My magical journey

It was finally here, i was going to start highschool in a week i was going to be free of my sisters friends punishment. Maybe i should explain a little. High im Andrew 19 im not really that big i have a slightly effeminate body for my age which might explain why i was stealing my sisters friends clothes to wear.

You Chose the Wrong Store - Part 5

Ronnie's life took an unexpected turn for the different

when he picked the wrong store to shoplift!

You Chose
the Wrong Store
Part 5

By Jessica C
Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-8.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-8.

Chapter 8

And there’s all these people together either dating or married and stuff and I’m kind of feeling left out seeing how happy everyone is and everything together.

“Not that I’d have an idea of how to really be with anyone or anything even if I met someone.”

Yes…yes I’m talking to myself because you do that when you’re alone so much.

Alone, in a new life and way different body and things it’s still the same…hurt and lonely and that makes me feel all fat and ugly and what’s the point and that’s when it hits me.

I get my car and drive around after using my debit card to pay for the stuff at the beach and tip the valet guy five dollars. I’m driving and really trying to not go into a drive thru and just…It’s like this hurt that kind of sinks into that craving rush you get when you ear something good.

That something you like’s rush is what you use to replace the empty spot inside that I’m trying to fill.

I know all of this and yet.

My Super Secret Life-30.

My Super Secret Life-30.

Chapter 30



“Thanks for this…for really, really trying….for making things right?”

“I had to…I love you whether you’re you or Matt I love you too much not to fight for you.”

She rolls over and looks at me. I get the look in her eyes, I really do even as Tyler…I was born a girl…and sometimes it’s the most important thing in the world to a girl to feel like she’s worth fighting for…worth it.

We kiss and she rolls me onto my back and we kiss as she straddles me and it’s really amazing. It’s like we used to be but reversed and the same all at the same time.

It’s maybe better? Like we’ve crossed some point with us and now we’re getting back to us but better? Experienced maybe…It’s just we’ve not kissed like this and just sensually made out like this for a long, long time.

We’re both smiling and holding hands fingers interlaced on the way back. I put stuff away and open her door and kiss her again. She smiles after the kiss like I hung the moon and it sinks right into my heart. It’s a new feeling. “I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day’s going to be like.”

Me too…

I think I’m starting to finally find myself.

Sarcasm: Becomes Her Again

Evan Sky, lay cuddled in Mysty's arms covered by the satin sheets on Mysty's very comfortable bed. She had been very nervous when She was announced last night upon her arrival, “Miss Eva Skye and her escort Mister Cloud” Her Name and Mysty's, both had new age parents Evan Clear Sky, and Mystery Silver Cloud. Hmm, so easy to think in the feminine pronoun. It was wonderful to be treated so nice.

FTL-18... Faster Than Life.

FTL-18... Faster Than Life.


“Yay me, so how bad was the damage from that kick?”

“Whiplash and a concussion, you’d have lived but its better we fixed you up so you could think straight with us leaving and getting back on schedule.”
“Yay, me.”

She grins at me and helps me sit up. “You’ll live it’s just some really heavy bruising, you’ll get used to it.”

“Why would I get used to it?”

“Because you haven’t gone into the main academy Erin, just wait for the combat trials and the survival courses.”

“But I’m in fleet. I’m not a combat MOS.”

“Sure and the training is scaled that way but ships get attacked, they take firs and get boarded and even crash in bad places.”


She laughs and heads out of my room. “See now you have so much to look forward to cadet.”

I’d be tempted to say something snarky but my painkillers don’t have me that looped out of it. And now that I’m sitting up my bladder is telling me I need to pee.

Ow…that bathroom door looks a long way off.

And currently…….


Sunshine…Part 7.

Sunshine…Part Seven.


We’ve been calling it Déjá -Nostalgia Joel and me. He’s been helping me move in and I’ve been helping him move in too and neither one of us really seem to have an idea of just what to do.

Coming back from what we had come back from scrambled us good but almost deep down neither of us feels like we were the whole skilled decorator types. Me I can probably pin that down to when I was in porn and making tons of money I likely had someone else do it.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 7.


“Rudy, you shouldn’t have come over and woke him up and everything…I’d be…”

I’m stopped by him kissing me…he just walked up and tilted my chin up and kissed me with the most romantic, longest best kiss of my entire life.

“I wasn’t leaving you like the way you were, I’m a single dad Morgan... He’s used to it…see he’s already back to dreaming. Got anything to drink?”

The little guy’s conked out already and he’s snuggled into one of my sweatshirts that was left on the couch and my heart does this thing…and I feel this feeling in my insides that makes me want to smiley-cry.

“Sure I’ve some red in the fridge.”

It’s the first time I’ve had Chicken Treat…better than KFC, I like the pineapple fritters that came with the food and good fries. I’m not sure that red wine goes with take away chicken but…it’s all I had in the house.

I get some plates and he lit some of my scented candles and we sit on the floor in front of the coffee table.

I’ve never really had this before…I’m not sure what to do next.

And Now… Chapter 7.

Vanilla Sky...Part 7.

Vanilla Sky…Part7.

There’s almost ten of us actually and we’re laughing and chatting and headed into the coffee place.

They all know…they all know and they don’t care and it just really doesn’t seem to matter.

Okay…coffee and sugar and some more shopping.

And we walk into the place and I slow down and stop almost as I see other kids there and not just other kids but there’s boys there.

And they’re looking up at us all as we’re coming in.

Eeep…shit do I look alright?

A Boy and his Dog, Chapter 12

When I woke up that morning I thought my life was normal, Little did I expect that shortly I would have to deal with kidnappings, evil cults, assassination attempts, mutant rock stars, strange powers, mud men, and my own body doing a flip on me, and that doesn’t even touch on my dog!

Man, I should have just stayed in bed!

A Boy and his Dog
Chapter 12

by Landing

Copyright © 2013 Landing
All Rights Reserved.

Debriefings 1

Anam Chara

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind us and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

Winter's Child: Chapter 4

Mitsuo is a promising martial artist and dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems perfect until his sixteenth birthday when he comes into his mother's heritage and his father's curse.


Winter's Child
Chapter 4

My mother was suddenly right in front of the Kitsune holding him a foot off the ground by his throat. “You have already lost two tails in this prank of yours. If you do not explain yourself now I will personally remove the remaining seven.”

The Fishing Trip

When Phil McNierney agreed to be a guinea pig for Andy Hoffmann’s new serum, he didn't know what the serum, a little hypnosis, and his own mind would get him into. Still they were best friends, and didn’t Phil trust Andy?

Goodbye Master Stokes - Chapter 4: An Unwritten Book



By Touch the Light

Overhead those harbingers of winter, the Christmas lights, shone weakly in the gloom. The seasons were in transition, neither one thing nor the other.

Just like me.

Strings of Sighs

When the cellist doesn't turn up for the rehearsal of their school's string quartet, the girls decide they need a stand in. The problem is, the only other decent cellist they know is the second violin's brother.




Chapter 17

To me movies were an odd thing for me. I never really got the chance to be into them like other people because mostly growing up all we had was a poor example of a video store and there was the fact that anything fantasy or science fiction was “that foolishness.” And I had my “head in the clouds enough as it is.”

So being with Brandy and just curled up together watching movies that I’ve never seen before is a huge treat and it’s revealing worlds to me that I really just never got a chance to see before.

What a good boy...Chapter 20

What A good boy…Chapter 20

Chapter 20

It’s been an odd week with what happened between Frankie and me and learning all about her and her and I having that whole watershed moment together. I really have been thinking a lot about that and we’ve been so tempted I think of hooking up like the first time in the closet again but she looks scared…and lonely and longing.

And thinking about that has sort of cut into some of the sneak away urges that I’ve had with Sophie and Gwen.

Love and Old Books...Part Five The Finale

Love and Old Books…Finale

It changed everything that weekend and I mean it changed everything…

I will remember that night forever but the next day too. I woke up and it was chilly even with it being summer but the smell of the water coming in off the beach was still heavy in the air and there’s nothing like it really the smell of salt water that close. It mixed with the sounds of the waves hitting the beach and the smell of us, of Valerie sleeping there beside me.

I rubbed some more thankful, so thankful wetness from my eyes with my thumb and then I rolled over and spooned her wrapping an arm around her and the blankets and just holding her.

Smelling her skin, her hair.

There are some perfect moments in this world.

Love and Old Books...Part 4

Love and Old Books…Part Four

It was a few days before we saw each other again. We kept talking online about work and books and breakfasts some was on my computer but I wanted to be able to talk with her whenever so…I broke down and I bought a phone with texting…that was just.

I was at the Parker Place Mall after just getting my phone and I’m trying to text Valerie back with my big mits on this teeny tiny phone when hear her giggling.

“Oh My God!” She exclaims her hand over her mouth and giggling.

“What?” I’m hunched over still trying to hit the right keys.

“You look so cute trying that.” She smiles this sweet smile and comes over and looks upside down at my screen. “Who are you texting?”

“You, or I was. What are you doing here?”

No Way to Turn

When Mrs. Hejak thinks her daughter Kera is being mistreated by her boyfriend, she turns him into a girl and gives him an ultimatum - break up with Kera when she gets back in town, or be stuck as a woman forever.

Vanilla Sky...Part 6.

Vanilla Sky…Part six.

I’m scared and excited and terrified and elated and bouncy all at the same time because we’re going shopping and I have my own money and I’m going out with other girls my age.

We pile into all the vehicles and we head off down to new Minas where the closest mall well actual mall is and it’s kinda small compared to what I’m used to more like a galleria down in the states.

The trip home. Part 6

Beth was once again staring at the 50's outfit in the window of Rosy's after exiting the restaurant. She didn't know why but she found the outfit calling to a part of her somehow. The long wide skirt with its white lace trim and silly little bear picture on it just looked so special. The white pullover sweater with its deep v neck opening and puffy sleeves in a material that was no doubt itchy to wear as it looked fuzzy. The skirt had a wide waistband and the mannequin had a gauze scarf in light pink with sparkles around its neck.

My Office Gift - 2- Giving Back the Gift

“We did not come to be modest,” I said, “these kids health has been hit hard; our love needs to be beyond us feeling good. We want to be assured this would benefit both floors and show our caring beyond Tuesday night.” With the knowledge we will not forget and we will be back, Cheryl seems to be well impressed... Heather spoke, “I don’t think they will allow much of your money to go for others...”
Darla, “Anne has a following in our office, we'll help her do what's right... Holding Tracy in my arms, ready to leave. “You’re an angel and not just an elf, aren’t you?”

My Office Gift
Chapter 2
Giving Back the Gift

by Jessica C

Copyright © 2012,2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Antifreeze...Part 3.


Antifreeze…Part 3.

It’s so warm when I wake up. I can hear the phone playing my audio-coffee. I like *Don’t Worry Be Happy* it’s just one of those songs that makes me smile or steers me that way even on bad days.

I’ve got these big strong arms around me and this really nice furnace of Chris’s body pressed to me and I can feel him semi hard pressed against me. I’m relieved that I’m not doing the morning hokey-pokey with my own bit. It’s not that I hate that part of me I kind of don’t. But this soon it might be a problem where Chris isn’t chasing me because I’m like this.

Bikini Beach: Swim Date

Bikini Beach: Swim Date
By Ellie Dauber, (c) 2000

When Paul Kauffman asks Amy Bowlan out on a date, she asks himto take her to a certain water park she knows. Paul wants to get to know Amy better. Amy wants to get to know Paul better, but not in the same way.

* * * * *

This was my first Bikini Beach story, and the author's note below is what I wrote when it was originally posted.

This story was supposed to be a _short_ story, but getting Amy and Paula to behave and stop talking when I wanted them to was as hard as getting any other two teens to do what a grown-up told them. Since the point of the story was - well, you'll see what the point of the story was (I hope), I just stopped trying after a while, and let the story go where they seemed to want it.

Much thanks to Steve Zink, who was kind enough to get out of a sickbed (only, it wasn't sick, he was) and take a look at it. Steve tightened some stuff up, fixed a few errors, and added a couple of touches of his own that helped polish the edges.

Also, thanks to Elrod for his brochure of Bikini Beach. For good or for ill, it let me have the girls wander through the water park in much more detail (and a lot more words).


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