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White Witch Chapter 2

White Witch




White Witch Sigil

The White Witch is the most powerful spell caster on earth, Rachael Aurora and her Apprentice will be pushed to their limits. Satyr, undead, shape shifters, Magic users, and a host of Mythological creatures will befriend her or Attack her which is friend and which is Foe. The fate of all life on the planet hangs on The White Witch finding the Green Mother's Fountain.

What a good boy...Chapter 22

What a good boy…chapter 22

It’s a powerful thing feeling what I’m feeling as Jamey is walking just behind me following me and my sway as we go down the hall. I can feel his eyes on me as we get to the end of the hall. I stop at the intersection part by the lobby. “Which way?”

“Left I’m in the five hundreds…uhm five-oh-two.”

What a good boy...Chapter 21

What a good boy…Chapter 21

Chapter 21

We win the game and it’s really not even close, I mean it’s sort of close we beat them by thirty points but the scores were really, really high on both sides and it was that hard a game that instead of our girls breaking into cheers at the last winning basket…a three pointer long bomb by sexy amazing Sophie that all of them had their arms up in victory but they were sheathed in sweat and they were panting despite the win.

The other girl’s team were even more spent and were bent over panting and some even sat on the floor trying to get their breath.

It was so…I mean all those girls all buff and in great shape and all of them sweaty and shiny and breathing hard.

Allie Sequel 3: Crossroads

What a good boy...Chapter 20

What A good boy…Chapter 20

Chapter 20

It’s been an odd week with what happened between Frankie and me and learning all about her and her and I having that whole watershed moment together. I really have been thinking a lot about that and we’ve been so tempted I think of hooking up like the first time in the closet again but she looks scared…and lonely and longing.

And thinking about that has sort of cut into some of the sneak away urges that I’ve had with Sophie and Gwen.

What a good boy...Chapter 19

What a good boy…Chapter 19

Chapter 19

I’m nervous as I’m waiting for Frank to show up. Knowing what he might think I’ve been thinking about and how he might react is playing with my head and the stuff that mom’s been saying about just hooking up with someone.

I’m pacing a little out front in the driveway when he shows up in a cab. He pays and he walks over looking at me but not looking at me.

“You came.”

He nods.



Angel Season One, Episode 8 (It's the End of the World as We Know It)

Angel Season One,
Episode 8
(It's the End of the World as we Know It)

by G.M. Shephard

Copyright  © 2012 G.M. Shephard

While Michael/Karen and Megan prepare to spend Christmas together, another Christmas celebration somewhere else is in the planning stages, one that will be less enjoyable for those participating. The big question will finally be answered.

What a good boy...Chapter 17

What a good boy…Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The lights are low and the girls are gliding towards me in the most sex way and I have Samantha Fox’s old tune “Touch me.” playing on repeat now. I so want that, so want them to touch me.

We end up standing in front of each other and we start kissing. Me and Gwen then Gwen and Sophie then me and Sophie and it takes only a few seconds of that and I’m reaching out and touching them and they’re touching me and we’re almost shivering at what’s going on.

Okay I know that I am.

Both of their hands are touching me, running over my skin, fingers squeezing over my muscles…I don’t have big muscles but they’re getting…

Gwen smiles. “Oh Tracy, oh shit you’re so cut…so smooth…”

X-Why-Me...Chapter 8

X-Why-Me…Chapter 8

Chapter 8

It was a few stares and a bit of quiet for the rest of the bus ride home. She got off the bus with Angie. She shouldered her backpack and started up the lane. Angie wasn’t too long coming up from behind huffing from trying to catch up.


“Hey, how was you’re day?”

“Not as interesting as yours.”

“So you guys heard it too huh?”

“About how my sister’s a lesbian?”

What a good boy...Chapter 14

What a good boy…Chapter 14

Chapter 14

My dad looks at me then at my mom and he rolls his eyes and says

. “I’m going to the living room. I love you both but I am not mentally prepared in any way shape or form to have my wife talking to my son about sex toys.”

It’s almost funny except that I kind of am right with him on this one. Some things y’know just should have barriers.

Not with mom.

“Come lets take these things to your room.”

“Okay…this is more than a little weird.”

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 34 & 35.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 34 & 35.

Chapter 34

I feel amazing…some people wouldn’t…sore ribs, finger bruises from where Jax has held onto me as he was pumping me so hard…my breasts achy from the same and the bouncing and the sweet feeling lingering of his big black cock inside of me.

I love the feeling of my torn stockings, my garter belts…and just that…no corset, no panties or bra…I slip on my apron smiling and start to cook supper.

What a good boy...Chapter 13

What a good boy…Chapter 13

Chapter 13

I walk to class with Gwen and Sophie and she’s so looking at me. Gwen does this side shift and then I’m walking between these two hot girls. Sophie’s looking at me as we head in from the halls to the cafeteria and Sophie’s getting us coffee’s while Gwen is getting some fresh cookies. The caf makes cookies in the morning and sells them all day but they’re best when they’re done in the morning.



Chapter 15

There’s times when life happens and you get touched by these moments of clarity. Me it was that final straw of I’m not a girl that was my biggest and that’s been a struggle for me and last week was another one.

When Sable put that necklace charm around my neck and told me she loved me it really crystallized in that space that I love this girl and I think that I might want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Things have changed with us two in the last two months.

The First Queen in the Village 21

The First Queen in the Village 21

by WannabeGinger

The lovers are welcoming people they have never met into their home for the party of a lifetime. Their excitement was almost so strong that it could be bottled and sold as a cocktail!

Chapter 21 — We’re up and running!!!!

The Grange ~ 01

I was 19 years old, my parents where separated and I would divide my time living with either parent for a short time, they where both into new relationships and I always had the impression that I was just in the way. I didn’t get on with my father he used to beat my mother about, until eventually she had the courage to walk out on him, but her new partner was just as bad, I still had not found a job since leaving school but had a sizable inheritance from an Aunt I never really new, so I spent most of my time either just lounging around or reading the situation vacant pages of the local newspapers and just generally getting in the way.

That’s when I spotted the Add.

(Volunteers Wanted for Medical Research into the Common Cold. Get Excellent Rates of pay while you relax in our Health club)

The Add also contained a phone Number for further details.



Chapter 14

I wake up really slowly like that climb our of a fog but a good fog. I feel so good, sore but good…actually even the slight swelling on…on Henry feels good because it makes him feel more there as Henry.

My hips are sore, and It from.

The smile creeps across my face even now. I’m sore from giving to too my girlfriend…the right way…and I’m laying face down the strap on pressed up against my stomach it’s gel silicone whatever feeling just hard and spongy enough…and my arm and hand is resting over the smooth sweet dip where her hip meets her waist.



Chapter 13

Southlands Prep. Highschool….

I think it was a good sign getting off the bus and while there was a few protesters there from their “Holy rollers.” holding some signs up and yelling bible stuff in protest of me playing.

They had to do it off the school grounds since their right to free speech and assembly wasn’t applicable to the school grounds here. That was a good sign that they weren’t allowing them there. But then again those signs saying “God hates fags.” don’t look good for the school.

There was also two cop cars there just in case.

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 7

Shawn the Maiden
Book 1

Chapter 7

By Princess

The young son of a rich powerful man is abused by his step family after his father marries a manipulative woman. They subject him to horrible cruelty


My Super Secret Life...Diamond-5.

My Super Secret Life… Diamond 5

Chapter 5

It is so unreal going shopping with Sunny and Mom. I mean I’ve never seen my Mom remade like this at all and after getting kissed by Dad like she had been she’s very much back to being or feeling like the girl that she was before me and marriage and work and bills and stuff.

It’s a strange thing when Sunny get’s us some bottles of water and some energy shakes in a can to take with us.

“Why are we?”

Mom laughs. “Oh Terry I think we’re shopping with a professional.”

The First Queen in the Village 3

The First Queen in the Village

by WannabeGinger

Pure fiction, inspired by two great British Comedians, one of whose characters was (I’m told) the Only Gay in the Village. This Queen, you may suspect, is the First, but not necessarily the ONLY Queen in this village. No such village yet exists but, who knows, one day…. Now, Astrid and Christopher get out and about..

Chapter 3 Outside the front door

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 25.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor Chapters 25.

*Due to some changes in my writing and posting I’ll be only putting out single chapters of this story for the foreseeable future.

Chapter 25

I’m in a very good mood as I attend the rest of my classes and I’m a bit glowing with all the flattering looks and the compliments that I’m getting. I actually had to reintroduce myself to two people.

It was seriously fun actually.

Bridges 24

Bridges 24

Chapter 24

I can’t help the smile that’s there on my face as I tossed her flannels towards my…out bedroom chair and work off her pretty little panties, light blue Chilly Willie the penguin’s seem so cute as I tug them off her hips from side to side inching them off and kissing her abdomen to her pubic mound then her I get to her sex.

Where this is coming from I have no idea but it’s just flowing out from my heart, soon, soon she be doing this for me…I tilt my head and make a kiss and slip her outer fold between my lips softly and move my head up the length if her slit then down and as I tilt my head to start on her other fold I slip my tongue inside then my lips continue as I make love to her.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 7 & 8.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 7 & 8.

Chapter Seven.

I know I’m literally just getting started on this path I’m on. But you know dressed in my pink Nike breast cancer tee-shirt and my faded but girls jeans. Shopping out in the Sunday sun with a really good looking, decent guy who knows what I am and he doesn’t care in fact he’s touching my arm and just me with that kind of sort of together thing.

I feel like a girl, I feel pretty even this dressed down. I feel like me. I can’t stop smiling.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 5 & 6.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5

I wake up and feel Tommy moving he’s getting out of bed and trying to do it without waking me. I feel good, actually kind of slutty…but in a good way?

“Hey…what’s up?” I ask as I roll over.

“Bathroom.” He slips off and I see him come back with a cup of coffee after five or six minutes. “Coffee?” I shake my head. “No, You…” I reach over and stroke him until he’d hard again, then apply a condom to him and take him into my mouth again.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 1 & 2.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…

I was never ever normal, I never felt normal and I think that most people feel that right? I’m from Toronto and I’ve gotten out of there. I got out of high school this Summer and I got accepted to the University of British Columbia. In truth I had to get out of there, Mom and I don’t get along and neither do me and my sister. Both of them are those real city girls. They want to be treated with respect but they don’t do a damned thing to earn it.



by shalimar

Rose White took the next specification sheet off the pile. She looked over the information on the form.

‘This is going to be a fun one to make,’ she thought. ‘A Fabio face with chin a dimple al la Kurt Douglas. Humm 6’ 3” and ALL muscle.’

“Maybe I’ll keep this one myself,” she said out loud to no one in particular.

Snakes and Ladders-11

Snakes and Ladders-11

Chapter 11

Raw naked fear and heart thumping adrenaline.

I guess kind of is a good grasp of just the feeling that seeing the three hundred or so yards of ancient or twisted forest just exploding into chunks, splinters, sawdust and fire. I stare at it like seeing a terrorist bomb going off.


Chapter 1

I got in to the carriage of the tube, which was already pretty crowded, at the front of a large mass of people all trying to do the same thing. Standing room only, and not much of that. I flashed a quick smile at the man in front of me, before turning to take hold of a pole. More and more people pressed in after me and we ended up with everyone pressed against each other.

Wishes Not Granted, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

As they were driving back to her place, Kelly looked inside Rhidas purse.

She wondered what the little black box with the red button was for.

She pushed it out of curiosity.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 45-48

The final chapters of the sequel to "Team Spirit" by Janice Dreamer. Dr. Hanson and Bob have their final confrontation. Chapters 45 of 48 out of 48. Ratings and listed Elements apply to the entire story. I'd like to thank all the readers who have stayed with this very lengthy story. I hope that you found it worth your time.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 40-44

The penultimate chapters of the continuing sequel of "Team Spirit" by Janice Dreamer. Honey must return to the Club after spending the Thanksgiving holiday with Bob, where she meets one of Dr. Hanson's Special Clients. Chapters 40 through 44 of 48. Rating and Elements listed apply to entire story. The final posting will be 11/20/10. Enjoy.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 35-39

The continuing sequel to "Team Spirit" by Janice the Dreamer. Honey and her new friends attend a memorable exclusive party. Chapters 35 through 39 of 48. Next posting 11/17/10. Rating and Elements apply to entire story.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 30-34

The continuing sequel to "Team Spirit" By Janice the Dreamer. True to her word, Dr. Hanson removes Honey's addiction, however that leads to some other unpleasant changes in Honey's life. Bob does what he can to solve the new problems. Chapters 30 through 34 of 48. Indicated Rating and Elements apply to entire story. Next update 11/13/10.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 25-29

The continuing sequel to "Team Spirit" by Janice the Dreamer. Honey and Bob continue to grow closer while Dr. Hanson decides to get answers to some nagging questions. Chapters 25 through 29 of 48. Additional editing assistance by Kelly Ann Rogers. Indicated elements apply to entire story. Next update on 11/10/10.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 20-24

The continuing sequel to "Team Spirit" by Janice the Dreamer. Dr. Hanson begins Bob's treatments but what will be the results? Chapters 20 through 24 of 48. Indicated elements apply to entire story.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 16-19

The continuing sequel to "Team Spirit" by Janice the Dreamer. Bob James and Dr. Amy Hanson finally meet, with Honey Sweet-Lay's future up for grabs. Chapters 16 through 19 of 48. Rating and indicated elements apply to the entire story.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 11-15

Continuing sequel to the classic"Team Spirit" by Janice the Dreamer. Dr. Hanson discovers Honey's job at Bob's home. Chapters 11-15 of 48.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 6-10

Sequel to "Team Spirit" written by Janice Dreamer. Honey and Bob have a conversation that changes everyone's lives. Chapters 6 through 10 of 48. Keywords apply to entire story.

Snakes and Ladders-5

Snakes and Ladders 5

Chapter 5

I couldn’t help but to hold her tightly and to kiss her, to try to do something anything to keep her together. I’ve known people like Shaya, she’s tough and capable and strong and amazing and like a lot of things that are tempered to be strong if you hit them the right way…

They shatter.

Bear was a lot of things but one thing I was very good at being was the professional tough guy. There’s a lot of f-ed up hurt little children in us tough guys. And from what I’m seeing with Shaya there’s a lot of the same pains there.

Team Spirit: The Second Half Ch. 1-5

A sequel to the classic "Team Spirit" by Janice the Dreamer (available on All-pro quarterback Josh Thomas, now teenage dancer/whore Honey Sweet-Lay, has been working at Anthony's club for three years since her transformation when a mysterious man comes into her life. Indicated elements apply to entire story. Chapters 1-5 of 48.

The Sissy Farm 16

Here we finally get to learn of the Sissy farm and bimboisation preocedures.
Just got back from Manchester Sparkle where I had a screamingly good time. (Go to my blog for piccies!) So I'm recharged and ready to fly.

Hope all you sissy lovers enjoy this chapter. Yes, I have to say there is forced feminisation, forced sissification and forced bimboisation in this chapter but, as the man said. 'You can't please all the people all of the time.'


Jenny: Chapter 1


By Princess!

Stanman63 proofread

“Jennifer, you ungrateful bitch! Why haven’t you done any of your chores today?” she yelled as she entered the bedroom. He was sitting on his bed wearing a black satin maids outfit.

The Sissy Farm 11

DSC00016.jpgFeed Me !

Michelle and Janice's first term at Mistress Janet's Academ in which they get to learn of the rules and regulation upon which the school is run.

Chapter 11.

New School.

List Of Characters.

Me. Michelle A Natural transvestite sissy.

Janice My Younger sister

Aunty Bev Janice and My mother’s Sister.

The Sissy Farm 8

This chapter introduces Michelle and her sister to some reluctant sissies who are being punished for sexual offences. I have also tried to add a picture. Wish me luck.


Sissy Farm
Chapter 8


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