Only A Baby Machine -- Part 11, Island Paradise(?)

Part 11, Island Paradise(?)

Year 3 of the novel begins with Pansy's escape to a tropical island paradise. Or is it paradise after all? (Note--Rating more restrictive!)
January 1

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 8, Nursemaid

Part 8, Nursemaid
August 6
-- Pansy was folding clothes in the laundry room when Jaime came to fetch her. “Go to the infirmary, Pansy,” he told her without explanation. “You can finish your work later.”

Suzy Q by Suzy Q

Suzy Q
Suzy Q

Sam Quinn invented Suzy Q, the exotic Cuban dancer. José Enrá­quez insisted on meeting her–but of course that was impossible! Or was it?

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 5, The shopping trip

Part 5, The shopping trip.

George's body is changing, slowly but inexorably. Now his original clothes no longer seem appropriate. Not to worry: his former girlfriend will help him select clothing that will be much more appropriate!
May 23

Spacetran 19

Khatia has been kidnapped and Beverly pulls out some stops to find her.


Spacetran 19.

List of Beverly’s children, grandchildren and their friends.


Wendy, William’s twin.
Jessica and Charlotte, Ben’s (AKA Bennie’s,) twin sisters.
Dave and Eddie , Sherriff Jack Johnson’s boys.
Linda and Sandra, Sherriff Jack Johnson’s daughters.
Ray, Wendy’s husband, (Our son in Law.).
Khatia. Bennie’s secret Muslim wife.
Farina & Francine. Khatia and Bennie’s twin daughters.

Lulu - 2 - I Only Laugh When It Hurts




A Dark Comedy About Mistaken Identity

Chapter 2
I only laugh when it hurts

by Lulu Martine

When I first woke up I flashed back on that previous hospital awakening after the accident back in the fall. I hurt all over, just like before, but the pain was distant and dull, just like before, because of medication. My chest hurt, my face hurt, even my feet hurt but mostly, my groin hurt.

Lulu - 1 - The Mix-Up




A Dark Comedy About Mistaken Identity

by Lulu Martine

The week after I turned sixteen my life got turned upside down by the kind of mistake that would make a good comedy movie.

Chloe's new life

A transgender, smoking involved, slightly twist ending story.

Yes! I'm a crossdresser Mum! in that one simple sentence, Alan was fully exposed in the worst possible manner, to his own mother in her house and in mostly her clothes.

And the smoking! she exclaimed, He felt more shame and embarrassment over this one, as for years he had been so vocal in trying to make her quit, yes, I smoke a little too Mum, but never when I am wearing my male clothes.

But you,,,,I?,,, you, Oh I can't think Alan, and she stormed out of the room.

Abby Normal

Marty Feldman as Eye-gor
Abby Normal

by Jennifer Brock

In the movie Young Frankenstein, there's a scene where Igor (that's "Eye-gor") makes an error and the brain that Dr. Frankenstein (that's "Fronkensteen") uses in the monster is not the one Igor had been sent to collect. Instead of the brain of brilliant scientist Hans Delbruck, he says he brought the brain that had been labeled "Abby Normal." This story takes the premise "What if Igor wasn't lying?" This is the story of Abby Normal, and what happened to her brain. (Note that although inspired by a comic take on Frankenstein, this story uses elements from several adaptations, and is a more serious take on the subject matter.)

Home Leave

Home leave.

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

The envelope was addressed to Steve Smith, The Cottage, Combe Farm, in familiar writing and the post mark said "BFPO 952." Inside was a photograph of an attractive girl dressed in Army desert combat uniform. She wore a regimental beret, camouflage shirt with corporal's stripes, trousers and army boots. The picture was taken at an angle so that the outline of her breasts was clearly visible. Her hair was tied back and she had just a hint of makeup. Very obviously female. There was a short note:

TGL - Book 1: Through Death, Rebirth: Chapter 16

Gateway to Life
-:Book 1:-
Through Death, Rebirth

by Faeriemage

Copyright  © 2010 Faeriemage
All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes, it is what you do that matters. Sometimes, it is who you are. Usually it is just being in the proper place at the proper moment in time with the will to act.

Chapter 16:
Storm Warning



They say good stories start with music just like in the movies, there’s music in the beginning as the opening credits roll and you see those little things as the story unfolds.

A Summer of Changes - Book 4 Chapter 7


After a second enjoyable weekend away,
Denise has to face her first interview with a therapist

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Book 4 Chapter 7

Bath time, and a preliminary interview

Images 15


(I was told of a snafu with the name of Jenna’s therapist and her Grams. This has been fixed in edit in #14. Dr.Wilson’s first name is now Marley. Thanks Eric.)

Chapter 15

Images 10


Chapter 10

Tay’s kissing me and I’m just loving it. The smell of him, his taste, that little tickle scratch of his beard as we kiss and he nuzzles me. If you’ve never nuzzled or just gently rubbed faces with your SO I highly recommend it. You mix that along with some slow sweet kisses and it’s simply amazing. Makes you feel all mushy in just the right ways.

Oh…oh…he’s kissing my eyelids. I love the tenderness of that. If you haven’t another must.

A Summer of Changes - Book 4 Chapter 5


Alison provides some useful advice and a warning to take care

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Book 4 Chapter 5

Advice from Alison

Never Trust the Pretty Ones

Never Trust the Pretty Ones

by Jennifer Brock

A grifter with an unusual technique has to take things further when he finds himself in a tough spot. (This was supposed to be my entry in the “March of Fools” contest, but I missed the deadline by a few months, so I reworked it to fit the new theme and then finished it.)

Milissa and Dandy - Part 1 The Beginning

Dandy was getting ready to go to Atlantis through the Stargate. As the team went through there was a power surge, then the gate went dead. Dandy was thrown on a planet 2 billion light-years from her original destination and 500 years into the future, but she did not know about the temporal time difference at the time. Dandy looked around and saw a decimated landscape like a war just happened. She tried to contact her team but no answer. She also tried to contact Stargate command but no luck there.

The Chronicles of Mana - 2 - Deja Vu

The Chronicles of Mana
by Saless
Chapter 2 — Deja Vu

Wow, that last chapter sure had a sad ending, didn't it? Sorry for the long break everyone, I've been soooo busy! My sisters keep dragging me into political stuff, not to mention that attack last month we had to fend off. Jeez, you'd think people would get it through their heads that we're plenty powerful enough to protect Avalon when Mom's not here!

Draca says that a lot of people are still confused about where Mom comes into this story! LOL! You'll see! ;) Just keep reading, and I'll try not to have such a long break before the next chapter, OK?

Hugs and Kisses!


Why is Love so Complicated? - 4

Annette has found a job she loves, she has money and friends who love her. What more could she ask for? Why isn't life that simple?

Why is Love so Complicated?

By Arwen's Tears
Part 4 of 4

Post Op Blues

Post Op Blues

Last month, I felt a strange urge to write new, TG words to an old song. Maybe my subconscious was responding to the stories and poems based on songs that many authors posted several months ago. Sometimes I'm just very slow. 8)

I made up the "punch line" for this song a long time ago, but, I'm sure, not before I was post op!

I included the lyrics for the original song; some might be interested.

The Light at the End of the Closet -9-

Ashton is dead. Long live Ashley

I hadn’t realized that six months had gone by. So one morning, I got out of the shower, just like every day, and to my big surprise I ran into John. He was sitting on my bed. When I entered the room he stood up. I guess he was taken back by what he saw, because he simply stared at me for a long time without saying anything.

“Holy shit...” he whispered. “You look like...” but he never ended the phrase. He was speechless.

The Light at the End of the Closet -8-

The Woman Inside Begins to Awaken

I must’ve lied there for about an hour. I has helpless. I was depressed. I was full of fear and anxiety. I felt the chilly morning air hit my naked, shaved calves. Every time I stirred or moved, I felt the g-string ride up my ass or my dick and balls shift in my crotch. I wanted to stay very still.

Suddenly, John came back. He had a few dumbbells and other female exercise equipment. He dropped the equipment and went over to the kitchen.

The Light at the End of the Closet -5-

A Son’s Farewell

That summer I spent with John at Martha’s Vineyard was the last time I would be in control of my own life. But at the time, I didn’t know it.

When I returned home, I simply spent one week packing to leave for Chicago where I would be starting college in the fall. It was now late July and I had a lot of things to do before fall term began. As a graduation present, my parents gave me a brand-new car, so I packed, said my farewells and drove off to Chicago.

The Light at the End of the Closet -4-


One of the most important aspects of cross dressing, is that the more you dress up, the more time you want to spend dressed up and the greater the need to dress more often.

The Light at the End of the Closet -3-

The Road to Cross Dressing

One of the best moments for a cross dresser is to imagine the time he’ll have to enjoy his female clothes. The expectation of the feeling of the fabrics against his skin is something difficult to explain in words. The best analogy I can think of, is this: thinking about the moment you’ll be wearing women’s clothing is like thinking about the beer you’ll be drinking after you finish a 20 mile hike across the desert.

The Light at the End of the Closet -2-

A Transvestite is Born

The following morning I woke up with a wonderful feeling over me. I felt as if I had something to look forward to in my life. I literally sprang out of bed and went into the shower.

My cock still hurt a little and I had a sore groin from those extraordinary orgasms. But I felt invigorated. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

Was I really a freak? Do all kids go through what I had gone through the night before? Was I a pervert for getting aroused by my mom’s smell?

The Light at the End of the Closet


As I write these lines, I can’t help but think of the extraordinary events that have brought me here, and one question keeps popping into my head: what makes a man be a man, and what makes a woman be a woman?

You see, we may think that because a man has a penis, that makes him a man. But in reality, there are times when women are born as men, and they don’t realize that until someone comes along to show them the way.

At times, that way can be glorious, wonderful and exhilarating.

Other times, it can be a rude awakening.

My Legacy


I have heard that medical mistakes are made all the time, but my parents never thought I would become another one of the statistics. I suffered from a torn ligament in my right knee. I had been out jogging yesterday morning when I stepped in a hole and heard a pop. I went down writhing in pain holding my knee. I had to use my cell phone to call home and tell my mother what happened. She came and picked me up and we made our way to the hospital where I was taken for an MRI. The doctors told us that the damage required surgery.


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