

The Rescue 4.

Beverly Taff. Transvestite
James or Jamie Transgendered kid.
Candice Jamie’s Younger Sister.
Sergeant Williams Hate crime police officer
David Evans Knife-boy. (Son of Dewi Evans.)
Margaret Beckinsale. Jamie and Candice’s mum. (AKA Madge.)
Sandie Beverly’s best Transvestite friend.
Elizabeth Todd Beverly’s next door neighbour.

A Safe Place

Author's note: in this little story there is the brief recollection of a suicide attempt. But as you will be able to tell, it works out okay. I hope you like it. As always, comments are appreciated.

A Safe Place

Tina looked at herself in her wedding gown, and tried to hide her nervousness. She could hear the voices from her past, calling her the names she heard so often as a child.

The Rest of the Story

An Unexpected Engagement for Christmas

An Unexpected Engagement for Christmas
by Charlotte Dickles

Synopsis: He thought it was simply a case of helping a friend out of difficulty over Christmas, at the same time solving his own problem with a faulty central heating boiler. OK, when Bob was told what he had to do, he was both terrified and exhilarated by the prospect, but no one could have forecast how it was going to turn out.

Images 22

Images 22

Chapter 22

Taylor just stared at the doctor for a minute then at the porter who came with the wheelchair for him. He actually hung his head a bit with a sigh. He looked like he was heading to the gallows as he got up and moved from where he was to the wheelchair. I smile at him, Then look at Dr. Clark “Do you have a list of what he needs and where?”

Images 21

Images 21

Chapter 21

We stayed for maybe another twenty minutes before we kissed and walked to our Honeymoon suite. The room was breathtaking just like out of a fantasy. I know that Taylor did this. He scoops me into his arms and walks me through the threshold.

Okay let me tell you just how special this is.

Spacetran 17

Spacetran 17
This chapter continues the story of Khatia and Bennie's burgeoning relationship. Rather a sweet chapter describing their progress towards marriage and parenthood.


Spacetran 17

List of our children and their friends.

Wendy, William’s twin.
Jessica and Charlotte, Ben’s (AKA Bennie’s,) twin sisters.
Dave and Eddie , Sherriff Jack Johnson’s boys.
Linda and Sandra, Sherriff Jack Johnson’s daughters.
Ray, Wendy’s husband, (Our son in Law.).
Khatia. Bennie’s secret Muslim wife.

A Summer of Changes - Book 5 Chapter 8


Two final snapshots of Denise and Samantha

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Book 5 Chapter 8

Epilogue — Denise and Samantha

Spacetran 13

This chapter addresses Beverly's concerns about 'The Sucession'. Which of her children are to run the family firm of 'Taff Spaceships' after she is gone? How is she to protect those powerful secrets that could enable a megalomaniac to try and rule the earth or even the universe.


Spacetran 13.

List of our children and their friends.


Wendy, William’s twin.

Jessica and Charlotte, Ben’s (AKA Bennie’s,) twin sisters.

Dave and Eddie , Sherriff Jack Johnson’s boys.

Linda and Sandra, Sherriff Jack Johnson’s daughters.

Spacetran 12

A chapter where Beverly's life moves on after the universe is offered, (and accepts) space warping and time warping.
This chapter starts to address the family issues of inheritance and sibling rivalry for control of the firm.


Spacetran 12

List of our children.

Wendy, William’s twin, our first-born twins

Jessica and Charlotte, Ben’ sisters, our second born triplets.

Dave and Eddie , Sherriff Jack Johnson’s boys.

Linda and Sandra, Sherriff Jack Johnson’s daughters.

Spacetran 9

In this chapter Beverly reluctantly returns to earth because mankind cannot make sense of the Anti-gravity science. She starts to realise that there may be hope for her returning as she learns that tolerance has moved a long, long way since her traumatic childhood. She also meets her only remaining older sister.




Images 20...the wedding.

Images 20

Chapter 20

The party is great, Taylor and I dance for a couple of hours sometimes fast and sometimes slow and we do a lot of kissing. A lot of kissing. I was not expecting to have a good a time as I had. When I wasn’t dancing with Tay I was dancing with my Net girls and even some of the other club goers. I’ve never really got to do this before, I love it the feeling of freedom, of getting to be sensual with out being sexual and I’m not without a few moves despite not getting to do this as a girl all my life.

A Summer of Changes - Book 5 Chapter 4


Denise has an interview with her therapist
which gives rise to a second trip
to see her mother

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Book 5 Chapter 4

Two important discussions

Images 19


Chapter 19

I wake up and it’s mid morning and I’m feeling sleepy and lazy and really, really good as Taylor’s arms are circled around me. I love these moments, just feeling that. I almost bathe in that really femmy vibe I feel. His arm on top of me is resting in that girly spot; You know that thin spot at my waist just above my hips. I love having that spot, I love having wider hips now.

The Sissy Farm 30

This is the final chapter in 'The Sissy Farm' It ends with Michelle marrying her Mistress Simone and simply describes the various outcomes of the various lives of Michelle's assorted aquaintances.
The ending is a bit of a cop out really but I'm getting stale with this story.
Hopefully there'll be some more coming along shortly.

Love to you all and a big thanks to those who commented.




W. O. P.

W. O. P.

By Melissa Tawn

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

---Emma Lazarus, 1883

Kelly's Journey-Book 2-Chapter 2-Possibilities

Kelly's Journey
Book 2

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To JennaFl For Proofing
and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis: Kelly is given a very thorough scan to determine if she can have children as her family learn the good news about Debbie, giving them hope for Kelly, too.


Images 16


Chapter 16

The thing about sharing the loving and tender moments when afterwards you should be making love to your other half is that sometimes there’s just the fact you have to get back to your real life. Taylor and I hug and kiss and very passionate neck for about an hour or the rest of the hour before we hold hands back into the diner and get back to work.

The Sissy Farm 24

The blessing for the wedding goes ahead and Michelle gets an invitation to become a hair stylist in New York.

Yeah!   In yer face and having a hell of a wild time!

Yeah!! In yer face an' having one hell of a wild time. Long live Sparkle, long live Manchester!

The Sissy farm.
Chapter 24.

List of Characters.

Me. Michelle A Natural transvestite sissy.
Janice My Younger sister
Aunty Bev Janice and My mother’s Sister.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Winter; Part 3, March

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Winter
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson

Part 3 -- March

Sunday, March 3, 1872

Trisha pulled her nightgown off over her head and tossed it onto the bed before quickly stepping into her drawers. Church services began in about 90 minutes, and she wanted to get there early, to bask in the praise for the dance the night before. As she reached for her camisole, she looked over to see how Kaitlin was doing.

"Trisha," Kaitlin said loudly, pointing, "what the devil is that on your chest?"

To See Through a Glass Darkly 8

To See Through a Glass Darkly

Chapter 8

Sasha dresses for his first day as a girl as he begins bonding sister-to-sister with Sonia and girl-to-girl with their friends.

That Summer I Found Her ! Part 3 of 3

I woke up the next morning and found Kara in bed next to me. She greeted me with a smile and a kiss. I could definitely get used to this every morning! We got up and raced each other to the bathroom. I admit I did let her win. She rewarded me with another kiss, so I think it was worth it. After we got our business taken care of, we headed downstairs to start breakfast. Mom and Lyndsey slept in a little while longer and came down just as the coffee was brewing. I took orders for omelets and prepared the ingredients.


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