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Jessie Hanks Outlaw Queen: The Cameo Murder (Part 2 of 2)

Jessie and Paul leave the Apache with the Sheriff not far behind. Can they escape him and the risk of the venomous scorpion? WIll Jessie prove her innocence? And what of the mystery of Dandy Jim? For this and more, read the stirring adventure of JESSIE HANKS OUTLAW QUEEN!

Street and Smith’s New York Weekly is proud to present the latest addition to the amazing legend of Eerie, Arizona.

Jessie Hanks Outlaw Queen: The Cameo Murder
By Nicholas Varrick
As Told by Ellie Dauber and Christopher Leeson © 2016

Jessie Hanks Outlaw Queen: The Cameo Murder (Part 1 of 2)

Jessie and Paul travel to Dawson, Arizona, so Jessie can sing at her friend, Hanna Tyler's, wedding. But the cameo that Jessie gave Hanna as an engagement present makes Jessie prime suspect in a murder investigation. On the run, they encounter Apache, venomous scorpions, road agents, and the U.S. Cavalry.

Stuart, part 8

“Mmph,” I moan as I feel a gentle breeze blow on my left ear, worsening the thumping headache caused by the alcohol I drank last night.

“Wake up,” A familiar voice whispers, before the breeze on my ear resumes.

“Stop that,” I moan. “I’m on holiday, I don’t want to wake up…”

“WE’RE on holiday,” my fiancée reminds me, her blowing turning from a gentle breeze into a hurricane as she blows directly into my earhole.

“Ugh,” I moan. “Can I at least shift this hangover first?”

Heading East- Jones Family Part 6 Finale

While the kids were out in Boston enjoying their time riding on the old trains Michael had his long awaited interview for a possible promotion. Leslie, Iris, and Rachel drove in with him as both were going to the federal building for appointments. Luckily for Leslie, hers was before his so he was able to be there for her as backup if need be.

Charlotte, part 20

“Try and relax!” Stuart urges me as I stretch my bikini-clad body on the sun lounger. “It’s a nice hot day, you’ve got a VERY nice, VERY hot body…” I snort a laugh as Stuart takes off his loose t-shirt and sits down next to me, rubbing sunscreen into his hands. A genuine smile creeps over my face as I roll onto my front and Stuart unties the back of my bikini top, before smearing the cool liquid into my back.

“Mmm… Soft,” Stuart laughs as I remain silent. “Jamie… Please try and relax. Please? I hate seeing you stressed like this…”

Cynthia and the Dropped Ball, Chapter 2 of 7

Cynthia and the Dropped Ball, Chapter 2 of 7

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: We have met Tommie who seems to be a very well-adjusted young boy going to be a girl. She has a great support group behind her as she starts her transition. Cindy realizes very quickly who Tommie is, and her full name, sister’s name, and picture confirms her suspicions. The Wizard seems to be a bit Laissez-faire about the whole thing, and that perplexes Cindy.

This story is another addition to The Cynthia Chronicles. Cynthia (Cindy) Brewer has graduated from medical school, and is well into her residency. The Wizard has difficulty remembering exactly where she is in her studies. Randi Lewis at age 18 is starting work on her Master of Science in Chemistry (read Randi and the Professor), and Charli Brewer will soon be a freshman in pre-med at UConn. Bobbie Anderson is setting the golf world on fire having now won tournaments on the PGA in addition to her many victories on the LPGA. This story takes place a year before Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling. If you are not familiar with the stories that make up the Cynthia Chronicles, you might want to go back to the beginning with An Incremental Journey. There are references to Cynthia and the Reluctant Girlfriend and Charli and the Girl Cave. If you don’t remember what happened in those stories, you might want to go back and read them again. This story also takes place just a few months before Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight.

Righting Wrongs Part 10

Kylie has to talk for the first time about Hogan's abuse. William opens up to Kennedy as Kylie makes another friend. Stag and Hen parties lead to guy's night in and Kylie's first slumber party. The wedding day arrives but exactly who is getting married?

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon (Owned).jpg The Honeymoon
a Timber Grove Story
by Trinity

A sexually unfulfilled Roger finds that his gorgeous new wife becomes much more sensual on their Honeymoon, but what happens when her newly found sexual appetite turns from men to women? Will their new marriage be able to survive a night of changes in Timber Grove?

Author's Note:
This is the second story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can fully enjoy without having read any other stories in the series.

Right Place, Right Time Part 11

Chapter 23
The next morning Hannah was unusually quiet and was clearly troubled. Nigel and Karen had to sit her down and talk with her about the night before, Bryan and Nichole kept away so they could talk in private.

Jenny’s Story – 14 Life Changes Fast

Brian, wanted to get in touch with his feminine side, and hopefully get some help in doing so. Most of all he wanted to see himself look like a convincing girl in his own way of thinking. He never imagined or planned what happened… Brian is hidden away and Jenny is finding life to be more natural. Jenny knows beyond a shadow of a doubt who she is.

Nikki, part 21

“Don’t see why you’re moaning,” dad laughs as I pass him yet another handful of pink and silver streamers. “You’re the one who insists on hanging out with these celebrities, attending their parties… There’s no ducking out of it now just because it’s your turn to organise one!”

“Give me a break,” I sigh. “I’ve been at work every day this week…”

“Ooh, poor you, having to work for a living,” Beverly laughs, making me sigh. “Thanks for helping out today, Chris.”

“My pleasure,” dad says. “She’s my future daughter-in-law, that makes her family, right?”

Nikki, part 20

I gently lower myself into one of the sofas in Charlotte’s vast ‘main room’, taking the weight off my aching feet before slipping off my stiletto heels and massaging the soles of my feet.

“Don’t let Hannah ever catch you doing that,” Viks giggles as she sits down next to me. “Unless you plan on going on Strictly yourself next year…”

“If they’ll have me,” I say, making Viks giggle.

“Why are you over here, anyway, and not with Sarah?” Viks asks. “Still falling out over what you were talking about yesterday?”

Nikki, part 19

“Three cheers for the college girls!” Charlotte announces. “Hip hip-“

“Hooray!” The modest number of partygoers cheer.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte repeats.

“Hooray!” The partygoers again reply.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte yells at the top of her voice.

“Hooray!” The party goers again cheer as Sarah, Katie and Lauren stand at the front of the room, their cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Stuart, part 6

I smirk as I rush into the generously-sized dance studio that has been Krystie's second home for almost two years. Between the ages of 4 and 10, I would find myself in such a place twice a week, with my legs clad in the same pink tights and my body covered by the same style of leotard as the fifteen women currently dancing in the studio. Back then, I would have paid anything to never have to set foot in one of these places again, but today, someone else's needs come before my own.

"Oh, hi Stu!" Krystie teases. "Sorry, but today's class is GIRLS ONLY!"

A Tale of A Thousand Days and A Promise Chapter 2


Washed ashore with no money, no identity and no memory of a life before. Adopted by a kind family only to be plunged into the fires of war. Will the boy, more beautiful than any girl, live a life of happiness or one of sadness?

A Tale of A Thousand Days and A Promise
Chapter 2

By Shinieris

A Love So Bold - Chapter 16

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


As they rode closer to the wagon train, Hannah looked over toward Gideon, admiring his rugged handsomeness. She knew that she could pull off the ruse; she had been doing it for weeks already, but one little question was in the back of her mind and she wanted to ask it before they got too close to prying ears.

“Gideon?” she asked.

“Hannah?” he said with a laugh and then smiled boyishly to her, and decided now wasn’t the time to kid with her after all that she had been through. He decided that he should respectfully reply, “Yes Hannah, what is it?”

“I’m basically giving up my… let’s just say ‘life’ here… to help you with the children.” She looked at him, studying the expression he would give for asking. “What is in it for me?”

Somewhere Else Entirely -133-

It is the day that all of Palarand has been waiting for, the day when Garia, Baroness Blackstone, is married to Keren, Crown Prince of Palarand and becomes his future Queen. Unfortunately, it is also the morning after a violent night before, when an intruder was slain barely strides from where she was sleeping. Can she put this distraction aside and make her day a happy one?

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

133 - Princess of Palarand

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 30 - The Butterfly Bride


TBB cover.PNG
Book 30 of The Lyssa Kordenay Missions!
  Lyssa has operated in every environment.
 Fought terrorists, high echelon criminals,
 Rogue agents and even serial killers .
 Is she ready to face....Marriage?

WARNING: This Lyssa Kordenay Mission may be hyper-emotional for some readers. Arm yourself with tissues!


My Life as a Mail Order Bride

Steve has some anger management problems, but he mostly gets away with it. All that changes one day when he loses his temper and makes a racist remark. Now he's going to find out what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. His life is about to change forever as he finds himself trapped in the body of an exotic oriental bride.

A New Start in Life part 37

A New Start in Life Part 37


This is a gentle coming-of-age story about a college-aged boy becoming the girl he knows he truly is.
With the help of his two girl friends he becomes Susanna as they teach him all about life as a girl.
Please note this is a gentle, sentimental tale and although there is some sexual content it is inferred, NOT graphic and tagged where it occurs.

A Mother's Love

Originally, I wanted this to be as an homage for Mother's Day, but I couldn't complete it in time. Oh well, better late than never - Hope you enjoy!

A Mother's Love

By Anon Allsop

It had been five years since I stood on this small grassy hill, five years since I had said my goodbye to one of the best women I had ever known. Sighing, I looked down at the flowers in my hand and quietly placed them in the little vase that stood like a sentinel before the polished stone.

Nikki, part 12

“Seventeen!” The assembled guests yell. “Sixteen! Fifteen! Fourteen!” I stare over at Sarah, who is smiling happily, much to my relief.

“Thirteen!” The guests continue. “Twelve! Eleven! Ten!” I look to my left at Katie and Lauren, who are both excitedly bouncing up and down in chairs.

“Nine!” The crowd yells, working itself into a near frenzy. “Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!” Dannii- the most excited person of any in the packed restaurant- takes a deep breath and, in one go, blows out the seventeen candles on the rich chocolate cake placed in front of her.

Charlotte, part 9


“Vive La France!” Krystie happily exclaims in my ear, over the noise of the crowded Parisian nightclub.

“This is so cool!” I happily reply as I dance with my friend, the two of us attracting the attention of virtually every boy in the club in our tiny clubbing dresses and extra-high heels- not to mention our voluminous hair and heavy make-up!

“Yeah, who needs BOYS anyway?” Krystie asks.

Psychic Sister

Psychic Sister

by MonicaS

This story was first posted in 1998 on Fictionmania. This version is edited in details only.

"Sorry that I disturbed your sleep, but I couldn't wait," my sister said when she came into my apartment. "I had a vision."

"About me?" I asked a little worried and she nodded.

Hiring Elaine Hall-10, Supplement

I am grateful to Jessica for the beautiful story, Hiring Elaine Hall and I am grateful that she encouraged me to develop the ideas I developed in this supplement. The text in italics show where I placed this in relationship to the original text in Chapter 10. I encourage anyone reading this work to put it in this context. This assumes that Hiring Elaine Hall has been read first---a rewarding endeavor and I would encourage anyone tempted to read this supplement to do that first. The story will be more meaningful.

Somewhere Else Entirely -121-

Garia, accompanied by all those women who will be her attendants, goes to the Palace wardrobe to fit the gowns they will wear for her wedding. After lunch, a small party rides about the city looking for a mansion for House Blackstone, finding one near a friendly establishment. Later, a Messenger arrives with an important proposal.

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

121 - First Fitting

Nikki, part 4

I pout my deep red-coloured lips for the camera as I take shot after shot of me in various poses. My dark brown hair has been styled into a feminine bob, framing my immaculately made-up face.

Bikini Beach: Organlegger

Bikini Beach: Organlegger
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2007

Somebody once said that no good deed goes unpunished. Somebody else said that joy divided is joy multiplied.

Grandmother and Anna discover how changing an old man' s life creates wild magic that saves the lives of four others.

Bikini Beach: Organlegger
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2007

An explanation of the title follows the story.

September 14, 2003

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 56-61 of 61)

Alexia and Queen Tammy finally meet in a winner take all battle for the future of their world but Dupree has a back up plan should his witch fail. Thanks to all readers who have stuck with me through the entire story. I hope you found it worth your time. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission (mostly for violence).

The Princes proposal

The princes proposal
By Kellen

This was another harebrained idea that kept nagging at me. I am not sure if this will be a good story at all, but this is a small part. Does anything think this can be made into a larger story? I would like to know
The boy had just outlined his plan to the imposing figure before him. The trip there was arduous and fraught with danger. Braving the storms and a typhoon to cross the channel to meet this man in Bristol. It had to be done and then Richard told of him of what he wanted.

Henry almost laughed, “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Are you serious, boy? You can’t be. It can’t be done!”

The Model - Part 1

House Sitting Pretty

House Sitting Pretty
by Ellie Dauber © 2003

Dan Hendrix learns that the one thing worse than cheating on your wife is giving her a really lame excuse when she catches you.

This story is not a sequel to “Habeas Corpus”, although some of the same characters appear in both.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 12 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 12 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2013

Reverend Yingling preaches about Clyde Ritter. Roscoe joins the O’Hanlans for lunch. Carl confuses Flora with a question. Things become known at Flora’s second hearing. Yingling can’t stop a wedding. Hedley gets a haircut. And lots more.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 6 of 13

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 6 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson (c) 2014

Flora and Lylah take a bath. The town council meets to decide Nancy’s fate. Pablo talks about Styron and Ritter. The Cactus Blossoms dance. Bridget deals cards. Abner Slocum hears what’s wrong with him. Rosalyn offers Flora some advice. Wilma thinks about her life. Clyde Rittter flirts. And lots more.


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